Blogging From Bed: The Sleep Cycle Tour de France

Cycling : 98th Tour de France 2011 / Stage 21Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

Sleep eludes me this morning, so I thought I’d reward you with a bonus Friday morning post.  How’s that for getting your day off to a wonderful start?

I’m not battling insomnia, but rather adjusting to a change in my sleep cycle.

You see, I’ve decided to take my fitness routine more seriously, so I’ve gotten up early all week to exercise.  Surprisingly, I managed to workout 5 of the past 6 days, and today was supposed to be my day to sleep in.

However, having awakened before the butt crack of dawn every day this week (I didn’t work out on Monday, but got up early to write my Coffee Club post), my body finds itself sleep cycling to the pace of a different drummer.

I actually have been trying something different with my fitness routine, Modern Philosophers, and it’s because of you.

My I Advise post on Sunday dealt with fitness, and one of you suggested that I try a cross training plan since I admit to hating running so much.  I gave that some Deep Thought and decided to give it a shot.

I realized I’d be more likely to wake up early if I didn’t have to go for a run, and could do something inside the house.

jump ropeSo, I’ve gone down into the Basement Bunker the last three mornings to jump rope and lift weights.

Did I just hear some of you snicker and say that jumping rope is for little school girls?

Anyone who thinks that way should try the activity for a half hour.  It is a great workout, a nice change of pace from my morning runs, and it really works up a sweat.

Boxers skip rope all the time, and that’s actually how I got into it.  When I lived in California, I had a heavy punching bag set up in the garage.  After I’d exercise by pounding that for a while, I’d hit the rope.  That was a great fitness routine.

My intention is to run again tomorrow and Sunday as I normally would, and then go back to the jump rope routine during the week.  I’m curious to see what the scale has to say about all this, but I’ve definitely felt better all week.

Because who wouldn’t want more energy while chained to a desk all day?

bedRight now, though, I’m blogging from bed.  That’s right, Modern Philosophers, I’m still under the covers, sharing my Deep Thoughts, and exercising my mind while the rest of my body takes a chill pill.

There’s a light rain falling, and a gentle breeze blowing, creating perfect blogging in bed conditions.  I am assisted in all this by Luna, who is curled up at the foot of the bed.

Since I alluded to the Tour de France in my title, and used a couple of photos in this post, I thought I’d mention that bike race as I switch gears and pillows.

Back in the Lance Armstrong is a Cycling God days, I used to get up early to watch him compete in this grueling race every year.  While the cyclists’ achievements were amazing, so were mine when you consider I lived in California and was getting up at 5AM to check out a bunch of guys in spandex cycling through the French countryside.

I most looked forward to the days in the mountains.  Those made cycling look awesome.  I used to ride my bike to work often when I lived in California, but it was pretty much a flat route.  These guys were climbing up into the Alps, tackling insanely steep inclines, and doing it for hours at a time.  While racing each other.

PARIS-NICE - STAGE SIXOf course, now that Lance Armstrong has been knocked off his pedestal and revealed as a fraud, it takes away from some of that.

I still have fond memories, though, of watching Le Tour de France.  That I did it from the comfort of my bed, makes it all wonderfully ironic.

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers.  May your sleep cycle not be an uphill climb into the French Alps.

And if you haven’t given it a shot yet, you should really try blogging from bed.


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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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19 Responses to Blogging From Bed: The Sleep Cycle Tour de France

  1. I’m deeply impressed with all your good intentions 🙂 I’ve been trying to set up a morning Nordic Walking routine for half a year now. So far, I haven’t exercised a single time, but at least I got around to buying new fancy sportswear. And I’m confident of actually starting exercising by the end of the year.

  2. Blogging from bed = definitely will try…cycling up steep hills or jump roping at 5am = hell no

  3. grannyK says:

    I blog from bed all of the time. I have a desktop computer, but I also sleep on the couch. I sit on the couch to use my computer LOL. I haven’t been able to sleep in a bed for years now, I find a couch much more comfy. I know I’m an odd duck. Anyway, good for you being all ambitious about your health! I go through phases. I do well for a while and then suddenly I am a lazy bugger. I need to try harder!

  4. donedreaming says:

    Happy Friday to you! Come on shake a leg, some of us have been up for hours. In my enforced sabbatical from the world of work I’ve got myself a new ‘ritual’ planned, first step was to throw away the alarm clock but damn it still can’t manage a lie in past 6am. Now if imagination could just kick in at 6am I would join you in blogging from bed …

  5. donedreaming says:

    Ok imagination now just kicked in!

  6. rowanaliya says:

    Jump rope is a great workout. We did it all the time when I did cross fit. The most important thing when you workout is to find something that you like doing that way you are more likely to stick with it. You get gold stars this week!

  7. Poetry from bed works well too!

  8. ksbeth says:

    i’ve done it too. (blogging from bed, not the early morning runs) – keep up the good work )

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