Monday Morning Coffee Club: 6/15/15

Giant mugIt’s Monday, Modern Philosophers, and I’ve got a Flag Day hangover.


It’s not a hangover brought about by drinking, but rather one caused by being in a patriotic fervor all day.  I was so caught up in the All-American Flag Day spirit, that I actually watched a documentary on ESPN about the 1999 American Women’s Soccer Team that won the World Cup.

I’m not a soccer fan by any means, but I am a huge fan of Mia Hamm, and a sucker for a story that I know had a happy ending.


I did have quite the crush on Mia back in the day, and I was crushing on her again while watching that entertaining flick.  Why did she have to go and marry someone from the hated Boston Red Sox?


Overall, it was a good weekend.  I survived a trip to the mall, which is a miracle unto itself, but the story becomes even more amazing when I add that I was able to purchase two pairs of running shoes for my enormous Monkey Boy feet at a steep discount.

Speaking of running, I have now worked out 7 of the past 9 days.  I ran on Saturday and Sunday, and cross trained 3 days during the week with jump roping.  I’ve also been lifting weights and eating reasonably better.

It’s going to take time (UGH!), but I am slowly getting myself back into shape.

I guess the Summer Movie Season is officially here now that Jurassic World has exploded onto the scene.  The dinosaur flick’s worldwide weekend gross topped half a billion dollars.  That’s enough money to open a few Jurassic World theme parks.


I’m sure my blog post about dinosaurs planning to picket outside theaters showing Jurassic World contributed to the enormous box office grosses, but I don’t expect any compensation from a studio that would treat dinosaurs so poorly.


Mia HammI should work on finding a date for the movies (if only Mia were still single…) because I hate going alone, and it looks like there are some exciting ones coming out this Summer.  If you know of anyone who might want to go out with me, let me know.

Are any of you watching Wayward Pines, Modern Philosophers?  I started watching it because now that the regular TV season has ended, I needed new programs to keep my DVR busy.

I wasn’t quite hooked at first, but since there’s not much on to watch, I decided to stick with it.  This week’s episode definitely got my attention.  I was not expecting that plot twist, and now I’m looking forward to the next episode.

I might even have to look for the Wayward Pines books the next time I go to the library.

I guess it’s time to get ready for work.  Of course, I now have thoughts of Mia Hamm scampering around in my head, so perhaps my Monday won’t be as bad as it normally is.

Enjoy the coffee, Modern Philosophers, and remember that there are only seventeen hours left of this miserable day.


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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18 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee Club: 6/15/15

  1. jerryofcali says:

    For the first time in two weeks, I’m only working four hours today 😌 If only one hours didn’t begin at 7am 😜

  2. kmunse says:

    I saw Jurassic World over the weekend. I thought it was fantastic. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

  3. adamjasonp says:

    Yeah, that Mia H…um, the Wayward twist was pretty wayward. Like Neo right before discovering he’s in The Matrix. …And that guy who played Capote. (Trying to be vague enough not to spoil it for everyone else.)

  4. Have a good one. Don’t work too hard It’s already 1:48 p.m. here. 🙂

  5. Joseph Nebus says:

    I used to live in Troy, New York, burial place for “Uncle” Sam Wilson, who probably wasn’t the guy who inspired “Uncle Sam” as a nickname for the United States. Anyway, because of that tenuous link, Flag Day would be a pretty big deal in the city, with a lot more fireworks than I’ve ever known before or since for the holiday. It seemed a bit much, really.

  6. Jurassic World is the best move of the franchise so far. You should just go by yourself if you can’t find a date. (I often do. This practice is apparently called “Masturdating.)

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