Wine: For When The Days Start To Bleed Together

wine 1I was so certain that today was Friday, Modern Philosophers, that I’m still having difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that it’s not.

I got off work early, and party animal that I am, I decided to go grocery shopping on the way back to The House on the Hill.

Leaving at 3:00 put me in the mindset that I had worked a shorter day because I had a long weekend planned.  Add to that the fact that I always make my weekly shopping trip on Friday, and you’ve got all the fixings for a confusion souffle.

Even now, as I write this out on the porch, I’m thinking about what I should do later since it’s the weekend and it’s time for some fun.

I bet if I rub all of these bottles, a genie will emerge from one and grant me three wishes!

I bet if I rub all of these bottles, a genie will emerge from one and grant me three wishes!

I’m not a big drinker, Modern Philosophers.  In fact, I do not turn to alcohol when I’m stressed or need to forget.  I might turn to it for its mind numbing powers when I am on a first date, but generally, I don’t think about how great a glass of wine or an ice cold beer would be after a crappy day.

Tonight, while I was in Hannaford, I just stared at the wine bottles for a while and allowed the colors to soothe me.  They are rather pretty when you think about it.

It definitely was “one of those days” and if a little booze was my go to cure for stress, I probably would’ve put everything from the second shelf into my cart.

wine 3Truth be told, it’s  been one of those weeks.  My schedule is off because I’ve been getting up early to run.  I’ve also being having weird nightmares.  Plus, it’s been hot, which has made sleep difficult.

I’m confused enough as it is without my sleep pattern being disturbed.

No wonder I think it’s Friday.

The Dog Days of Summer are a rabid pack, and I’m pretty sure they have been pooping on my lawn.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.

Luckily, I’ve been able to focus my mind for an hour or so every night to get some writing done.  Clearly, tonight isn’t such a night as this post is rambling all over the place and reads like I’ve written it in my sleep.

Actually, this post reads like I’ve had a few glasses of wine and decided to bust out the laptop to allow the voices in my head to hold an open mic night.

That’s a lie, though, Modern Philosophers.  When I’m tipsy, I get very flirtatious and I haven’t hit on anyone at all in this post.  Not yet at least.

On the way home from the grocery store, Huey Lewis and the News came on the radio.  Do you remember those guys?  The band will forever hold a special space in my heart due to its connection to Back To The Future.

That’s the power of love, Modern Philosophers.

wine 4But I digress.  “I Want A New Drug” was the song on the radio, and I thought it was a good tie in to this post about wine.

Essentially, I wrote this post so I could use all the photos I inexplicably took of the wine bottles at the grocery story.

But Huey had a point.  I want a new drug, Modern Philosophers, because something just isn’t right with my current prescription.

Life has become a tad boring, and I’m having difficulty defunkifying things.  Sometimes, when I just sit down at the keyboard and ramble, it gets the creative side of my brain going again.  This is good because creativity is my drug of choice.

I can sense some stories at the back of my brain just waiting to explode out of the darkness to send my life hurtling down a much more exciting path.

I’d rather lose track of the days because I’m writing like a sweaty toothed madman with a stare than pounds my brain.  If you get that reference, then we can be friends.

For the record, I didn’t buy any wine.  I did buy my drink of choice, though…

Snapple needs to sponsor my blog immediately!!!

Snapple needs to sponsor my blog immediately!!!

Do you find that wine is fine when you’re having a bad day, Modern Philosophers?  Do you ever just write yourself out of a funk like I do?  What’s your beverage of choice when you want to relax and unwind?

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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44 Responses to Wine: For When The Days Start To Bleed Together

  1. rowanaliya says:

    Wine, rum, whiskey, vodka, depends on the mood. Really though I tend to keep my house dry as to not encourage those moods. Instead I go for chocolate ice cream unless it’s truly a must have alcohol situation.

    • Austin says:

      So how do you maintain that model-like figure? 🙂

      • rowanaliya says:

        🙂 I work out so that I can eat what I want. The key is moderation. In 10 mins your brain isn’t going to remember if you had 5 bites or 50. Fill up on healthier things that you like and then indulge on a small amount of the sweat treats.

      • Austin says:

        Thanks for the advice. That’s going to help me with my new Positivity Plus Plan! 🙂

  2. donedreaming says:

    When in America, Miller Genuine Draft – so cold you can scrape ice off the bottle. We can’t get beer cold enough over here so I stick to wine – Sancerre hits the spot. I had no idea what Snapple was so googled it – dear God, cold tea sounds disgusting!! No wonder you are in need of defunking..
    ps I love your rambling 🙂

  3. grannyK says:

    Cold tea is actually very good! I love it in the summer. I’ve been enjoying lemon water lately. But, I do have a beer once in a while during the summer. It seems to taste best on very hot days.

  4. Christie says:

    I’m a teetotaler, thanks to growing with an alcoholic. My drink of choice, water. I know, soooo boring! Actually I chew ice with just enough water to cover the cubes. I had a nasty case of anemia and developed Pica. I chewed ice to stop myself from eating chalk! I’m not anemic any more, but I can’t give up my ice. The crunching drowns out my family complaining (mostly about my ice chewing!)

    I have written/painted/drawn myself out of a funk. Creativity is the best drug!

  5. jlouisemac says:

    Hmmm…a modern philosopher who doesn’t drink. Where on earth do you get your inspiration then?

  6. ksbeth says:

    i am a coffee, iced tea, beer, red wine, sparkly water, and pink grapefruit juice fan. i see a pattern here – pretty much anything liquid. good news is you get to enjoy friday all over again in a few hours when the real friday hits.)

  7. hollie says:

    Wine, of course. I could help you with suggestions should you need some.

  8. It’s been a challenging week on this side of the continent as well. Every day this week I left work with the thought of having a glass of wine. However, I don’t keep a supply of alcohol in my home and I never bothered to swing by the store to buy anything. Exercise, meditation, music, and writing are my drugs. Bonus: they never give me a hangover.

  9. TanGental says:

    I have a penchant for fresh mint tea. I think it may be a new old legal high like smoking dried salvia or chewing cardamom pods that have been marinated on mariujana juice. Mind you I find I’m less philosophical and more maudlin this way so I’ll go with creativity.

  10. adamjasonp says:

    I could write a post on how the days seem to be blurring together… At least it’s not Monday.

  11. The Chaos Realm says:

    (Being dead, I didn’t get the reference.) Summer is always a blah time of the year for me. I miss the seasons of New England.

  12. Well, there is a wine called Relax and Unwined, so there’s that. But mostly I’m a beer drinker. I have a secret (well not so secret) love affair with wine and get a bit carried away by her sweet and dry notes dancing around on my tongue, so I try to behave myself and just have a beer or two.

  13. Agellius says:

    I love drinking but it never appeals to me as a remedy for a stressful day since it tends to bring me down rather than up. Caffeine is more of a cheerer-upper.

  14. If Snapple isn’t interested in sponsoring you, I could hook you up with the fine folks at Beige Corp.

  15. E.L. Wicker says:

    If it’s really hot, I like a bottle of Strawberry & Lime cider – it’s nice! Wine, well I don’t think I ever developed grown up taste buds, because it all tastes like disguised vinegar to me. Also, when I’m looking for inspiration to write, I listen to music. I’m listening to Birdy ‘Wings’ right now 🙂

    • Austin says:

      I really don’t like wine. I just tastes bitter to me…

      • E.L. Wicker says:

        It’s gross 😀

      • Agellius says:

        oh, you don’t know what you’re missing! For a long time I felt the same way about wine based on the taste of the wine my parents would buy when I was a kid, which was cheap quality and besides, they would keep it stored in screw-top bottles for months, long after it had turned to vinegar. Assuming this was just the way wine was, I decided I didn’t like it.

        I’m not saying this is your reason for not liking wine. But my advice is, always have it with food! Even now, when I go wine-tasting with friends, I find most of the wines I taste to be just bitter or sour. But having a decent red wine with steak or a flavorful pasta dish is like nothing else! Take a bite of food and wash it down with a drink of wine, letting it roll around on your tongue for a few seconds before swallowing.

        Also, open your wine at least a couple hours before consuming to let it breathe — it really works! I don’t know exactly how it works but somehow it “ripens” the taste of the wine so it’s less sour/bitter.

        If you try this and still don’t like it, then maybe there’s just no hope for you not missing out on one of life’s greatest blessings. ; )

      • Austin says:

        Thanks for the tips. I will give them a shot. 🙂

  16. waterfial says:

    I have to agree with you on this one, there is nothing a little Snapple can’t solve 🙂

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