Friday Night Think Tank: Home Movies

Doc BrownHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

It really is Friday this time, and there was no confusion about that fact like there was yesterday when I was so sure I’d reached the end of my work week.

It’s a gorgeous Summer day in Maine, and tonight, I’m heading downtown for a little outdoor fun.  Every Friday night during the Summer, they show a movie in the park, and that is my destination this evening.

Don’t worry, we will still have our usual Friday Night Think Tank fun, but there is just going to be a movie involved.

Who’s ready to join me for our weekly Philosophical Exercise?  Hope you did your stretches because the Deep Thoughts are really flowing tonight.

You might want to bring some popcorn and Milk Duds as well.

This week’s topic: What movie most reminds you of home?

I picked this topic not only because I’m going to the movie in the park tonight, Modern Philosophers, but also because they movie they are showing reminds me so much of home.

feverTonight’s flick is Saturday Night Fever, that Disco epic that helped John Travolta boogie his way to stardom, and gave the Bee Gees a permanent home on American radio.

The movie was shot in the Brooklyn neighborhood in which I grew up, so whenever I catch it on cable, it takes me back to my childhood.  Ah, those were the days!

Don’t worry, Modern Philosophers, I never wore a bell bottom toga or busted any Disco moves on a funky dance floor with pulsating lights.  I was too young for that era, and way too much of a klutz.

I’m sure watching it on the big screen again tonight will have me talking in a Brooklyn accent for the rest of the weekend, and making sure no one messes with my hair.

A second movie that reminds me of home is at a totally different end of the spectrum, and twenty years younger.

MCDASGO EC005As Good As It Gets was shot in Brooklyn on the block where I lived after I got married.

J and I would sit on the stoop and watch Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt stroll down the middle of the street. That was quite surreal, even for Brooklyn

Both actors earned Academy Awards for the flick, and I’m sure that knowing I was watching from my apartment steps was part of the reason they stepped it up a notch.

I was mentioned in neither acceptance speech, however.

So those are the two movies that most remind me of home.  What about you, Modern Philosophers?  Have you ever been to an outdoor movie?


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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18 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Home Movies

  1. Paul Hurwood says:

    To answer the first question first, the movie that reminds me of home it would probably be The Doors with Val Kilmer. Not because I was some hedonistic wild child in the sixties who raved it up with Jim Morrison, but rather that when I was young I had that movie on VHS and after I had finished working in the Theatre at some ungracious hour of the morning, I would come home unable to sleep and I would always put that film on. No other film relaxed me like that one did, a combination of the music and the visuals just helped me relax.

    As for the Outdoor film idea, being in Britain, Outdoor films are a little hit and miss, what with the weather and all that. However, whilst in America I did have the chance to visit a genuine Drive-In Movie place. and that was just one of the best Cinema experiences I have ever had ever. I wasn’t even interested in getting my date into the back seat of the car! o_0

    Excellent post as always Austin.

  2. Never been to an outdoor movie. But if I’m not mistaken there is a fabulous wet t-shirt contest in the middle of As Good As it Gets (really Hellen Hunt was the only competitor and she was the clear winner)

    Twins with Danny DeVito & Arnold Schwarzenegger is a movie that rinds me of home. 1) there was a portion filmed in Santa Fe, NM which is where this modern philosopher had his stomping grounds as a youngster. There is a scene on a street downtown which is unmistakable Santa Fe and a friend of mine named Ronny showed up as an extra and is walking right down the middle of the street. But that’s not why it reminds me of home. The movie was actually based on my brother and I. One is tall, muscular, thick dark hair and tan complexion, the other is a short, stock,y bald guy who needs to bathe in sunscreen. (Can you guess which is me?) Much like THE Modern Philosopher, this modern philosopher didn’t get movie credit either.

  3. We had drive-in theaters in Iowa when I was growing up, so I saw quite a few movies outside. Tomorrow night begins the summer outdoor movie series at Tualatin Commons, so the boss and I will be strolling on over to watch that Terrible, No Good, Rotten Day movie (whatever it’s called).

    Field of Dreams reminds me of home, obviously. Dang, I do miss driving down a country road after a summer storm and having the rich, sweet scent of the corn fields blowing across my face. Twister reminds me of home as well, likely because many of the scenes were shot close to where I lived. Plus, it’s about tornadoes. I know those spinning suckers well.

    Hope you enjoyed your outdoor movie, Brooklyn.

  4. As Good as it Gets…I feel like that movie came out yesterday.

    Taken literally, the title can be turned into a question – “What if this is as good as LIFE gets?”

    I balked at Jack back then but flash forward many years later I’m starting to get his point.

  5. E.L. Wicker says:

    I have never been, but I would love to go. Watching a movie beneath the stars – sounds perfect to me!

  6. nolanwrites says:

    Three films remind me of Dublin. The Snapper, The Commitments and Intermission. All Irish, all set in Dublin and all reflect real life for a lot of Dubliners!

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