Friday Night Think Tank: Desert Island Genie

Doc BrownHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

You survived the work week, but are you up for a Philosophical challenge in the Think Tank tonight?

I’m in a playful mood, and tonight’s topic is all about survival, risks, challenges, and rewards.  A Philosophical reality show.

Do you think your Deep Thoughts are up for it?  Can you survive another night in the Modern Philosopher’s Think Tank?

Join me if you’re feeling daring…

This week’s topic: You are washed up on a desert island with only the clothes on your back.  You start down the beach and see a bottle in the sand.  You run to it in hopes it contains something to drink.  When you pull the cork, however, you free a Genie, you makes you an intriguing offer…

The Genie can send you home immediately to however life is at the moment.  Or, you can stay on the island, try to survive, and be rewarded.  For every month you survive, the Genie will give you one wish, which can only be used once you are off the island.  Every month, he will also give you one item that will make your life on the island a little easier.  If you choose to remain, your first “luxury item” would be a flint.

The Genie assures you that the island has a source of fresh water, and enough plants, animals, and sea life to keep you fed.  He will return on the first of every month to see if you are still alive.  That is the only time the Genie will appear.  He cannot be summoned.  When he appears, you must immediately decide if you are going to stay for another month or want to go home.

If you survive for six months, the Genie will send you home with six wishes and a bonus prize of $250,000.

What do you do?

islandIsn’t this a fun Philosophical Challenge, Modern Philosophers?  I guess I’ve been watching too much Survivor and The Island, or maybe I just long to get away from it all.

I would definitely choose to stay on the island and see what happens.  I’m up for a major challenge and a life altering event.  It would make for great writing material, I’d definitely lose weight, and I’d get a chance to see what kind of man I am.

What fun I could have with six wishes and a quarter of a million dollars!  Plus, I’d be an instant celebrity upon my return home, and when I sell the rights to my story, I’d stipulate that I’d be the one to write it.

Of course, I’m single with no real attachments, so vanishing for six weeks won’t be a major problem.  Sure, I’d miss Cali and Luna, but I know my neighbors would take care of them.  And when I return, I bet dating would be a lot easier for the famous castaway.

For those of you with ties at home, I want you to think very carefully about one of the Genie’s stipulations.  He said that you could choose to return home immediately to “however life is at the moment”.

I’d really form some Deep Thoughts on the wording of that.  I’d think about how I ended up stranded on that island.  Was I on a cruise and the boat sank?  Was I on a plane that crashed?  Was I traveling alone?  Or was I with loved ones?  Since I was the only one to make it onto to the island, does that mean my loved ones didn’t survive?

See what I mean?  Would you want to go home to a life where you’d have to mourn the tragic deaths of those closest to you?  Would it be better to stay on the island where you’d be distracted?  Could you use your wishes to bring back those you lost?

Like I said, this one is just a fun Philosophical challenge.  Enjoy it.  Be creative.  It’s only all in your head…

I look forward to reading your comments.  Happy Friday!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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42 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Desert Island Genie

  1. Christie says:

    I’d go home. If I was stranding on an island it would probably be because I was already on a much needed vacation. My life is far, far, far…a million miles from perfect, but it would be unfathomably worse without my family. When I am surrounded the people who love me no matter what, I can handle anything. Life’s struggles are what mold and shape us into who we are. An extra quarter million would be nice, but I’d probably just give it away. I am not at all materialistic, and I have friends who are in really bad shape who could use the money more than me.

  2. Ali Isaac says:

    I’d have to give it a go. I like an adventure. Although my survival skills are practically non existent. Not for the money, but for the wishes. I could do some good with those.

    • Austin says:

      Maybe the survivalist in you will come out when you’re forced to fend for yourself. I think it sounds like fun!

      • Ali Isaac says:

        I’d like to think so. I often wonder about that. The idea of killing an animal for food just fills me with horror. Taking a life, causing pain, you know. Dealing with the nasty parts like skinning and gutting would be more acceptable to me, but not the killing.

  3. rowanaliya says:

    A desert island is looking pretty good right about now. I would need a machette though.

    • Austin says:

      Perhaps that will be one of your luxury items. Are you not enjoying life in sunny California???

      • rowanaliya says:

        I love California, but like you I have dating woes. I’d rather not have to deal with having go through weeding out the liars from the real deal.

      • Austin says:

        It’s a strange and arduous task, isn’t it? Is someone who looks like you is having trouble, think about what’s it like for a dork like me!

      • rowanaliya says:

        It rough out there! I don’t think it matters who you are or what you look like, it all comes with its own challenges. Sure I may get attention when I go out but most of those guys only want one thing. It is next to impossible to find a genuine connection that goes both ways. It’s rare that I even try anymore. I just thought I had it but nope, it was wolf.

      • Austin says:

        I’m sorry, Rowan. It isn’t easy at all, but the Hopeless Romantic in me can’t give up…

  4. JED says:

    What if you chose to stay and at the end of the first month the genie reappeared and told you “smile, you’ve been punked by Genie TV” and there was no wishes. You had just spent a month alone on an island for a 30 minute TV show watching your every move, yep even when you made out with the coconut or the night you couldn’t stop scratching your rear end.

    I’m choosing to go home. You can’t trust any magical beings..

  5. AthenaC says:

    Right this second? I’d have to go home. My family doesn’t have enough money to last the 6 months and my husband is hopeless at paying the bills.

    But now, thanks to you, I’m going to have to make sure I DO have enough money set aside, so when that does happen I can plan to take the genie up on it! I would make that six months my own personal nature / spiritual / meditation retreat. Not sure what I would do with 6 wishes. I would have to think about them very carefully; if there’s no limit to them, I would probably wish for the conversion of hearts and minds around the world so that everyone treats each other with kindness. No more torture, no more heartache, no more treating human beings as disposable.

  6. Try to survive….lots of promises…can’t be summoned…Wait, did you say a Genie, or a politician?

  7. So many variables… If my daughter was with me prior to my sudden washing up onto a desert island, then I’d definitely stay. Bear Grylls is my man. I know what to do. I can survive. My first wish would be to have my daughter with me again. Period. And no Pet Cemetery tricks.

    However, if Maya is safe and sound at home, I’m back with her in a flash. Even though there are days I wish I could be far away from her and stranded on a desert island, I wouldn’t want it for that long.

    Okay, maybe a month…

  8. TanGental says:

    Mmmm, tempting, very tempting; my inner Neanderthal says I’ll survive but then he’s not in charge of the coffee gene and going cold turkey without some Columbian gold (wait, didn’t I say coffee?) may be a stretch. Perhaps I’ll just write me into the island and see what happens to the character.

  9. Glenda says:

    I’m a realist. I don’t think I could handle being alone, much less “processing” the abundant food sources the genie assures me are on the island….but 6 wishes. Hm. I have surprised myself in the past when faced with physical challenges, maybe I could do it again.

  10. grannyK says:

    I would stay at least a month! I, too, would lose the weight and have some quiet time! A month would give everyone enough time to really appreciate it when I come back. If they don’t, well, my wish will be for enough money to keep me for the rest of my life. Then, I can buy new friends! Yes, I am that selfish. 🙂 Okay, well, after a minute of thought, that kind of sounds like a lonely life, doesn’t it? hrmm…will need to think about it.

  11. D. Parker says:

    I could only stay if my son had washed up with me and I wouldn’t want that for him…also, the money would mean nothing if I had to be away from him. Otherwise, I think I’d stay and take my chances, for the challenge of it. 🙂

  12. Ralph says:

    Hi Austin. Thanks for visiting my post via Suzie’s Blog Party.
    I would definitely stay on the island and would probably remain there if Ursula Andress (Dr No) walked out of the water. Ralph 😀

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