Friday Night Think Tank: Once In A Blue Moon

Doc BrownHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

It’s been a long, hot, foggy week here in Maine, and I did a lot of running, so I am looking forward to taking it easy tonight.

And by “taking it easy”, I mean putting on my Deep Thinking Toga, and heading out to the Think Tank for our much anticipated weekly Philosophical Exercise.

I have asked the interns open the moon roof in the Think Tank so that we can all look with wonder upon the beautiful Blue Moon we’ve been promised.

So who’s ready to join me?  It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long week.  Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of August?  Where has the Summer gone?

If you want to bring a six pack of Blue Moon beer with you, feel free.  That would be both topical and refreshing.

This week’s topic: The Blue Moon makes an appearance tonight, conjuring up thoughts of the old saying: “Once in a Blue Moon…”  What are you doing only once in a Blue Moon that you really wish you could do more often?

I had the interns do the research, Modern Philosophers, and it turns out that the Blue Moon only graces the heavens once every 1.1 million years.

I happen to think that data is horribly off base, but the interns are free help, so I try not to criticize them too much.

blue moonThere are so many things I haven’t done in a Blue Moon, and the first one that comes to mind has to do with a certain someone moving away and my reentry into the dating world not going very well.  However, since this is a family friendly blog, I will not use that as my answer.

Instead, I’m going to say I really need to take a proper vacation.

I don’t think I’ve gone on a real vacation since my divorce.  Sure, I’ve taken time off and gone on some day trips, but I haven’t gotten on a plane to go someplace exotic, relaxing, or simply not Maine for an extended period.

Not that there’s anything wrong with Maine, of course.  I could just use a change of scenery, and maybe the thrill of setting my watch to another time zone.

I’m easy to please.

Much of my hesitation to plan a vacation has to do with my desire to have someone special with whom I can spend that time.  I’m not big on doing things alone, especially activities that, in my mind, are supposed to be enjoyed with a loved one or family.

So, I definitely want to go on a vacation for two reasons: I desperately need to get away and turn off my brain for at least a week.  If I’m on a vacation, it means I’ve met someone and things will be looking up in the lonely guy department.

I’m fine with being on my own, but I just don’t want to do certain things alone.  Does that make sense, Modern Philosophers?

That’s my Blue Moon moment.  What’s yours?

Happy Friday!  Make sure you take some time to get out there tonight, and look up at a sight that will not be seen again for over a million years (according to the interns!)…


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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30 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Once In A Blue Moon

  1. floridaborne says:

    To have that one special moment in time where I’m standing on a 5 star hotel balcony while the balmy winds blow past, watching the moonlight sparkling off a clear Caribbean ocean while the man I love touches my shoulders enjoying the view with me.

  2. List of X says:

    “Vacation” sounds like an obvious answer to your question.

  3. My Blue Moon moment: I was on a week long vacation. (Go figure.) I spent the first three days of it at a comic book convention, dressed as Hunter S. Thompson, and very much in character in more ways than one. (Yeah I’m a geek. Deal with it.) While I’m getting off the elevator in my hotel, a somewhat elderly black man is getting on, wearing a Ghostbusters T-shirt. I cheerfully say: “Nice shirt, man!” He responds: “Why, thank you Dr. Thompson!” I laugh and continue on my way, at first pleased someone had recognized my costume, until suddenly I realize, it was ERNIE HUDSON. (For the uniformed: He was the guy who played Winston Zeddemore, in Ghostbusters, and he was a guest of the convention.) I turned to say something, but he was gone.

  4. I think your interns need some redirection. 😉

  5. I won’t be able to see the blue moon due to cloudy skies in the Mohawk Valley. However, my husband and I got a peek at it this morning, through trees and behind a house. The irony: if I was still on overtime I could have gotten a great view of it as I drove in. However, we are NOT talking about work on this glorious Friday. Regarding your original blue moon thing… oh wait, this is also a family friendly comment. Then again, I’m in my 50s. I’ve had a few glasses of wine tonight, can you tell? I haven’t had a real vacation in years either, and never to an exotic location.However, I do not repine. I wish you good fortune with your love life.

    • Austin says:

      I went out to look at the moon, and I don’t see any blue. So I wrote a poem about the moon being depressed. 🙂

      • I’m so sorry you’re depressed, and I can certainly identify. I confess I was a little concerned about your recent post about being in hell but could not think of anything to say about it. My husband saw the moon before he went to bed (I had gone earlier and didn’t even look, silly me). Perhaps it is a blue moon because you are feeling blue. Or is that what your poem said? Again, silly me. Hope you’re feeling better with the dawn of a new day.

      • Austin says:

        It was the moon that was blue, not me. Thanks for your concern, though. 🙂

  6. markbialczak says:

    I wish for your wish to come true, Austin. You deserve the break and the … you know.

    I’d like the return of a bigger steady paycheck.

  7. This modern philosopher loves to go to Maine (and it’s not because of the dead bodies next the the railroad tracks). It means I am on an adventure. I get to Maine once in a Blue Moon when I have an opportunity to travel overseas (or home from war on one occasion). Of course the Maine I’m talking about is the Maine most Americans who are not otherwise familiar with the state in the northeast might be familiar with. I’m talking of course of the the airport at Bangor. I’ve be been there a half dozen times – seems to be where pilots like to stop for gas and a cold drink. Most recently I was there in Dec 2011 a few days after Christmas on my way home from Afghanistan. I miss Maine. I haven’t been there in a blue moon!!

  8. ksbeth says:

    i understand and know that it will be a temporary condition, as long as it seems to be taking. i think we were all born to be connected to others –

  9. hollie says:

    Last night I had a man I am dating over for dinner with my family, which must be once in a blue moon because it has never happened before. I want to make it happen regularly, though. 🙂 I also had six Blue Moon beers 🙂

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