Is This Enough Labor To Properly Celebrate Labor Day?

Labor-DayI almost couldn’t (wouldn’t) get out of bed this morning, Modern Philosophers.

When I checked my phone, it said it was a chilly 54 degrees.  So, without any Deep Thought needed, I decided that staying under the warm covers was the best way to properly celebrate Labor Day Weekend.

After all, aren’t we supposed to relax on a Holiday?

Of course, I knew I had things to do, and I realized that the sooner I got them done, the quicker I could begin the rest and relaxation portion of the Labor Day Weekend.

With the Yankees game scheduled for a 1:05 first pitch, the goal was to get my tasks completed in time to grill up the delicious burger waiting in my fridge and watch the game.

And so I began my Labor Day Weekend Homeowner’s Triathlon…

Austin 1Step one of the Triathlon was the 4.25 mile run.  Since it was so cold, I had to bundle up and throw on a sweatshirt over my Running Toga.

I made up my mind that I was going to push myself.  This is week nine of my running program, and my 4.25 mile time was still not very good.  Last Sunday, I’d managed to knock almost 2:30 off my best time, and my goal was to take off even more today.

Once I got out on the road, I was all about running.  Sure, it was comfy cozy in my bed under the covers, but fat guys and underachievers stay in bed on a gorgeous September morning.  Winners and those who perspire to inspire, lace up their running sneakers and put some mileage under their togas!

“Football weather” would be the best way to describe how it felt outside, which was appropriate given that Notre Dame begins its season tonight (Could that mean the return of Seamus to the blog?  Check in later to find out!).

It really was a perfect day for a run, and I and pushed myself out to the halfway mark.  When I got there, I discovered I was setting a very brisk pace.

Austin 2Look at the smile on that handsome face.  That’s the smile of a Modern Philosopher who knows he is running faster than he has in a very long time.

That’s also a guy who had managed to work up such a sweat that he needed to lose the sweatshirt despite the chilly temperature.

I made it back to The House on the Hill 1:15 seconds faster than my best time.  I was very pleased, and allowed myself a few minutes to relax and enjoy my achievement.

Austin 3Yes, ladies, those are my sexy runner’s legs.  Yes, I am single.  Please let me know if you’d be interested in going out sometime…

After a short rest and chugging some chocolate milk (right out of the container, which one can do when he lives alone!) it was time for the second event…

Austin 7Mowing the Great Lawn of The House on the Hill!

I was a total rebel last week, Modern Philosophers, and did not mow the lawn.  Hell, it was the last few days of my vacation, and I didn’t want to tackle this beast.

Luckily, it’s the end of the Summer and even the grass has given up hope.  So, the lawn didn’t get too shaggy during the week.

The mower started without a problem, and since it was well rested, we were able to attack the task at hand at a much faster pace.

Austin 8Action photo from the Mower Cam!

Please be advised that the above photo was taken by a professional, Modern Philosophers, and you should not try to do so yourself.  That’s how you lose toes and maybe even a foot.

Leave the cool pics to the pros.

Since I was still on a hot streak from my run, I had the lawn done and looking amazing in no time.  Rumor has it that Better Homes & Gardens will be here tomorrow to take some photos of it for the cover of the next issue.

That would be awesome.  Here’s a preview…

Austin 9A damn good job if you ask me, Modern Philosophers!

I was a little spent at this point, but it was Labor Day Weekend, and I wanted to celebrate it properly.  So that meant really laboring.

Time for the third and final event of my Triathlon…Bambooing!

Austin 4Yes, I’ve made up the term “Bambooing”, but I’m a writer and I’m allowed to do such things.  As defined by the Modern Philosopher’s Dictionary, bambooing is the act of tearing up all the @#$%^ bamboo at the side of the house that won’t go away.

This time, though, I made sure I brought the right weapons to the fight.  That handy, dandy shovel/spade wasn’t used the last few times I tackled the task.

On Labor Day Weekend, however, I don’t do anything half assed!

Austin 6Despite my having gone bambooing several times already this Summer, the damn stuff just keeps coming back.  Kind of like The Devil on Sunday, but only without the Snapple.

This third task always works up quite a sweat, which was exactly what I needed to make sure I was celebrating Labor Day correctly.

I pulled the stuff up, and then I used the shovel to get down at the roots.  Let me tell you, Modern Philosophers, the roots put up quite the fight!

And I got to practice my language skills during the process, as I came up with some very colorful curse words and phrases to express my feelings about bamboo.

Austin 5Those are three of the roots I was finally able to evict from my property.  It was a fitting end to a very challenging Labor Day Weekend Homeowner’s Triathlon.

I will wear my gold medal with pride, knowing that I did my best to honor Labor Day.

What are you doing to celebrate Labor Day, Modern Philosophers?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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23 Responses to Is This Enough Labor To Properly Celebrate Labor Day?

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy Labor Day Austin. We don’t have Labor day here in the UK so I’ve just been blogging, going out for a walk taking photos, and then a bit of retail therapy (this is unusual for me, not too keen on shopping!)

  2. I’m procrastinating doing my blog post — oh wait, that’s an ordinary Saturday activity for me, as is waiting for my dear husband to return from work. However, tonight we are going to the last Rock the Canal event, an hour boat ride followed by a concert. I don’t know what we’ll do Sunday but for me it will include a good deal of chortling over the fact that I have Monday off. Rock on.

  3. donedreaming says:

    I think you earned your burger and beer, hope you have a great holiday weekend 🙂

  4. grannyK says:

    You sure did do enough labor! I got tired reading about how hard you worked. I am at a live in pet sitting job for 3 days, and that counts as my labor! lol

  5. ksbeth says:

    excellent trifecta – and that bambooing is tough!

  6. SD Gates says:

    Been out in the garden fighting the weeds, and a variegated creeping bamboo. UGH! Such a nice green lawn. Lucky!!!!!! Reading everything you have done makes me want to lay down and take a nap!

  7. Congrats on the beginning of a wonderful Labor Day weekend. Now, will you do it all again tomorrow…and Monday? 🙂 I woke up with the chilly weather also, but was on the streets walking by 8, sipping iced tea by a rock wall by 9, and buying mums for the homestead by 10. Love these kinds of weekends.
    Continue the running – you look great!

  8. jan says:

    Hope this winter isn’t a rough as the last. No more return of the SnowMiser!

  9. Glenda says:

    You have inspired me to think about getting started on all the crap I have to do to my house on the hill (more like a mountain)! Limbing 15-year growth, burning all the debris on a heavily wooded sloped acre, maintaining the plants we want to keep and ensuring my roses are not subject to the marauding gangs of deer…ahh, forget it I just managed the maintenance of my roses today.

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