A Message From Above, Or Just The Robot Apocalypse?

BrainSomething odd just happened, Modern Philosophers, and I need your help to determine if it was a sign from the Fates, or just The Machines messing with me as part of The Robot Apocalypse.

My brain is on fire from all the Deep Thoughts bouncing around inside of it, and since the future of mankind could hang in the balance, I am in desperate need of some outside guidance.

As you know, I am highly superstitious, especially when it comes to my writing.

I fear that I will jinx projects by talking about them too early, so I write in secrecy.  I really only trust one or two people to read a screenplay once the first draft has been completed.  I most certainly believe in signs and the Fates.

So about an hour ago, I was on a Skype call with Matthias, the director of The Retirement Party, who would very much like to produce and direct .33 Reverse Gunther, my bank robbery screenplay.

I haven’t used Skype on my laptop since The Girl Who Moved Away vanished from my life, but everything was going well with the call.

SkypeBecause of my severe superstitions, I can’t really go into detail about the specifics of the conversation, but we did discuss Gunther.

Then we moved on to talk about a writing project which Matthias would like me undertake.  It’s not screenwriting, but it is associated with the Film industry, and it would bring in income that Matthias could then put towards making Gunther.

I wasn’t exactly sold on taking the gig, but I want to be able to do a favor for Matthias when he asks.  Plus, if it goes well, it would definitely push Gunther further down the yellow brick road of going into production.

As I was reading power points, and opening various websites to follow along with what Matthias was discussing, these guys showed up…

Robot 2I know they look all sweet and innocent, but they are the advance scouts for The Machines, sent down by Robot High Command to set in motion The Robot Apocalypse.

At least I think they showed up.  You see, right in the middle of talking to Matthias, the laptop’s screen went blank.  No amount of tapping on keys and cursing at the top of my lungs could do anything to bring it back to life.

So in my mind, that meant Robot High Command was moving forward with The Robot Apocalypse.  Soon, we would all be slaves to these less adorable Machines…

Scary robotEventually, the laptop flickered to life and there was some sort of message about the device being shut down because it had gotten too hot.  The text was quickly gone from the screen (The Machines don’t want us to know too much!) and replaced with a message about how a scan of the laptop’s disks was highly recommended.

And so began the waiting game as text and numbers flashed on the screen and detailed how this line of data was being removed, and how that sector was fine.

Since I had all this free time, my brain got to work.  What if this wasn’t the work of Robot High Command and had absolutely nothing to do with The Robot Apocalypse?

What if this was a sign from the Fates?

nunsYes, in my confused, overworked mind, the Fates are represented by a bunch of Nuns with guns.  Clearly, they are armed to the teeth to protect me from danger.

Isn’t that obvious?

Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe this was a sign that this assignment wasn’t for me.  I was already very iffy about it, and the fact that talking about the project and accessing files on it caused my laptop to crash seemed like a very clear message:

This is not something that I should undertake at this juncture.

A new season of The Nite Show begins next week, I’m working on a new screenplay, the blog keeps me busy, and there’s all that running on top of a full time job.

Do you see why a Modern Philosopher might need some help?

Austin 3What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Was this an attack by The Machines in an attempt to unleash The Robot Apocalypse?  Was it a sign from the Fates that this is not a project I should undertake at this time?  Should I just ignore it all and take the job?

Thank you in advance for your input on this headache inducing situation.  I’m going to take some ibuprofen now and have some supper…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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23 Responses to A Message From Above, Or Just The Robot Apocalypse?

  1. Ali Isaac says:

    I’d say go for it! Better to regret the things you HAVE done than the things you have NOT. 😁 Never let an opportunity pass you by. My words of wisdom for tonight. You’re welcome!

    (I know. They’re not really my words, but still…)

  2. Glenda says:

    So it sounds like you don’t want to do this anyway and you’re justifying this with all the robot nonsense and signs. If you don’t want to do this thing for Mathias, don’t and bow out gracefully. If you see this as a means to an end (Gunther), then maybe you should just bite the bullet and do what you have to do. We are all a bit uncomfortable about not knowing the future, but don’t blame the nuns!

  3. Tim Gatewood says:

    LOL! Take the job. Use some of the money you make for a fan for your computer — or a new computer with a better fan and bigger hard drive and more RAM.

  4. donedreaming says:

    I know nothing about the film industry but don’t producers find the funds to make the thing happen? If you are having to do side projects to bring in the funds for Matthias aren’t you paying for your own screenplay to be made? (My past careers have made me cynical so delete me by all means!) Follow your heart or it will take all the joy out of doing it. Perhaps the gremlins in your system just wanted to give you a moment to sit and ponder for a bit before committing one way or another 🙂

  5. Allie P. says:

    If you aren’t excited about it because you see it as a scary time-consuming challenge that might make you stretch your skills to the point of getting a Charlie Horse, I would say accept. If you aren’t excited because it doesn’t play into your interest and you are only thinking about it because you are a nice guy trying to do a friend a favor, then don’t – no good deed goes unpunished as they say.

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