And So It (The Nite Show) Begins…

Nite Show mealThe Night Show With Danny Cashman is back, Modern Philosophers!

After a long, torturous Summer hiatus without Maine’s favorite late night talk show, it’s time for the madness to end as we head back to The Gracie Theatre to kick off the new season.

As usual, this superstitious writer’s normal pre-show routine included a stop on the way back to The House on the Hill to pick up a hot and ready Little Caesar’s pizza and a bottle of Snapple.

Then there’s the quick pre-show post to my fellow Modern Philosophers to share my excitement about getting to be a part of television’s magic again.

Tonight, we will be taping The Nite Show’s 200th episode.  How cool is that?  Who knows what kind of excitement Danny has in store for us to celebrate that milestone???

I’m going to head over to the theater early to do some behind the scenes work for the blog.  So check back here later for a post and photos from the taping.  If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter (why don’t you???) you can feel like you are part of the fun, as I live tweet as much of the festivities as possible.

If you live in Maine, I’d really like to see you at an upcoming taping.  They are free, fun, and you get to hang out with me!  How much more exciting can it get?

Right now, I feel like a kid on the first day of school.  I can’t wait to see everyone, I’m anxious to find out which of my monologue jokes get used on the air, and I am looking forward to a great night of free entertainment.

Austin mugNothing beats hearing the laughter and applause of the audience reacting to one of my jokes.  It brings this Writer Boy great joy, and it’s the perfect way to spend the evening.

So let me raise my mug in toast to the new season of The Nite Show.  May the jokes be funny, the audience receptive, the guests on time, and the technical difficulties kept to a minimum.

I’m very lucky to be part of such a great team, and I look forward to putting smiles on the faces of Maine’s late night TV watchers for another season!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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13 Responses to And So It (The Nite Show) Begins…

  1. If I ever make a trip to Maine, I will hope to attend a taping.

  2. I can almost hear that little extra bounce in your step, Austin. And your right, nothing beats hearing laughter and applause from an audience when you’re in some way responsible. Here’s to wonderful new season of The Nite Show. :O)

  3. ksbeth says:

    you sound happy and hope you have a great time!

  4. D. Parker says:

    Writer boy is back on top today for wow, the 200th episode!!!
    Congrats and break a leg (aka hope the show goes well, definitely not referring to Runner Boy). 🙂

  5. Dr. Geyser says:

    I love my pizza like I love my lovers… Hot N Ready!

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