Sound The Horns: It’s Writer’s Day!

ape 3Happy Writer’s Day, Modern Philosophers!

As you know, I have created the Writer’s Day holiday because writers need to do a better job of celebrating what they do.  Sure, not all of us make enough money to be able to write full time, but we love doing it, and we need to embrace it.

We need to party!

Why aren’t you celebrating Writer’s Day yet?  I’m sad that I haven’t received a single invite to a Writer’s Day Barbecue, Karaoke Night, or House Party.

Pick up your games, Modern Philosophers.  You are slacking in the Writer’s Day department and that needs to be rectified.  Quickly.

Last night’s taping of The Nite Show With Danny Cashman went very well and ran quite late.  As a result, I was up until the wee hours of the morning just unwinding from the experience and sorting through all the photos I took.

Like this one…

ApeThey say you should never work with animals in show business, and that Maine gorillas are a barbaric bunch.

Well, the gorilla who visited the Nite Show last evening was extremely well behaved.  He sat in his chair, applauded at the proper moments, and only flung his feces into the audience twice.

I’d say that was a successful visit from the primate world, and worthy of mention in this morning’s Writer’s Day post.

I should have slept in a little later, but I’m always just so darned excited to get in all my traditional Writer’s Day activities.  Spending the day away in bed seems wasteful, especially since I’d be all alone in it.

Ape 2I did have an excellent view at the taping last night.  It really is a great experience, as a writer, to be tucked in with the audience to hear their response to my jokes.

Danny used a couple of my Bernie Sanders jokes that went over very well.  It’s just a rush to be suddenly surrounded by the sound of laughter and applause welling up in a packed theater, all the while knowing that it was my writing that caused the reaction.

When one of my jokes kills, I like to lean forward and tap my fellow writer Dave on the shoulder to let him know it was one of mine.

Thank you, Bernie Sanders, for not only looking like my friend and idol Doc Brown, but for also inspiring some wonderful writing!

Austin 2Look at the smile on my face!

That’s a writer who is enjoying the audience reaction to his work, and who is going to celebrate proudly on this Writer’s Day!

You really should be celebrating this holiday, too, Modern Philosophers!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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17 Responses to Sound The Horns: It’s Writer’s Day!

  1. Absolutely Austin. Why this should be a National holiday! Writers, we need to unite.

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