That 70th Run Show

70sToday was the 70th run of my highly rated, award winning, critically acclaimed, soon to be adapted into a movie franchise, running program, Modern Philosophers.

The mere fact that I’ve been able to keep myself on a 5 day a week running schedule for 14 weeks is miracle enough to be sent to Pope Francis for immediate inclusion in The Vatican’s next Miracles Are Real Tweet.

But when you factor in that I had no business at all going on a run this morning because of a minor leg injury, then the fact that my 70th run took place at all is truly impressive.

Underneath the sweaty running togas, Modern Philosophers, I’m still just a dorky kid from Brooklyn who hates running.

Back in the day, my little leg issue would’ve been more than enough to cancel not only today’s run, but the rest of the week’s as well.

But I’m not that guy anymore.

Austin runI’m this guy now.

A guy who runs through the pain, doesn’t make excuses, and smiles for post-run selfies like he thinks the photo is going to appear on the cover of Runner’s World.

I will admit that I didn’t go the usual 4.5 miles today.  There was simply no way in the world I was going to be able to work through the pain to go the distance.

I did, however, keep pushing myself a little further down my route until the “Check Leg” light went on, and I turned back to The House on the Hill.

I could’ve turned around at any point and been justified, but the fact that I wanted to keep going told me a lot about myself.

I’ve changed over the past fourteen weeks, I’m not as soft as I once was, and Runner Boy is a hell of a lot more stubborn that any of my other personalities.

That’s the only way to explain how I ran 3.5 miles despite the pain.

Austin run 2I don’t always have much to say in my writing posts, but I like to write them every once in a while to let you guys know that I’m still out there working up a sweat.

There are only so many calories I can burn by generating Deep Thoughts, and it’s important that I keep my running sneakers busy.  As we all know, idle sneakers are foot odor’s best friend.

Blogging about my runs is important because many of you have told me that you find inspiration in my goofy tales of generating enough sweat to end the drought in California.

If there’s inspiration via perspiration going on in the pages of this blog, I definitely want to keep it going.

This blog has always been about getting you to exercise your brain and your funny bone, but I think it’s evolved to a point where I can add inspiring you to exercise your entire body to the list.

How else are we going to fight off The Machines when they try to execute The Robot Apocalypse?  We’ve got to be in shape to keep them from rebooting the human race.

Plus, I read that sweat corrodes machines faster than any other weapon on the market today.  Because of that, after every run, I wring out my running togas and store the sweat in 20 gallon non-corrosive drums in my basement bunker.

Can you guess how many drums I’ve filled after 70 runs?

Austin run 3I was too busy going off an a tangent about The Robot Apocalypse to mention that I came across some sort of boat parked on a patch of grass during yesterday’s run.

You can see a shot of it in the picture before this one.  How weird and random was that?

It was in that semi-cul-de-sac that marks the halfway point of my longest runs, and it just looked so out of place parked there in the grass.

That’s the thing about running, Modern Philosophers.  You simply never know what you’re going to find out on the road.

I’ve found out so much about myself over the past 70 runs, and I’m curious to see what I’m going to discover next.

I still don’t love running, but I’m drawn to it, and just can’t shake it.

As long as my leg hasn’t fallen off by Tuesday morning, I plan to be right back out there for run #71.

As Nike, The Greek Goddess of Being Bossy would say: “Just do it!”

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to That 70th Run Show

  1. Of course I’m not expert, but sometimes not running is the right thing to do for an injury. You might like to consult a medical professional. Other than that, congratulations on your bad-assedness. Incidentally, I love to run. I ran today and was very happy. I meant to write a blog post about it and the minor epiphany I had during my cool-down walk, but you know, it’s not always about me, even on my blog. Rock on.

  2. amommasview says:

    Good on you but be careful that you don’t hurt your leg even more by pushing through the pain. I agree with @mohowkvalleygirl, maybe you should check with a doc before continuing. If it’s fine after resting head out there again and see if the pain comes back. Keep it up! You’re doing a great job!

  3. markbialczak says:

    You go to it, Austin. Wow. That No. 70 sure looks impressive. Way to push through the bad leg, sir.

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