Monday Morning Coffee Club: 10/12/15

Giant mugHappy Monday, Modern Philosophers.

I know it’s Columbus Day, but hasn’t society tried to wash its hands of this holiday?  We used to get the day off, but now some calendars don’t even bother to mention it.

I’ve asked the Calendar Commission about it, but they are pretty tight lipped about the whole thing.  Let’s face it, though, Columbus is famous for getting horribly lost and then claiming the place he ended up was his intended destination.

If every person who ever did that was given a holiday, we’d need a lot more than 365 days in a year.

Basically, Christopher Columbus was your grandparents driving around before GPS was invented.  He refused to ask directions and just kept moving forward, insisting he was not only going the right way, but that he’d also found a short cut.

I’m not going to wish you a happy Columbus Day, Modern Philosophers, because my calendar has no room for failures!

I will, however, wish you a Happy Halloween Season!  The Halloween Season begins on October 1 in Maine and runs right through Halloween.  It is a huge deal here as Otherworldly Beings from all over travel to Maine for a month of parties, festivities, parades, and socializing.

It’s like a supernatural Mardi Gras, only without all the drunken mayhem.

All HallowsI usually write more about the Halloween fun going on around me, but I’ve been a bit distracted.  I will do my best to rectify that as I want you to feel like you’re part of the excitement, Modern Philosophers.

Plus, I don’t want the All Hallows Society mad at me!  They are creepy!

If you follow the blog regularly, you’ll know that last week was a bit of a roller coaster ride.  I had a great time at the Fifth Anniversary taping of The Nite Show, but did not enjoy taking Cali to the vet.

I’m still having trouble giving her the medication she needs, but the vet took care of the serious stuff.  Now, I just keep trying to sneak up on her, betray her trust, and force 2 ML of antibiotics into her mouth when she least expects it.  I am never going to be a vet.

As seems to be the norm around The House on the Hill, the Hopeless Romantic in me continues to fail in his quest to find love.

I have this horrible habit of falling for women who are unavailable.  I keep trying to not be so stupid in love, but my heart wants to serve a purpose other than to pump the blood through my body.  It’s bored with doing just that, and wants to multitask.  My heart wants to be filled with love again, and all the running in the world isn’t going to get it to beat as fast as it does when there’s that someone special in my life.

Personally, I think that love enjoys playing games with me.

Clearly, I’m lost when it comes to love, but not lost in a Christopher Columbus, have a holiday named after me kind of way.

Enough rambling.  I’ve got to get ready for work.  Help yourself to some coffee, and check out the literature I’ve left out about the various Halloween Season events going on in the area today.  Have a great day despite the fact that it’s a Monday!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee Club: 10/12/15

  1. Gail Kaufman says:

    Yesterday, I mentioned to my husband that we probably won’t get mail today because it’s Columbus Day. “It is? Do we get the day off?” With much chagrin, I replied, “No, sorry. But the trash removal may be delayed by one day.” Then I looked at my trash removal calendar. Alas, even the trash removal company doesn’t recognize Columbus Day.

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