Please Tell Me You Celebrate Back To The Future Day!

BTF 1Happy Back to the Future Day, Modern Philosophers!

This blog will turn 3 in less than two weeks, but it would not even exist if not for two people: The Girl Who I Try Not To Mention Anymore, who basically forced me to start this blog as a way to keep myself occupied while she was off at graduate school, and Doc Brown, my friend, mentor, idol, and the blog’s largest financial backer.

Yes, Modern Philosophers, it is a generous grant from the Emmett Lathrop Brown Foundation that keeps the Deep Thoughts flowing, and the fridge permanently stocked with Snapple.

Thank you, Doc, for your friendship, support, guidance, and all the rides through time in the DeLorean.

Today might be all about Back to the Future, that amazing biopic about Doc Brown’s most well known invention, but to this Modern Philosopher, it’s all about the man in the lab coat, who is Bernie Sanders’ doppelganger.

Happy Back to the Future Day, Doc!

BTF 2Marty McFly might have been Doc’s original protege, but he has had to bow out of that role to focus on his family and his personal medical issues.

Marty is an amazing guy, looks sharp in a vest, and can play the guitar like nobody’s business.  In other words, he is my polar opposite.

I haven’t tried to replace Marty in Doc’s life.  I just try to distract him from how much he misses his old companion and foil.

Great Scott, Marty!  Happy Back to the Future Day to you, my friend!

"Back to the Future II" (1989)As we all know from watching the second movie in the Back to the Future Trilogy, the view outside our windows on October 21, 2015 is supposed to be a lot different from what it actually is.

Sure, the Cubs still have a shot at winning the World Series, but it looks like the Mets are going to keep that from happening.

There are no flying cars, no clothes and shoes that adjust themselves, and saddest of all…no hoverboards!

BTF 5According to the sequel, on October 21, 2015, kids zipped around on hoverboards, which were the flying car equivalent for those without a driver’s license.

Not only do we not have hoverboards, but on Back to the Future Day, my laptop’s spell check does not even recognize “hoverboard” as a word.

Doc has sworn, time and again, that he has invented a working hoverboard, but he said the world isn’t ready for his creation yet.

Just like it’s not yet ready for a fleet of DeLoreans equipped for Time Travel.

“The future isn’t now, Austin, it’s in the future,” Doc loves to say with a chuckle whenever I beg him for a hoverboard.

There was a part of me that truly expected to return to The House on the Hill tonight and find a hoverboard waiting on the porch as a Back to the Future Day present.

BTF 3I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of biopics, but Back to the Future is definitely one of my all-time favorite flicks.

I know it has a lot to do with the Time Travel aspect, but my love for the movie is mostly because of the affection I hold for the man whose life is depicted in it.

Doc doesn’t like me to gush about him, so I’m going to talk about another aspect of Back to the Future that’s had a great influence on my life: the screenplay.

Written by Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, the script is a work of art.  In fact, when I was reading books on how to write a screenplay during my days at NYU, Back to the Future was often cited as the perfect script.

It is a remarkable story, which follows screenwriting structure to a tee, and there isn’t a wasted bit of information in its pages.

If you’ve never taken the time to read the script, I highly recommend that you do, especially if you want to be a screenwriter.

BTF 6Several people at work wished my a Happy Back to the Future Day, and the self proclaimed nerds over in the Data Department blasted the film’s theme multiple times over the course of the day.

I heard Back to the Future Day mentioned on the radio several times, and I can’t go anywhere on the internet without seeing a reference to it.

How cool is it that a movie can leave this kind of an impression on the world?  It makes me proud to be a Screenwriter!

What did you do to celebrate Back to the Future Day?  Do you have a favorite scene from the trilogy?  Would you rather have a hoverboard or a Time Traveling DeLorean?

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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24 Responses to Please Tell Me You Celebrate Back To The Future Day!

  1. Josh Wrenn says:


  2. D. Parker says:

    If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits the 3 year mark… 😉
    Great Scott, I hope you’re having a wonderful Back To The Future Day, Austin!

  3. We did! Have the pic to prove it! Plus watched all 3 Back to the Furtures!

  4. I never actually saw the second movie, though I saw the third a couple of times on first release. Very cool concept which I am going to have to write one of my science geek posts about over on my blog (for instance, Einstein’s equations work irrespective of the direction of time, as long as it is only going in that direction….and does anybody have a DeLorean they can lend me…)

  5. It truly is a Happy Back to the Future Day, Austin! My youngest has just discovered Marty McFly and is crazy about Back to the Future. Now I can’t wait to take him to Universal Studios. :O)

  6. ksbeth says:

    i thought you would be celebrating this big day )

  7. Back To The Future Day might now be in the past but I can still wish you a happy one in the present, right? It will save me from having to get the DeLorean out anyway… 😉

    I had the day off work to have a back-to-back-to-back BTTF marathon, so that explains my absence!

  8. Louise says:

    hoverboard – Sigh. Not recognized by my spellcheck either. That just strikes me as wrong.

    Either way, the Internet was a lot of fun on the 21st 🙂 My personal favourite up here in Canada was Health Canada putting out an official recall on the DeLorean.

  9. Kathleen Hackett says:

    I can remember like it was yesterday my first trip to the future with uncle Charlie…wait, that sounds weird…never mind.
    It must have been another dimension. cause I bought a hover board for 15 dollars, and brought it here to my place. Now I need to know: what should I do with it?
    Happy BTTF Day,
    Your friend in time,


    Happy Belated Back to the Future day to me 😦
    But not to worry, I jumped a dimension or two and ended up in Hill Valley, 2015. Spent some time there, did some flying car watching, met Marty (Junior) and bought a hover board to travel around in. Now that I’m back in my own dimension, I can’t help but notice that I brought it along for the return trip.
    Should I use it here, or not?

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