Friday Night Think Tank: Road Trip!

It’s Friday night, Modern Philosophers!

Technically, it’s Saturday morning as the clock just struck midnight.  It’s been a very long day, and I just returned to The House on the Hill from tonight’s taping of The Nite Show With Danny Cashman, which was up in Houlton.

That’s a good two hours in each direction, and it made for an excellent road trip.

I promise to tell you all about the taping tomorrow, but right now, we have to head out to the Think Tank for our weekly Philosophical Exercise.  Better late than never, right?

I honor of Back to the Future Day, which we celebrated earlier this week, I have tweaked Doc’s photo on this post.  Hope you like it.

This week’s topic: What’s the coolest road trip you’ve taken?

Road trip no handsToday’s road trip was a lot of fun.  It began at Danny’s office, then shifted to Bangor International Airport, where Joy and I picked up Ellis Paul, tonight’s musical guest.

The three of us then made the 120 mile journey north to the Canadian border.  While we did not encounter any Royal Canadian Mounted Police on our journey, I did find myself having an odd number of Deep Thoughts about hockey.

I’d never been to Houlton, and there wasn’t much to see along the way other than lots of trees and the occasional slowly moving vehicle.

We stopped for snacks in Howland, where I picked up Ring Dings and chocolate milk.  What’s better fuel for a road trip than that?

I had the back of the van all to myself, so I stretched out my long legs on the seat, and got some serious reading done.

On the way home, we stopped for a staff dinner in town before tackling the journey all over again.  It was nice to hang out with other members of The Nite Show team and our delightful musical guest.

road trip dinnerDanny was even kind enough to pick up the bill.  Thanks, Danny!

After the team split up, we hit the road again.  This time, I did my best to sleep on the long journey.

There was some excitement, though, when we passed the NESCOM truck broken down on the side of the highway.

Joy went back to check on them, and it turns out they had a busted axle.  Luckily, they were able to continue their road trip despite the mechanical setback.

We called the crew when we arrived in Bangor, and they were in Orono, which means that they were almost home as well.  Thank goodness!

The actual road trip was just some relaxing travel time, but there was plenty of excitement in between as we taped two shows in a gorgeous theater.

And I made my debut as cue card boy!

More on that tomorrow as I can barely keep my eyes open long enough to type this post.

Tell us about your coolest road trip, Modern Philosophers!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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16 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Road Trip!

  1. floridaborne says:

    Hmmm….there were several road trips, but none with celebrities. I’d have to say the most memorable was the 2 weeks I spent wandering around Morocco with my daughter.

    • Austin says:

      Did you ride a camel on that trip?

      • floridaborne says:

        No. We had $700 to food, shelter and transportation (taxi and train) for 2 weeks. We couldn’t afford much more than that.

        We stayed at hotels with 1 bathroom to serve an enter 2 floors and on occasion we paid up to $30 a night to have a bathroom in our room. (Note: always pack a pair of cheap flip flops to wear in non-European overseas bathrooms. You’ll be glad you did). .

        Why did we go to Gibraltar? My son was getting married to a woman he met in Portugal. That’s why we had to stay there one night. Marriages in Gibraltar are recognized in the US. That makes it easier to bring your spouse over.

        Bottom line: I loved spending that time with my daughter and seeing my son get married..

        But…I really would like to go on a camel ride one day.

      • Austin says:

        Sounds like an interesting road trip. Sorry there was no camel. 🙂

  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    I would actually have to say the time I drove from Reno to Vegas. (No, they aren’t right next to each other, it took 8 hours.) That was a lot of fun because I found myself doing 120 in my mom’s Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup truck without even realizing it.

  3. nolanwrites says:

    One of my favourite road trips was my drive from San Fran to LA. I remember we stopped at a cliffside restaurant called Nepenthe. The views were incredible. As it got dark we drove a little further along Big Sur and the sky was the clearest I ever saw in my life. I could see every single star.

  4. grannyK says:

    My best is when I went to Disneyland with my best friend when I was 21. We had a blast! That was such a long time ago. Also, I am impressed that you can read in a moving vehicle. I get motion sickness as it is, but if I try to read…the party is over!

  5. ksbeth says:

    with my middle daughter – d.c., nyc, boston, cape cod. just went until we ran out of money )

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