Being Green Easy It Is Not: I’m No Yoda

Yoda 1I don’t know how Yoda did it, Modern Philosophers.

He spent centuries training Jedi Knight candidates, imparting wisdom, and baffling everyone with his odd speaking style.

He was tiny, had big ears, and he was green, but everyone agreed that he was wise and the go to trainer in the Jedi faculty.

Even though he ended up living in some out of the way, fog infested swamp, Luke still sought him out to learn the way of the Jedi.

So why am I rambling on about Yoda?

Well, he’s awesome.  Isn’t that reason enough for you, Modern Philosophers?

I have searched my feelings, and I must admit that there is another…reason.  I had to train a new coworker today, and I didn’t feel at all like Yoda.

Yoda 2I don’t know how calendars worked a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

But I suspect that Yoda didn’t train Luke on a Monday.  I would guess, though, judging on how crappy a day it was all around for the Rebellion, that the Empire’s attack on Hoth happened on a Monday.

So, I need to cut myself some slack.  I had no idea when I arrived at work this morning that I would have a Jedi Padawan at my desk, ready for training.  My head felt like it was in Dagobah, all foggy and cold.

Mondays are the Dark Side.

I know that now.

yoda 3It’s not that I didn’t feel wise.  I know my job and I can be an excellent teacher.

Today, however, I just felt like I was talking a mile a minute and making absolutely no sense.  I am usually able to slow it down and explain things well, but today, my mind was operating in hyperdrive.

I felt really bad for my new coworker, so I’m hopeful that The Force is strong in her and she will simply pick up things naturally.

I’m so tired now that I just want to eat dinner, watch The Walking Dead, and crawl into bed under my warm and cozy Star Wars comforter.

Sleep or sleep not.  There is no staying up late tonight!

Yoda 4So it definitely isn’t easy being green, Modern Philosophers.  I definitely felt much more like Kermit than Yoda today.

At least I didn’t bust out a horrible version of “Rainbow Connection” in a Brooklyn accent.  The horrendous sound of that might have caused the Death Star to explode.

Hopefully, I shared enough work related wisdom today to get the new hire started down the path to Jedi enlightenment.

Or a path that allows her to do her job well.

Either option is fine.

May the work force be with you!

SeamusAt the end of the day, my tired brain is just focused on the upcoming visit from the Sweet Irish Lass, who comes from a land where little creatures in green run amok.

Sure, I’d much rather be Yoda than a Leprechaun (no offense, Seamus!), but right now, I’d settle for a house packed with Leprechauns if it meant she were here.

Yoda’s walking stick does look a lot like a Leprechaun’s shillelagh.  Do you suppose that means something?

Excuse my tired ramblings.  Sleep well tonight I will!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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9 Responses to Being Green Easy It Is Not: I’m No Yoda

  1. she is too old to be a jedi!

  2. Perhaps Yoda was Irish! He kinda talks that way, doesn’t he?

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