The Irish Rose Is En Route To The Vase

Aer Lingus“The Irish Rose is en route to the vase.  I repeat, the Irish Rose is en route to the vase.  Over.”

“Toga Boy acknowledges that the Irish Rose is being delivered.  Over and out.”

I replied to Seamus’ ridiculously coded message over the walkie talkie, Modern Philosophers, because he would never stop until I did.

I understood that Seamus, Maine’s only Leprechaun, was excited about having another Irish native at The House on the Hill, but that didn’t mean I had to enjoy the spy craft.

“Why do we have to talk in code?” I yelled up the stairs to him.

“Please use the walkie for all communication.  Over.”

My headache had an Irish accent, Modern Philosophers, and smelled like stale beer.

IrishRoseI suppose it’s sweet that Seamus wants to refer to The Sweet Irish Girl as Irish Rose.  After all, I call her The Sweet Irish Girl whenever I talk about her to you, Modern Philosophers.

Then again, it’s blog protocol to give the humans in my life a code name when they turn up in my posts.  While Otherworldly Beings don’t mind if I use their real names, humans seem to enjoy their anonymity.

Plus, I might not necessarily want to cop to knowing certain people.

Those people know who they are.

So, yes, the beautiful Irish lass is on her way to The House on the Hill.  I’m very excited about her visit, but I’m trying to keep my emotions under control.

At least until she gets here and those green Irish eyes are smiling at me.

Then, excitement levels will be off the charts.


Playing_Cards_Boxed_Poker_21-8645This is the first time, in what seems like eons, that I’ve felt like there’s someone special in my life.   The Sweet Irish Girl makes me very happy, causes my heart to beat rapidly, and has me thinking that love hasn’t completely abandoned me.

It’s been nice to not have any horrible first date stories to share with you in a long time.  Plus, while they are a blast to write, I’ve posted fewer sarcastic Dating Tips posts because my heart has been otherwise occupied.

Clearly, The Sweet Irish Girl has cast some sort of spell on me.  My Maine Witch friends have their theories, but they are also quick to point out that Irish Magic is very different from the Magic conjured up in the States.

Whatever it is, Modern Philosophers, I hope it doesn’t lose its power any time soon.

shamrock-loveI’m not sure how much you’ll hear from me over the next week and a half, Modern Philosophers, but I would very much like to keep my daily blog posting streak alive.

It would be ironic for the Blog Love to stop because actual love has blossomed.

Like an Irish Rose…

Keep me in your Deep Thoughts, send the positive vibes my way, and feel free to take one overly stimulated Leprechaun off my hands for a few days.

It would be nice to have some alone time with my guest!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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25 Responses to The Irish Rose Is En Route To The Vase

  1. Congratulations. Celts are great people.

  2. Dawn says:

    Congrats, Austin. I’ll keep my fingers and toes and any other portions of my anatomy that occur to me crossed for you.

  3. grannyK says:

    I do hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. ksbeth says:

    wishing you the best )

  5. rowanaliya says:

    Good for you, enjoy your time with your las! Truly that is a miracle in this modern world I’m convinced, so don’t let her go!

  6. adamjasonp says:

    Hope things turn out well. 🙂

  7. donedreaming says:

    Toilet seat down – check. Flowers in the house – check. Guinness in the fridge – check. Cat litter tray emptied – check. All cleared for having an amazing time. Over and out!

  8. I’ve been out of the loop a little while, so I’m happy to see such a fantastic post upon my return. Sending you positive vibes for a great visit. 🙂 ❤ is in the crisp cool Maine air….

  9. D. Parker says:

    Hope it goes well. 🙂
    All the best to you both. 🙂

  10. Have fun Austin. Don’t worry about us – we’ll be here waiting when you’re ready.

  11. markbialczak says:

    This is the best post ever, Austin. The temperature in my living room just went up 10 degrees from its radiance! My furnace can rest for an hour now!

    You have a great visit with your Irish Rose, my friend. Show off the best parts of Maine. Learn about each other in the real world. Enjoy matters of the heart once more!

    Here’s a blog post streak idea for you, buddy. One photo of you smiling from a different location every day that your Irish Rose is here. It won’t get stale for us that have been with you through this whole trip. 🙂

    Enjoy. Now Seamus, you go take a walk across the bridge for 10 days.

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