It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like The Nite Show

Christmas FireplaceThere’s something magical in the air, Modern Philosophers.

It’s definitely the smell of Little Caesar’s pizza, but that is joined by excitement, nervous energy, and the scent of monologue jokes as they wait in anticipation to see if Danny will pick them to be on TV.

Of course, I’m talking about another taping of The Nite Show With Danny Cashman.

I’m home at The House on the Hill, preparing to head over to The Gracie Theatre on the campus of Husson University.  I’m looking forward to spending a few hours with my TV family and the wonderful audience that comes to root us on in our quest to conjure up Late Night TV Magic.

We will be taping The Nite Show’s Christmas Episode tonight, and that always seems to put me in the Holiday Spirit.  I wonder if this guy…

Santa…will make an appearance.  If he does, I hope he brings some friends like…

Rudolph 2Rudolph 6I don’t think animals are allowed inside The Gracie, but I’m sure they’d make an exception for Santa Claus if he wanted to bring along some celebrity reindeer.

I was up very late last night writing monologue jokes, and then got up early to go for a run.  So, I keep teetering back and forth between exhausted and wired.  That combination should make for a really fun night.

Don’t you wish you were sitting right next to me at the taping???  After all, I can totally be in the Christmas Spirit when the mood hits me.

I offer this photo as proof…

Austin HumbugAs always, I will offer you special behind the scenes access to The Nite Show, and then live tweet during the taping.

Do you follow me on Twitter yet?  If you don’t, you’re going right onto the Naughty List!  Use the convenient button on the right to follow, or just go onto Twitter and find me at the very creative handle: @Austin_Hodgens.

I came up with that one all by myself, Modern Philosophers.

Nite Show SetIf I have any energy left when I return to The House on the Hill tonight, I will write a post about my experience at the taping, and share some of my world famous blurry photos.

Hope you are all having a Happy Hump Day, and I wish you could all join me tonight at The Gracie.  Happy Holidays!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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