The Force Is Strong With The Nite Show’s Christmas Taping

Taping 13Not so long ago, at a theater not at all far away, The Nite Show With Danny Cashman had its latest taping.

As you can see from this first photograph, we had a very special guest at The Gracie Theatre this evening.

Normally, I’m not a fan of The Machines, but for this one I’ll make an exception.

The Force was with The Nite Show tonight as R2-D2 paid a visit to plug his new film.  While Star Wars: The Force Awakens probably would have destroyed box office records like The Death Star obliterated Alderaan even without Artoo popping in to visit Danny, it was still pretty awesome of the little droid to journey to Maine.

Taping 12Taping 14I must admit, Modern Philosophers, I was terribly starstruck and waited backstage for a good ten minutes for R2-D2 to finish his rehearsal and sound check.

Just for the chance to stand next to him and take a few photos.

It was totally worth it.  This was definitely the droid I was looking for!

Taping 16I am a total Star Wars geek, Modern Philosophers, and to prove it, I happen to be wearing my Star Wars jacket as I write this post.

Meeting Artoo was a thrill, not only because I love the movies, but also because seeing Star Wars is what first gave me the inspiration to be a writer.

So the second highlight of my night was having Danny use seven of my monologue jokes.  Two of those jokes were Star Wars ones.

I don’t want to brag too much, but one of the jokes he used was about Donald Trump and Star Wars.  That one is definitely going on the writing career highlight reel.

Clearly, the Force was strong with Writer Boy tonight.

Taping 2Tonight wasn’t all about Star Wars and how many of my jokes made it onto the air.

It was also about Christmas.  The set was beautifully decorated for the holiday, The Jump City Jazz Band entertained us with Christmas classics all night, and then there was the big Christmas musical number.

Once again, Anna Roman serenaded The Nite Show audience in front of an All-Star band and accompanying choir.

It was moving.  It was music to my ears.  It filled me with the Christmas Spirit.

Taping 10Taping 9The cast of The Nutcracker put on a delightful performance, and led to my favorite photograph of the night.

Check out that awesome shot of The Nutcracker going all medieval on The Rat King.  It was almost like a Jedi Knight engaging in a lightsaber duel with a Sith Lord.

What says Christmas fun more than that, Modern Philosophers?

Taping 17I snapped this photo of the set during sound check.   The trees, the presents, the lights, the Christmas band rehearsing for the big Christmas number…Christmas just grabbed me the moment I sent foot inside The Gracie, put me in a headlock, and would not let go of me.

As you know, Modern Philosophers, the Christmas Magic has definitely vanished for me over the years, but after tonight at The Nite Show, I feel like I’ve been possessed by The Christmas Spirit.

I just hope I’m not visited by the Ghost of Nite Shows Past tonight…

Taping 5Santa Claus brought Joe some early Christmas presents, but they were all very strange.

This one looked like it came courtesy of The Blair Witch, and I really think Joe should stay away from the woods for the next few months.

Just to be safe.

Taping 11Timber Tina, a Mainer who appeared on Survivor, wore a festive outfit that she accessorized with Christmas ornament earrings….and an axe.

Can you see it leaning against Danny’s desk?  Luckily, Timber Tina wanted to stay on Santa’s Nice List, so she didn’t use the axe on any of the audience members.

Taping 8As always, The Jump City Jazz Band kept the studio audience in a festive mood.  Aside from playing Christmas Carols all night, Dave also rocked a spiffy green Santa hat!

Taping 7Another thing that filled me with Christmas Joy was seeing my buddy and fellow Nite Show writer David Forbes Brown get a moment in the spotlight when three autographed copies of his new book were given away as prizes at the end of the night.

It really was a wonderful night.

Hey, It’s A Wonderful Nite Show sounds like a great title for The Nite Show Christmas Special.  I’ll have to suggest that to Danny.

Hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look at the taping of Maine’s favorite late night talk show.

Happy Holidays and May The Force Be With You!

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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4 Responses to The Force Is Strong With The Nite Show’s Christmas Taping

  1. nolanwrites says:

    It looks as though you all had great craic! Congrats on the jokes used. I’m sure that they were hilarious! Did you take a selfie with RTD2? 😀

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