Friday Night Think Tank: Naughty But So Nice

3 wise daisyOnly two more weeks until Christmas, Modern Philosophers, which can mean only one thing…

Just one week until Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens!

Okay, so maybe I’m forgetting that the Christmas Season is about giving, spreading joy, and being filled with the Christmas Spirit.   In my defense, however, it’s kind of hard to remember all that other stuff when the life changing movie from my childhood is about to unleash another chapter on a world totally undeserving of such a gift.

Clearly, The Force is strong with Santa Claus for bringing us this awesome present.

Even Doc Brown is excited about the flick, and insisted that his photo be replaced with one of Daisy Ridley for this post.

Obviously, Doc is all about giving and spreading some joy.

Let’s head out to the Think Tank for our weekly Philosophical Exercise.  It’s okay to hum the Star Wars theme as you make your way to join us.

We’ll be like the Jedi Council as we gather to search our feelings and share our Deep Thoughts as The Force Awakens in our hearts.

I’ll be sure the topic is Christmas related, though, so we can focus on what’s supposed to be most important this time of year…

This week’s topic: Christmas is about giving, and a lot of what is passed out in the name of spreading a little Christmas joy is food.  What naughty Christmas treat just seems too nice to pass up every Holiday Season?

desserts 3We had a little celebration as work today, Modern Philosophers, that I wittily dubbed “Festivus Friday”.

All it really was, however, was an excuse for everyone to bring in decadent Holiday treats for us to much on the entire day.

My devious plan worked because when I arrived at work, there was so much food that I had to move the Christmas Tree off of the table to make room for all the yummy that needed to be in my tummyy.

My weakness ever Christmas Season, and the reason why it is so darn important that I run as much as possible, is Christmas cookies.

I don’t really care what kind of cookies they are, but if they involve chocolate and/or peanut butter, I am definitely in serious trouble.

Today, my weakness was a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  So soft, so chewy, so delicious, so many in my tummy.

Back in the ancient days, when J was in my life, I was spoiled by her mother’s amazing baking skills.

cookiesEvery Christmas, a huge box would arrive filled with tins of her homemade cookies.

I think I looked forward to getting those even more than I did my presents.

That’s how good they were.

I’ll have to ask The Sweet Irish Girl what kind of a baker she is because I need to know if she can feed my Christmas cookie addiction for the rest of my life.

I will do my best to keep away from the cookies for the rest of the Christmas Season, but you really shouldn’t be surprised if you happen upon me and find my toga covered in Christmas cookie crumbs.

I have a weakness, and that weakness is soft and gooey and scrumptious.

What Christmas treat gets you into trouble calorically, Modern Philosophers?


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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11 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Naughty But So Nice

  1. I can’t wait to see the newest chapter. And sugar cookies are my weakness. I only eat them this time of the year. So….

  2. floridaborne says:

    Christmas cookies, especially short bread and gingerbread. Nothing tastes as good as Christmas cookies while listening to well-sung caroling.

  3. grannyK says:

    Soft sugar cookies for sure! Also, my mom would make fudge at Christmas. This was the only time of year we got treats (besides a birthday cake), and I had fond memories of all the goodies!

  4. D. Parker says:

    Kris Kringle Kookies (aka chocolate Christmas cookies with chocolate chips) 😉

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