Christmas Comes Early For Writer Boy

Party 2Sorry for the late post this evening, Modern Philosophers, but I have an excellent excuse…

Tonight was The Nite Show Christmas Party!  Woo hoo!

I have mentioned countless times on this blog how much I enjoy being a part of The Nite Show team.

Tonight only added to that.

I took a quick walk across the bridge to beautiful Downtown Bangor, which was decorated quite nicely for the Holidays.

Party 3In the past, a blog post about a walk across the bridge was about whatever horrible first date ensued.  But those days are thankfully behind me, Modern Philosophers.

I have an amazing girlfriend who sent me out tonight with orders to socialize, have a few drinks, and have fun.

As I wrote earlier this week, my girlfriend is always right, so who was I to question those instructions from My Sweet Irish Girlfriend?

Party 4The party was at Nocturnem, a popular downtown bar that I have never felt cool enough to visit before this evening.

Tonight, though, I was Writer Boy and The Nite Show Christmas Party beckoned.  I was cool enough and it was time to prove it.

Party 5Look, Sweetheart, I had a beer.  No fizzy drinks for Writer Boy.  Tonight was all about having fun and ingesting the Christmas Spirits.

The bar had quite a selection of beers on draft, and I went with the #11 to start because that was the number I wore in Little League and when I played for NYU.

Can you tell I’m a beer drinking novice, Modern Philosophers?

Party 6Look at the giant platter of chicken wings!  I would’ve taken the entire thing back to my table, but the #11 had a bit of a kick and I was worried I’d drop it.

Don’t worry, Modern Philosophers, I made plenty of trips back to to visit this platter.

Party 7I could’ve sworn this plate was loaded with chicken wings just a minute ago.  Where in the world did they go?

I blame Santa’s Elves for that one!

Party 8I sat at a table with fellow writer Dave, photographers Jennifer and Michael, and WABI TV Exec Steve.  I’d never chatted with Steve before, and he was a very cool guy and clearly a champion of The Nite Show.

Dave explained to Steve that I wrote all of the Star Wars and Back to the Future jokes, and when I recounted my Star Wars joke from the last show, Steve laughed and told me that he remembered that one and had liked it.

Good work, Writer Boy!

Party 9Michael and Dave were drinking this really dark beer that was 13% alcohol, and so remembering my beautiful girlfriend’s words, I decided to try one, too.

It was quite heavy and was made to be sipped slowly.

I’m not sure how much I liked it, but I felt adventurous trying.

Party 10Steve from WABI was quite knowledgeable about television, so we had a great conversation at our table about our favorite TV shows from the past forty years.

It was also very cool to get insights on The Nite Show from the network’s perspective.

Dave and I took advantage of having a network bigwig’s attention to pitch some ideas for shows on the network.  Steve really seemed to like my idea for a Nite Show Special.

I’ll have to see where this leads.

Party 12Steve, my fellow writer and the audience warm up master, joined our little gang and things really got off the wall and nerdy at that point.  We were quite the group of TV geeks, and it made for excellent conversation.

Danny, our beloved host, wandered into the line of fire and we immediately pitched him my Summer Special idea, with the backing of Steve from the network.

This group eventually closed the party as the rest of The Nite Show crew had bailed, and we had stayed long past the time listed on the invite.

Party 1Look what Santa brought!  My very own Nite Show fleece.

While I loved the free food and drinks, along with the awesome conversation, this gift was the high point of my evening.  It made me feel special because so few people actually own one of these items.

Whenever I wear the fleece, I will be reminded that I am part of an incredible team that produces a funny, creative, ridiculous, and entertaining TV show.

Thanks, Danny, for the party, the gift, and for letting me be a part of The Nite Show team.

Merry Christmas!

And before I go, let me show you what else Santa brought me today…

Party11That’s right, Modern Philosophers, it’s my very own Doc Brown figure and Hover Board.

Those were from a coworker, who decided her husband didn’t need anymore toys and that I would appreciate them so much more.

She was so right!

Happy Holidays, Modern Philosophers!  I’m beginning to warm up to Christmas!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Christmas Comes Early For Writer Boy

  1. Kristina Farrow says:

    I love your blog! Nice post – looks like a fantastic time!

  2. ksbeth says:

    i’m so happy that this is a regular part of your life now, austin. and your ladyfriend too. happy happy days for you )

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