Friday Night Think Tank: Birthday Philosophy

Doc BrownWelcome back to the Friday Night Think Tank, Modern Philosophers!

As you know, the Think Tank was closed the last two Fridays for Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Yes, even Deep Thoughts take a holiday!

It’s 2016 and time for our first Philosophical gathering of the new year.  Even though the holidays are over for most people, we are still celebrating at The House on the Hill.

Today is Melissa’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!  My birthday was on Wednesday.  Like I said, the party never stops here.

Grab your togas and meet me out at the Think Tank.  There’s plenty of birthday cake, punch, a pin the tale on the donkey tournament, and there very well could be a clown if you guys don’t behave!

It’s great to be back.  See you out there!

This week’s topic:  What is your approach to birthdays?  Do you see them as a chance at a fresh start and a bright future?  Do you see them as something negative, bringing you one step closer to death?  Or do you have a completely different Birthday Philosophy?

birthdayI’m an adult now, Modern Philosophers (no old age jokes please!), so birthdays no longer hold the same magic they once did.

When I was a kid, it was all about the presents, the cake, the party, and bringing treats to school so I could finally be the center of attention for a good reason.

When I was a teen, it was a day of independence to hang out with my friends, revel in the fact that I was one year closer to being an adult, and talking about the girls I was still too shy to have a conversation with despite my newfound maturity.

In college, birthdays were an excuse to party, drink, and stay out all night.

Maybe that college vibe lasted for a few years after the diploma went up on the wall, but after that, my birthday just became another day.  It falls twelve days after Christmas, so I knew that it got lost in the holiday shuffle.

This year, though, I am trying to take a more positive and philosophical approach to my birthday.  I am thinking of it as my personal new year, and I’m determined to make big changes while moving in a positive direction.

Yes, being in a relationship certainly helps.  Melissa is an amazing force when it comes to birthdays.  It’s impossible to think of it as just another day with her being so incredibly sweet and positive.

She sent a cake to me at work.  No one has even done that for me, and it put me in a very good mood and made me realize how special I was.

I’ve vowed to keep that special feeling going, and will build on the momentum that started on my birthday to make sure this an excellent year.

UsHow adorable are the Birthday Girl and Boy, Modern Philosophers?

Remember, you can follow me on Pinterest and wish me a belated Happy Birthday!


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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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27 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Birthday Philosophy

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    Happy belated birthday to you, and happy birthday to Melissa!

  2. Welcome back and Happy Birthday!

  3. drishism says:

    Happy Birthday 😄

  4. AthenaC says:

    Happy birthday! I actually usually forget my birthday. I also frequently forget how old I am. I think all the things my brain does seem to crowd out vital statistics like age and what not.

  5. Amanda Lyle says:

    Happy birthday, Melissa! 🎈

  6. Amanda Lyle says:

    And happy “slightly belated” birthday to you…

    I forgot to say… You both make an adorable couple! Really happy for you 🙂

  7. ksbeth says:

    i love everything about birthdays, love to drag mine out as long as possible and what a great picture of the happy couple!

  8. I was hoping more of your readers would comment about their birthday thoughts and activities. The subject interests me. The history of my relationship to birthdays is a long and interesting one (at least to me), but I will only share one highlight. I had sworn off birthdays mere days before beginning to date (sort of; it was the ’80s) the man who would become my husband. He LOVES birthdays. There may be a rom-com plot there somewhere. But very happy belated birthdays to you and Melissa. And how cool is it that your birthday falls on Twelfth Night? (it seems cool to me at any rate)

  9. donedreaming says:

    Birthdays are fabulous – be grateful to keep having them as the alternative is fairly depressing! There definately needs to be cake, but I hate surprises and parties. Low key with loved ones works best for me 🙂

  10. donedreaming says:

    sit on a rug on the room carpet surrounded by finger food – carpet picnic

  11. D. Parker says:

    Happy Birthday Melissa! That’s cool your birthdays are so close together. 🙂

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