Monday Morning Coffee Club: 2/8/16

Monday Morning Coffee Club: 2/8/16 | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherHappy Day After The Super Bowl, Modern Philosophers!

I’ve long believed that this day should be a holiday called National Recovery Day.  Everyone stays up late to watch the Super Bowl, and eats to the point of tempting a food coma.  Many people drink during the game, and probably shouldn’t be at work today.

However, the numbskulls at The Calendar Commission have told me that my proposal lacks merit.  They said February is a short month, with a disproportionate of holidays with Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, and President’s Day already in the fold.

I say it’s just another example of The Man trying to keep us in line with the overwhelming stress and soul sucking a Monday has to offer.

So who watched the Super Bowl?  It was a defensive struggle, but at least it wasn’t a blowout.  I feel like Peyton Manning was suddenly aware of his tendency to scream out “Omaha!” before every play, because he rarely said it last night.

Admitting he had a problem was the first step.  Good for him!

I’m glad he gets to go out a champion, and can now turn his attention full time to his true love: being a TV pitchman.

The big news over the weekend was that the nice people over at The Good Men Project published my article about the Super Bowl and Time Travel.  One of my goals for 2016 was to get my writing on other sites to further spread The Word of The Modern Philosopher.

Mission accomplished!

FIRE UPI’d love it if you could head over to GMP to check out my post, maybe give it a “Like” if it appeals to you, and perhaps share the post so that the writings of The Modern Philosopher can reach a wider audience.  Thank you!

Here is the link…

Austin’s Post on The Good Men Project

As for the week ahead, I will be dealing with the immediate issue of Snow Miser and yet another Winter Storm.

There is a Winter Storm Warning in effect from 4PM today until 7PM tomorrow.  Woo hoo.

Let’s just hope they do a better job of clearing the parking lot at work and plowing the highway that I use for my commute.

Sunday is Valentine’s Day.  I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve been torturing Melissa a bit with her gift, but I think it’s good for her.

I mailed it early because I didn’t know how long it would take to get to Ireland, and I didn’t want her to be both without her handsome boyfriend and her present on the holiday.

It arrived last weekend, and it has been driving her mad that I will not allow her to open it.  I even make her text me photos of the package so I know it remains unopened.

After all this buildup, I really better have delivered on the gift or she is going to kill me.

That’s all the time I have for today.  Help yourself to some coffee and leftover Super Bowl Snacks.  Pretend that today is the national holiday it deserves to be.

And remember…there’s only seventeen hours left to this horrible day!

Mondays might suck, but following me on Pinterest most certainly does not!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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2 Responses to Monday Morning Coffee Club: 2/8/16

  1. grannyK says:

    Congrats on the post being on GMP! I hope it gives you a ton of exposure (which is better than it sounds). Happy Monday!

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