Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesome Valentine?

Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesome Valentine? | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherHappy Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers!

I spent Valentine’s Eve curled up on the couch watching the most romantic program I could find.  Of course, I’m talking about the Republican Presidential Debate.

This is the first debate I’ve watched from start to finish, and I’m pretty sure I picked the best of the bunch.

The top six Republican candidates were on hand in South Carolina, presumably to debate the issues, but apparently more so to insult each other and entertain us.

I expected to be bored, Modern Philosophers, but instead, I was on the edge of the couch, hanging on every word, and posting tweets about the best show I’ve watched all week.

This is one that I posted once I realized this was going to be a special night…

That’s right, Modern Philosopher, Donald Trump, the man who insulted his way to the top of the Republican dog pile, was getting booed relentlessly.

I’d heard about Southern hospitality, but this clearly was not an example of it.

Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesome Valentine? | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherThe Donald started out by bullying his usual target, Jeb Bush, but apparently, the Jebster was through giving up his milk money to the richest kid in the schoolyard.

After Trump went after Clan Bush one time too many, the Jebinator fought back.  I couldn’t believe it, but Jeb opened a can of verbal whoop ass on D-Smuggy, and would not back down from the fight.

Rather than take the hint from the crowd that his constant insults were not appreciated, Trump just went lower and lower with his punches.

He pretty much took a insult riddled chainsaw to the Bush Family Tree, and constantly cut off Bush the Younger any time he tried to speak.

I don’t know the rules of debate etiquette, Modern Philosophers, but I’m pretty sure wiseguy Donnie Brasco Trump was looking to get kicked right in the tower.

As if picking on Little Jebbie wasn’t enough, D-Bag then set his sights on Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.  When Cruz admonished Trump for constantly cutting him off, he said something like, “Donald, adults usually let each other speak”.

Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesome Valentine? | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherTrumpty Dumpty shot back, “Yeah, you’re an adult..”

That comeback confused me.  Was the Billionaire Buffoon questioning if the Senator from Texas was really over the age of eighteen?

Was Cruz Control’s age in doubt, or was it his humanity that was confusing Trumpalicious?

There was some chatter during the debate about Cruz’s flip flopping on his stance on illegal aliens, but was Donnie Hairstyle implying that the Teddy Bear was actually an alien of the X-Files variety?

There was too much fighting and name calling going on for the moderators to come back to it, but I sure wish they had gotten some sort of clarification on the “Yeah, you’re an adult” comment.

Talk about a missed opportunity.

Even that cute little Marco (Polo!) got into the act when Donnie Trumpets sounded the horns against him.  Rather than recite the same prepared statement to defend himself against Donnie Doofus, Rubio Slippers actually gave him a little sass in return.

I kept waiting for Marco (Polo!) the Mayor of Munchkinland to call in the Flying Monkeys to attack that thing on top of Trump’s head.

Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesom Valentine | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherGotta give Marco Twaino props for following the Jebmeister’s lead and finally proving he wasn’t yellow by standing up to Donald “Biff” Trump.

I don’t know what got into all the candidates last night, but it was like someone had taken them aside and encouraged them to punch back, rather than back down and just take the usual billionaire beating.

The Deep Thought running through my head as I watched the near Brawl of the Boys in Blue Suits, was that Trump might have just given us an awesome Valentine.

It seemed to me like he had finally grown bored with this whole “I think it would be cool to be President” thing, and decided to sabotage his chances in front of a national TV audience.

Why else would he keep going after his fellow candidates like that?  The audience was booing him relentlessly, but he ignored that and got worse as the night progressed.

It’s one thing to take shots at your opponents, but it’s another thing entirely to cut them off, talk over them, call them liars, and mock them like an immature bully.

My guess is that Trump is done with this, and last night’s debate was his way of saying he doesn’t give a $%^& any more.

Happy Valentine’s Day to the American voters!

What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Was Trump was out of line last night?  Do you think he acted that way on purpose, or did he finally snap and reveal his true colors?  Do you think America will finally wake up and realize there is no way this man should be President?

If you follow me on Pinterest, I promise not to mock you, insult you, or attack your family.

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37 Responses to Did Trump Just Give Us An Awesome Valentine?

  1. I have no idea. I didn’t watch. I did, however, enjoy reading your recap. I especially enjoyed your tweet about Marco (Polo!). 😉 xo

  2. donedreaming says:

    The Ego has landed! Do you think this is just one big joke to him, has he really any serious intentions towards running for president or is he just in it for a laugh? All he did was call everyone an idiot or a liar – maybe they are but he’s just coming across as a very rich bully who doesn’t want to listen to or negotiate with anyone. Just who the World needs to lead the most powerful nation on the planet. I think I’ll book that one way ticket to Mars ..

  3. NO idea…didn’t watch last night’s. But I seriously hope that America figures out that this guy is not presidential material and fast. I’m thinking that kind of behavior is not going to be helpful to us on a world stage, ya know?

  4. I didn’t see the debate but i could feel the love. If only there was some. 😀

  5. tedstrutz says:

    There’s no way The Donald was ever going to be President, but at least, he made a boring bunch of guys liven up a bit… thanks for the recap.

  6. susielindau says:

    This is such a great post and your “posters” are divine!
    Trump is such a bully! How do people not see that? My friends who said they supported him told me today, they thought he acted like an idiot last night! I don’t think he’ll quit.
    What about Bloomberg?
    Thanks for stopping by the party! Lots going on today!

  7. BarbCT says:

    It makes me wonder about something my nephew recently said. He posited that Trump has always been friends with Hillary and his purpose is to distract everyone and then drop out to throw his support behind Hillary to assure her being the next president. If that’s the case, friendship obviously “trumps” party affiliation.

  8. When money does most of the talking, you have to ask yourself, is there wisdom behind it, or simply showmanship? Great post.

  9. Claudia says:

    I give you a star AND a heart for listening to all that babble! The debates aren’t debates…they are insultfests.

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