Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps

Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherFaster than a speeding bullet, Supergirl has shot up my list of must watch TV shows, Modern Philosophers.

That’s why I wanted to leap over tall buildings in a single bound when I heard that TV’s sexiest Superhero would be teaming up with television’s most kick ass Zombie Apocalypse survivors for crossover episodes set to air during the May Sweeps.

You heard it here first, Modern Philosophers.  Supergirl is going to help Rick and the gang battle The Walking Dead!

Even though the shows might seem unrelated, keep in mind that they both sprang from the pages of comic books.

Details of the crossover’s plot are a closely guarded secret, but I talked with AMC’s Melissa Nicotero and CBS’ Wesley Moonbeams to get just enough insider information to make you want to immediately hijack a DeLorean and time travel to May to watch these episodes.

“National City is overrun by an enemy that Supergirl cannot defeat,” Moonbeams teased about the Supergirl portion of the crossover.  “An Alien being, hellbent on taking over the city, releases Walkers in the streets.  Supergirl tries to stop them with her superhuman powers, but no matter what she does, the Walkers get right back up and keep attacking.”

“Pretty soon, there are far too many of them for her to fight as the Walkers infect the defenseless residents of National City.  Supergirl has no idea what to do, and that’s when she stumbles upon members of The Walking Dead crew, who got dragged along to National City when the evil Alien hijacked the Walkers.”

Neither Moonbeam nor Nicotero would reveal which members of Rick’s crew end up meeting Supergirl, but I’m prepared to make an educated guess, Modern Philosophers.

Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherIf the shows want huge ratings, then they need to at least include fan favorites and alpha males Rick and Daryl.

The guys could be off on another male bonding mission, fighting Walkers, when they get unwittingly swept into the Alien’s plot to take over National City.

How cool would it be to see these human Superheroes join forces with an actual Superhero?  What if they fought with each other for her attention?  No woman has ever come between Rick and Daryl, but it’s not hard to believe that Supergirl could be the one.

If I had to guess, I’d say the producers would also want young Carl along for the ride.  He’s the perfect age to be both awed by the sight of a Superhero, and to develop an awkward teen crush that could put him in jeopardy.  We’ve seen Carl reading comic books in past episodes, so we know he is a fan.

I’d also like Maggie to visit National City if only to see how Kara reacts when Winn finally develops a crush on someone other than her.

Since I was on a roll speculating on the cast, I thought I’d just keep going and lay out my guess at the rest of the story.

Once the members of The Walking Dead’s cast inform Supergirl that she needs to pop the Walkers in the brain, they will work together to quickly clear up National City’s undead problem and save the day.

Of course, the only way to get Rick and his crew back to Alexandria would be for Supergirl to take them there.  While she is in town, she might as well use her superpowers to help the survivors finally get rid of all the Walkers from the quarry.

Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherSupergirl could also help them eliminate the Wolves, stop Negan before he becomes a major threat, and sure up the walls of Alexandria so they are impenetrable.

Maybe her alter ego Kara could act as Maggie’s personal assistant for a few days so she can better organize life behind the walls.  That would allow Maggie to finally follow in Deanna’s footsteps.

After all, even though she’d loathe to admit it, Cat Grant couldn’t run her mega empire without Kara’s help.

Nicotero mostly smiled when I laid out my guess at The Walking Dead’s portion of the crossover’s plot, but she never did tell me that I was wrong.  In fact, she actually looked intrigued when I brought up the Kara and Maggie angle, so now I’m thinking that I gave her an idea.  I just hope that I receive a writing credit if they use it.

The one nugget she would share with me, Modern Philosophers, was that Supergirl and Rick have a heart to heart about what it’s like to be a Superhero in the eyes of those around you.  She also hinted that, unknown to its residents, Alexandria might house a secret stash of Kryptonite that imperils Supergirl’s chances of returning home, and could even lead to her becoming the first Super Walker.

So which character from The Walking Dead steps up to save Supergirl?

Obviously, I could not get an answer on that one.  Or to any of my other questions.

Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherThe big thing I need to know is if National City and Alexandria exist in the same United States.

That doesn’t seem feasible since Supergirl knows nothing about the Zombie Apocalypse, and the Government is still very much in power.

Plus, we’ve never heard anyone on The Walking Dead wish for members of The Justice League or The Avengers to rescue them from the Zombie Menace.

So how do they explain this?  Does the Alien baddie travel between realities or alternate dimensions?

They need to get this plot point right, or the crossover will be a failure.  I know they are shows about a Superhero and the Zombie Apocalypse, but the Writer in me demands a certain amount of reality in my fantasy.

I’m counting down the days until Supergirl meets The Walking Dead!  How about you?

Supergirl airs Monday nights on CBS.  The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.

What do you think of this crossover, Modern Philosophers?  Will the shows be able to convincingly explain how the two worlds exist when neither ever references the other?  Is my guess at the plot correct, or do you have a better idea?  Could a Walker version of Supergirl could ever be defeated?

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6 Responses to Supergirl and The Walking Dead Crossover Set For May Sweeps

  1. I have a feeling Michonne wouldn’t be too impressed by Supergirl.

  2. The Hook says:

    A Kryptonian would be quite helpful during a zombie apocalypse… especially one with girl parts.

  3. Rosemond says:

    I’m a sucker for a good mashup and Les Moonves might need to do a cameo!

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