Friday Night Think Tank: How Scary Is President Trump?

The Trump is out there, and I need to know just how frightened I should be of an America led by President Tump...The Trump is out there, Modern Philosophers.

Tomorrow is the Maine Republican Caucus, which means Trump is even closer to The House on the Hill than my stress levels can safely tolerate.

Politics is fun when the politicians are far away and easy targets for my monologue jokes and blog posts, but in less than twelve hours, it’s Maine’s turn to decide how much closer President Trump gets to the White House.

These are not the kind of Deep Thoughts I want weighing on my mind on a Friday night, Modern Philosophers.

Perhaps we should head out to the Think Tank where we can debate this under the watchful eye of three moderators and a hissing, booing crowd.

I’ve got to ask…when did the audience at a Presidential Debate turn into the crowd at a WWE event?  The world has been turned upside down, and I blame it all on one man.

You know, the one who wants to make America great again.

This week’s topic: Just how scared should we be of President Trump?  He can’t really be as bad as he appears, don’t you agree?  That’s all just an act he’s using to electrify the ultra weirdo wing of the Republican electorate, right?

I don’t know what to think anymore, Modern Philosophers.

When Primary Season began, I figured Trump was just a sideshow that would quickly grow boring and fade away after firing some final parting shots at the Republican elite.

At that point, Jeb Bush would step up as the party’s candidate, and the focus would turn to how to defeat whoever emerge from the Democratic side.

Boy, was I wrong!

Should we all flee to Canada to escape life under President Trump? Or should we stay and enjoy eight years of The Purge?At this point, Trump seems unstoppable and President Trump appears inevitable.

Last night, I wrote a post asking if President Trump would make The Purge a reality.  I was only joking, of course, but the more I form Deep Thoughts about it, the more I realize that I might not be that far from the truth.

Trump is the real deal, he has people brainwashed into believing he is America’s Hating White Hope, and he’s boasted that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose supporters.

Does this mean that President Trump plans to make it legal for The President of the United States to hunt American citizens for sport?  Or would he limit the hunt to only those people who are in the country illegally and somehow got over the border wall?

Why do I keep thinking about World War II every time I see Trump gesticulating wildly behind a podium as he spews hate speech onto an adoring crowd?

Should we stop laughing about what a joke Trump is, and brace ourselves for a future where people have even more reason to hate America and its xenophobic President?

I wonder how Melissa would feel if I showed up at her door, and announced that I lived in Ireland now?

The Trump is out there, Modern Philosophers, and I’m losing sleep.   Is it true that if President Trump uses your bones to build his border wall in your dreams, that you die in real life?


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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37 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: How Scary Is President Trump?

  1. drishism says:

    I still don’t think he actually wants to be President. He keeps saying things to encourage people to NOT vote for him… but then he keeps winning these primaries.

    I feel sorry for Trump. But Trump doesn’t want to be President. Clearly. No one can say the hateful things he has said, and actually want the job. He just wanted some extra attention, a cheap marketing stunt, and it went badly.

    And not only is Trump winning, it looks like he broke the Republican party. I mean, it’s almost like he’s on Hillary Clinton’s payroll.

    … wait a second…

  2. soad88 says:

    The sum total of all republican IQ is only equal to its worst candidate …not one of all the candidates deserves to lead dem&rep because they have a clear case of pathological lying disorder. My mother always said don’t make friends with liars and mom is ALWAYS right🙂

  3. floridaborne says:

    There isn’t a single George Washington in the lineup. On the Dem’s side, there’s a criminal and a socialist. On the Rep’s side we have the 3 stooges and a straight man. I’m not impressed.

    I’m beginning to believe that the sum total of all their Integrity Quotients combined is 0.

    • Austin says:

      This is Caucus Weekend in Maine, so I’m curious to see what my fellow Mainers want for the next 4 years…

      • floridaborne says:

        In Florida, it’s winner-take-all. There are a lot of people who don’t like what Rubio has done. I don’t think he’ll have the same sweep as Cruz did in Texas. But, as you say, I’m curious to see….

      • Austin says:

        If he can’t win his home state, that does not bode well for him. Then again Marco (Polo!) Rubio seems to get excited about finishing in third place. 🙂

  4. Even watching from afar, Trump is a scary thought. Ireland sounds like a good bet. Do it for love!😊

  5. I thought the same thing about the debate audience. Since when are they alive? Good luck with DT (I won’t give him free press) being so close, ugh .. just the thought make me want a shower.

  6. stomperdad says:

    Here in Canada, we’ve used to it bring people to our side. Our dollar might not be worth much but at least we don’t have Trump. Plus Cape Breton is absolutely beautiful. And it’s fun to say I life on an island. Trump is entertainment and I think Americans have proven 10 fold that they love to be entertained. Unfortunately, politics isn’t supposed to be entertaining.

    • Austin says:

      If he becomes President, I’ll either move to Ireland to live with my girlfriend, or head north. I’m not that far from the border as it is! 🙂

  7. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Just how scared should we be of President Trump? He can’t really be as bad as he appears, don’t you agree? That’s all just an act he’s using to electrify the ultra weirdo wing of the Republican electorate, right?” ……
    I have to sadly admit: I AM SCARED!!

  8. Terrified. I am truly terrified. I am thrilled beyond belief, however, for my dual citizenship and I will admit, emergency plans are in place… meet ‘ya in IRE

  9. Glenda says:

    I wish I could give you a source here, but my husband told me that he heard…sigh…that inquiries into Canadian citizenship have increased online in direct response to Trump’s rise in popularity. I would not doubt that one bit. My husband has started looking for work up there!!!

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