Talking About Little Gold Men Who Hate Star Wars

I'm featured over on The Good Men Project and I'm sharing a few final Deep Thoughts on the Oscars' lack of diversity and the Academy's lack of love for Star Wars...It’s Friday night, Modern Philosophers, so why not wrap up the week with my Oscars conspiracy theory article on The Good Men Project?

Once again, the wonderful folks over at GMP have carved out a little space for my Deep Thoughts.  This time, I’m sounding off on the Oscars’ lack of diversity, how the Oscar Whiteout might have all been a set up, and the Academy’s ridiculous lack of Star Wars love.

This is an original post I wrote for The Good Men Project, and I published a less harsh version of it on this blog.  You know how riled up I can get when it comes to Star Wars.

I hope that before you join me in the Think Tank tonight, you will journey over to GMP and check out my article.

As always, I would be eternally grateful if you would share the post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the rest of the Interweb so my Deep Thoughts spread through the galaxy.

After all, if you don’t, The First Order wins!

And Kylo Ren might get really pissed and try to kill his mother, too!

Here’s the link…

Austin’s Latest Post on The Good Men Project

The Force is strong with you!  Thank you for your continued support.

I have to tell you, Modern Philosophers, it’s a really nice feeling to have posts published on this blog, The Good Men Project, and Head * Heart * Health tonight.

It makes me think that my writing career is moving forward, and that I’m finally reaching a larger audience.

Of course, Modern Philosophers, you will always be my most important followers, and I will continue to write original posts for you daily.

keep writingIt’s just nice to moonlight on other sites, craft different kinds of stories, and show the world a new side of my imagination.

I can feel myself growing as a writer, and these posts for GMP and Katie’s site have been incredibly therapeutic.

The feedback I’ve gotten from you, as well as from a new audience, has been incredibly positive and it’s inspiring me to be even more creative.

I hope you don’t mind sharing me with the rest of the Interwebs.  I assure you that there are more than enough stories stuck in my head to keep everyone laughing and thinking for a long time.

Hopefully, the new fans of my other work will make their way over to The House on the Hill to get fitted for togas and join our fun!

Happy Friday!  See you a little later in the Think Tank!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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