Sanders Makes Pollsters Feel The Bern!

Poll this! Bernie Sanders stuns Hillary Clinton in the Michigan Presidential Primary despite polls predicting he'd lose by a wide margin!Feel the Bern!

I hope and pray, Modern Philosophers, that Bernie Sanders was thinking those three words last night as he watched the results of the Michigan Democratic Primary slowly roll in over the course of the evening.

Sanders pulled off a stunning upset in the primary after polls repeatedly showed his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to have a massive lead in the state.

His win was so unexpected that he abandoned his Michigan campaign headquarters before the polls closed.

All night long, CNN cut to the poor reporter they’d assigned to cover things live from the abandoned Sanders base.  Every time the camera cut to her, she’d be all alone in a dark, empty room talking about how Bernie’s supporters might have felt had they stuck around to watch and celebrate the results.

Why did Bernie hightail it out of there and not stick around to bask in the glow of his biggest victory of the 2016 Campaign Season?

Because the polls said Hillary was gonna whoop his butt!

All week long, pollsters informed us that Clinton had a huge lead in Michigan, and that her popularity with African American voters would make the primary a cakewalk.

I guess someone forgot to tell the people of Michigan how they were supposed to vote!

I’m guilty of believing the polls, too, Modern Philosophers!

Once I saw how badly Bernie was getting thrashed in Mississippi, I had a very bad feeling about how the night was going to end.  Would a second drubbing in Michigan mean the end of the road for our Angry Obi-Wan?

Poll This! Sanders Berns The Pollsters! | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherAfter all, the poll are always right.  Aren’t they?

I was glued to the coverage on CNN like I was watching a sporting event, Modern Philosophers.

I kept waiting for the inevitable.  The larger numbers on the screen were eventually going to move from next to Sanders’ name over to Clinton’s.  Where they belonged.

The pundits kept talking about the polls, and Hillary’s lock on the African American vote, and how Bernie was a big hit with the college kids, but they couldn’t be counted on to come out and actually vote for him.

Nothing was more exciting than when CNN would throw it to Wolf Blitzer and the stiff guy in the suit, who kept making the map of Michigan dance.  He’d point to a county and it would jump onto the screen with the current results and what percent of the votes had been counted.

Then Wolf and Mr. Stiff would speculate if there were enough votes left in that county to allow Clinton to take the lead.  They’d show us the counties where the colleges were and try to figure out if enough Wolverines and Spartans were voting to give Bernie the win.

It was too much.  Such excitement.

I was even willing to put up with the occasional discussion about Trump and the Republican Dunces because that allowed me to get in a bathroom break.

Michigan is feeling the Bern! | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherI’m proud to report that I stayed up until almost midnight, which was when CNN was finally willing to project that Michigan was Feeling the Bern!

And the smarty pants pollsters had choked almost worse than Hillary.

Who knew that the 2016 Presidential Primaries could be riveting, must see TV?

I can’t wait to watch tonight’s Democratic Debate.  Go, Bernie!  I’m ready for another cool, twist ending!

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14 Responses to Sanders Makes Pollsters Feel The Bern!

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  2. BarbCT says:

    My favorite meme here: Pollsters Got Berned. Go Bernie!!!

  3. BarbCT says:

    Reblogged this on Knotholes and Textures and commented:
    Gotta love it!

  4. HiLIARy got handed her ass once again by Bernie. Bernie supporters are sick of how the press is treating him along with the DNC bias voting for HiLIARy and it’s starting to show in the voter turnout. Thanks Michigan. Let’s keep the Clintons feeling the BERN.

  5. donedreaming says:

    I’m watching the new series of House of Cards but the real thing is producing more twists and turns than the tv show!

  6. The Underwoods remind me of Bill and Hillary except the Underwoods are more ethical.

  7. There was an article in the Washington Post today that talks about how down and dirty Hillary has been with Bernie during the debates. These Hillary democrats, are no better than the GOP. They’re showing their true colors in this campaign. Hopefully, some of the smarter voters on the fence will be smart enough to see through her tactics.

    I believe Hillary is dangerous. She’s not only smart, she’s evil! She’s not only working overtime with her lies about Bernie, but she also has the media in her pocket.
    Read the article:

    Shine On

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