Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Couples Actually Fight

A groundbreaking new study reveals that couples in healthy relationships still fight. Despite this startling fact, they can still be madly in love and live happily ever after...While it’s long been believed that people in relationships are always happy, and never deal with interpersonal conflict, a groundbreaking new study reveals that this is not at all the case, Modern Philosophers.

In fact, the study conducted at the University of South Central Maine dares to arrive at the conclusion that couples actually fight…and it’s a good thing!

“I know this revelation will be startling to some,” admitted Dr. Quentin Piddaro, the renowned relationship expert who headed up the research team.  “However, fighting is a natural and essential part of any relationship.”

According to Dr. Piddaro, squabbling and bickering between significant others is a sign that the partnership is strong.

“If a couple says they never fight or disagree, that’s a serious red flag,” he told me with a raised eyebrow.  “If everything is smooth sailing, things are going to fall apart the second the slightest conflict arises.  It also means that there’s no passion because the emotions that bubble to the surface during a disagreement, come from the same place as the emotions that lead to intense and satisfying lovemaking.

But isn’t constant arguing a sign that two people aren’t meant to be together?

The good doctor shook his head and chuckled at my naivete.

Groundbreaking Study Reveals That Couples Actually Fight | The Return of the Modern Philosopher“Opposites attract, so it makes sense that there will be disagreements,” he explained slowly to make sure I was keeping up.  “Think of a relationship as a merger between two large, successful companies.”

“These companies have been operating on their own for years, and they’ve each been doing just fine under the stewardship of the current CEO.”

I nodded my head in understanding and could feel the Deep Thoughts stirring in my head.

“Despite their overwhelming success, the companies decided that things would be even better if they joined forces,” he continued.  “Now think of all the conflict that’s going to arise when you bring two giants in the field together under one roof.  There’s going to be a power struggle.  Even though they say they are fine working in unison, each CEO is going to think that his or her way is the best way to run the new super company.”

I excitedly blurted out that the super company was really the couple who went from being single to being in a relationship.

Dr. Piddaro politely nodded and didn’t mock.  That’s why he’s the relationship expert.

“They might want to work together, and they know that the future is going to be so much better because they merged, but at any given moment, one might want to strangle the other for simply not doing something “the right way”.  As in, the way it was always done at that company when it was independently owned and operated.”

He showed me page after page of charts and graphs, Modern Philosophers, that made it seem that fighting was not only a natural part of any relationship, but also a key component to keeping things lively, passionate, and exciting.

Making up after a fight can lead to the hottest, most memorable moments in any relationship...“You don’t need a 400 page report to understand the best part of having a little disagreement with your special someone, do you?” he asked with a knowing smile.

I have to admit it took me a minute, Modern Philosophers, because I was so intrigued by the idea that conflict not only existed, but was actually a good thing.

He was talking about Make Up Sex!

“Couples don’t like to advertise that they squabble, but I assure you that the strongest, most passionate, and longest relationships thrive because of those moments.”

If Dr. Q. Piddaro says it’s true, then I have no reason to disagree.  The Hopeless Romantic in me is relieved to know that a little tension is welcome because I’m certainly not an easy person to get along with by any means…

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