America Stops Looking For Marco (Polo!)

Shout "Marco!" at any pool, and Americans will instinctively reply "Polo!". Unfortunately for one Republican Presidential hopeful, saying "Marco" at a primary never got an enthusiastic response...The American electorate has finally decided to get out of the pool, Modern Philosophers.

Alas, our boring game of Marco (Polo!) has come to a merciful end.  A month and a half after his epic third place finish in the Iowa Caucus, Marco Rubio has decided to pull the plug and drain whatever water was left in the pool of his 2016 Presidential bid.

The Republican hopeful won in Minnesota, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, but I will always remember him for the inappropriately rousing speech he gave after finishing third in Iowa.

Marco (Polo!) Rubio became a joke to me that night.  Was he so blind that he couldn’t see that Ted Cruz and Donald Trump had finished ahead of him, or was he just being a typical politician and putting a spin on how awesome it was to take home the bronze?

Whatever the story was, he came across as a fool, a lightweight, and someone who didn’t have the instincts of a winner.

After that, he was nothing more than a constant joke on my blog.  And does America really need any more political jokes with Donald Trump in the race?

Last night was the final straw for Marco (Polo!) Rubio.  The Florida Senator finished a distant second in the Florida Primary to Trump, a man who was not only a political outsider, but also NOT a Senator from Florida.

I’m not sure if logic finally took over at that point, or if sheer humiliation caused him to go off the deep end, but Marco (Polo!) hung up his trunks and Presidential aspirations and headed for the showers.

Considering that Rubio was finishing a steady third in every contest, and that he had made something of a fool of himself by attacking Trump like a hack comic on the campaign trail, I’m surprised he even hung around this long, Modern Philosophers.

America Stops Looking For Marco (Polo!) | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherDid he really need an embarrassing loss in his home state to get the point through his thick Republican skull?  Did he actually enjoy being Trump’s whipping boy once Jeb Bush left the race?  Did his ego demand that he hang in there after Trump turned it into a contest about penis size?

I guess it’s easy to hang around the pool and bask in the glow of all the media attention when someone else is footing the bill.

I would love to see an account of how many millions of dollars of donors’ money Marco (Polo!) wasted by staying in a race he knew he could not win.

And politicians wonder why people despise them and don’t trust them.

Of course, Rubio had every right to remain in the hunt for the White House, but where was his pride?  He was getting lapped by a foul mouthed buffoon who makes the American electorate foam at the mouth simply by promising to add another foot to his Great Border Wall of American Solitude.

I’ve never thought that Marco (Polo!) was a fun game to play.  Guess it just took Senator Rubio a little time to come to that realization as well…

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5 Responses to America Stops Looking For Marco (Polo!)

  1. susielindau says:

    Pretty crazy. The field is getting slimmer…

  2. Stephen Colbert is having a field day playing Stanley Tucci’s, Ceasar Flickerman as the tributes fall. “Tributes assemble (clap, clap)! Let us bid farewell, to Marco… RUBIO!”

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