Negan’s Batting Cages Are Now Open

Let's talk about the Season Finale of The Walking Dead.  Who did Negan kill?  Is he now the show's hero? Why did Rick and the rest of the group keep running from the fight they picked in the first place?I’ve waited long enough, Modern Philosophers.  It’s time to talk about the Season Finale of The Walking Dead.

If you haven’t seen it or heard what happened yet, I will assume you are a time traveler who just arrived from the past.  Clearly, a time traveler from the future would have already watched the episode at some point.

Consider yourself warned of spoilers.  If you keep reading, you will find out plot points of the Season Six Season Finale of AMC’s excellent documentary about life after the Zombie Apocalypse.

We all knew Negan was coming, and I think the show did an amazing job of building up the anticipation of his arrival.  If you’re a true fan of The Walking Dead, you already knew what Negan did, who he did it to, and maybe you were like me and rooting for the writers to change a little of that in the Season Finale.

Bottom line, though, when we sat down to watch the show, we were prepared to see the death of one of the main characters.

Never an easy thing to do when you really are invested in a show and its cast.

I didn’t want someone to have his or her head bashed in with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, but I don’t have the power to change certain things in the universe, Modern Philosophers.  And it was Opening Day, so the choice of weapon was rather appropriate.

After 89 incredible minutes, the episode ended with one final disappointing minute.

Who did Negan kill when he finally dettled on a target for Lucille's wrath?  Why won't the producers tell us???Negan takes a tiger by the toe, steps into the batter’s box, and viciously attacks his unlucky human tee ball target.

The only problem was, they didn’t show us who faced the wrath of Lucille!

After all that perfect buildup, and a wonderfully executed episode, our last chance to spend time with Rick and the gang until October ended in a cliffhanger!

We now have to wait six months to find out who Negan drove deep into the left center field gap.  How ridiculous!

Am I the only one disappointed in this ending?  Does anyone else feel cheated?  Who thinks that the cliffhanger was the best way to go?

Most importantly, who do you think Negan killed?

I’m not done sharing my Deep Thoughts about The Walking Dead Season Finale.  I also wrote an article for The Good Men Project about how the classic theme of the Hero’s Journey is explored in this episode.

Bqtter up! Negan's batting cages are now open for business!It offers some philosophical insights about what happened to our heroes over the course of this season, and why they were so non-heroic at a time when I expected them to step up to vanquish a horrible enemy.

If you’d like to check it out, you can find it here (trust me, that is NOT the title I submitted for the article!):

These Heroes Faltered in their Journey: TWDS6’s Final ‘Moe’


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21 Responses to Negan’s Batting Cages Are Now Open

  1. D. Parker says:

    I love cliffhangers, but that was weak.
    And they should’ve featured “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers w/ Rogers as one of the zombies. 😉

  2. Claudia says:

    I agree with D. Parker. I, too, love cliffhangers, And although I hate having one of the fold murdered, I kept telling myself it WAS ONLY A TV SHOW. After having come to grips with that, I do think they dragged the show out a wee bit too long. Yes, there have been characters growing all along, and I think the bat-in-the-head trick will help them grow even more. But I thought it was a lame match to the build up of the ever omnipotent media.

    • D. Parker says:

      Claudia, I agree, it was too long with no resolution, just another tease. But I tell myself, nothing could have lived up to the hype, even Jeffrey Dean Morgan…in leather. 😉
      As for losing characters, we made the choice to watch a program that involves zombies, in fact, a zombie apocalypse; characters not only will die, they should die, either by zombies, disease, or other people. But I still don’t want it to be Daryl. 😉
      Hope this week is treating you all kindly. 🙂

  3. Gail says:

    I felt it was 90 minutes of ever ramping up tension. I almost died. The finale was terrifying as far as I am concerned. Loathe having to wait six months for the next season, but I also loathe winter and there is nothing I can do about either.

    • Austin says:

      It was a very tense episode for sure. I just think it would be easier to death with this death during the warmer months, rather than next fall. 🙂

  4. first let me say, this season has TWD fan club on the small island of Antigua all in knots. There were lots of great stories and moral dilemmas, we had the Rickchonne thing, and then the Carol/Maggie doppelganger thing, and the Alexandrians growing huge pairs thing. But there were some sucky, lazy things too. Like Carol’s depression and how she dealt with it, the constant leaving, the idea that murdering people from an unknown gang of unknown numbers was cool. But this ending, this cliffhanger was for me the worst of it. It reminds me of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and just like that series it cut me deep. I hurt, I’m not sure if I’ll have the strength 6 months from now, to confirm that it’s Glenn’s bloody corpse.

  5. Holly says:

    Everyone complaining about spoilers on this episode should apologize after seeing the episode.

    I originally thought it was Abraham or Eugene who got the hit, seeing as they had “moments’ in this episode and are of a size that they could possibly take a hit without going down on the first swing (like Maggie, especially in her current state, for example). Then someone pointed out the scenes in the episode from those captive by the Saviors and that it was the same POV, so I change my vote to Glenn. I know the show people have said they aren’t following the comic series for everything (obviously) but it would make sense that they would at least once in a while. (Another thought for me was on Talking Dead and they talked about the detail in Negan’s outfit to match the comic…so they really may be mirroring that here for this time)

  6. Rhio says:

    I think, the problem with The Walking Dead is, they aren’t very good with cliffhanger resolution. Like the whole Glenn under the bin thing. I think that’s why I feel cheated, despite the fact I’ve loved other shows who also had cliffhangers, I knew that the cliffhanger would definitely be resolved in the next episode.
    They said that the next episode leads off from the last, and I hope that’s the case, and not a few episodes of backstory which no one really enjoys because they really want to know what happened to the characters they love.

  7. rowanaliya says:

    Honestly I was so thrown off by the wardrobe choice it took me out of the moment. I do not read the comics so maybe it is accurate to the that, but I do not see a bad guy like Negan wearing a scarf/ascot like that. It bothered me very much. Maybe a different actor could have pulled it off, but I’m not buying it.

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