Feeling The Bern At The Battle Of Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in the ninth Democratic Debate last night in Brooklyn.  I was left feeling the Bern for sure, Modern Philosophers!Does it make me a political nerd, Modern Philosophers, because I cleared my schedule to watch last night’s Democratic Debate?

I have to admit, I’ve never followed a Presidential Election as closely as I have this one, and my original reason for being so interested was to get material for my writing.

I knew my blog and monologue jokes for The Nite Show would benefit from my having a better knowledge of the candidates.  What I didn’t realize was how intriguing I would find the process, and how important it is to be informed before casting my vote.

What the hell was I doing in all the previous Presidential Elections?  Yikes!

Last night’s debate between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton was held in Brooklyn, my old stomping grounds!  It was definitely part of the allure to know that this was all taking place in the borough in which I spent the first 26 years of my life.

Plus, there was a little part of me that hoped some Brooklynite would interrupt the proceedings by screaming at the candidates in a thick Brooklyn accent.  That, Modern Philosophers, would have made it a perfect evening.

I’ve watched several debates thus far, and the Democrats have always been much more civil than the Republicans.

Of course, you have to expect that when Future President Donald Trump is the ringmaster on the GOP side of things.

Feeling the Bern at the Battle of Brooklyn | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherBernie and Hillary have, for the most part,  been very well behaved, rarely speak over each other, and give the appearance of having a mutual respect.

How un-Republican of them!

I did notice a bit of a change in that at the Michigan Debate.  Things were a little more testy, the moderator had to do more refereeing than usual, and tempers flared just a tad.

Last night, though, the Democratic Debate had a definite Republican flair.  Maybe Brooklyn just brings it out in everyone, but there was tension, raised voices, accusatory glances, finger pointing, heated arguments, and a sense that both candidates were not only looking to win, but also consciously seeking to harm the chances of the other.

Even Bernie Sanders, America’s lovable Grandpa, showed a cranky side.  And for good reason.  Hillary Clinton doesn’t like to give a straight answer.  She goes into propaganda mode and spews the same old rhetoric without satisfying the question put forth to her by the moderator.

And Bernie, much to his credit, called her on it several times.  These debates need to be more than the repeating of the same tired sound bytes, so I was thrilled that Sanders demanded that Clinton actually answer the question on the table.

It’s hard to tell who really wins a debate because I think that depends on your own views on the issues.  What I did some away thinking, however, was that Bernie Sanders can definitely hold his own with someone who has seemed destined for the Presidency for the far too long.

Clinton should step aside and allow Sanders the chance to use the Jedi Mind Trick on Future President TrumpI think that Angry Obi-Wan has become far more powerful than we’d ever expected, and that Hillary needs to step aside and allow him to use the Jedi Mind Trick on Future President Trump.

“This is not the career change you were looking for!”

I know Clinton has a huge lead in the New York polls, and a sizeable advantage in delegates, but Sanders proved to me last night that he is the better candidate for the job.

He was my winner in the Battle of Brooklyn, and I believe he could take down Darth Trump and save us all.

I’ve written a longer article about why it’s in the nation’s best interest if Hillary steps aside and allows Sanders to be the Democrats’ candidate on Election Day.  If you’re interested in reading it, you can find it in my weekly column on The Good Men Project.

Here’s the link… http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/should-hillary-save-the-nation-by-dropping-out-of-the-race-austin-hodgens-jrmk/

Did you watch last night’s debate?  Who do you think won?  Which Democrat has the better chance to beat Trump in November?

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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4 Responses to Feeling The Bern At The Battle Of Brooklyn

  1. Yes I watched and agree with you about Bernie. He always comes out on top when they go head to head, that’s why she didn’t want to debate him in NYC in the first place. Thanks for another enjoyable post.
    Shine On

    • Austin says:

      Did you check out my post on GMP about why Hillary should drop out of the race?

      • Yes I did read your post. It was excellent. I love your style of writing and never get bored of your writing. And yes, I did notice that you didn’t post the other day.

        When I began my blog, I posted every day for 366 days straight. By the end of the year I was burned out, but I had made a promise to myself to write a post every day and had planned to stop my blog on December 31. Because of the positive input and encouragement from some of my followers, I decided to continue my blog. I also discovered that I had become a blogaholic. Yes, my name is JR and I’m a full blown blogaholic. I know I can stop posting whenever I want to, but I just can’t stop reading the posts of my fellow bloggers. So I changed the name of my blog and continued to post. I don’t post daily but try to write something a few times a week when something or someone inspires me.

      • Austin says:

        Thank you so much! Happy Sunday. 🙂

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