The Writer’s View From the Second Row

A recap of last night's taping of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman. Guests included Governor LePage, Police Academt star Michael Winslow, and US Olympian Julia ClukeyIt’s been a really wonderful Writer’s Day, Modern Philosophers, and I wanted to take some time to tell you about last night’s exciting taping of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman.

It was the final regularly scheduled taping of the season (there still might be a special Summer Edition) and we did four shows instead of the usual three.

It was a long, but fun and entertaining night.

As usual, I took a seat in the second row and live tweeted the events while also taking tons of photos.

I thought it would be fun to share some of these candid shows from the second row of The Gracie Theatre to give you a staff writer’s perspective of the evening.

I’m only using my phone’s camera and there are always crew members in the way of my shots.  However, I think this gives you a real behind the scenes look at how a late night talk show gets made.

Michael Winslow from the Police Academy flicks was the surprise guest!Last night’s surprise guest was Michael Winslow, star of the Police Academy films.  You might remember him as the officer who made all the cool noises.

He put on quite a performance.  At one point, he did a trumpet duet with band leader Brian Nadeau, but Brian was the only one who actually had a trumpet!

It was uncanny the noises that came out of his mouth.  As someone who admits to having watched most of the Police Academy flicks in the theater, this was a total fan boy moment.  And the best was yet to come this morning when I checked Twitter…

That’s right, Modern Philosophers, Michael Winslow replied to my Tweet about his appearance on the show.  How awesome is that?

US Olympian Julia ClukeyUS Olympian Julia Clukey, a Mainer, stopped by the show again.  For some reason, Danny feels compelled to serenade Julia via video song parodies whenever she is a guest.

She is clearly a good sport because she keeps coming back.  And she is an awesome sport because he rides the luge for the US Olympic Team!

Maine Governor Paul LePageThe Walking Dead gave us the most hated Governor of all time, but Maine Governor Paul LePage might run a close second.

He is always upsetting and antagonizing someone, and the blog interns think it’s a miracle that he’s yet to be impeached.

Governor LePage must have been anticipating some trouble from the audience last night because there was a major police presence at The Gracie for his appearance.

Perhaps the officers were just there to make sure he got back to Augusta without causing any trouble in Bangor…

The Jump City Jazz BandAs always, The Jump City Jazz Band kept the joint rocking and the audience entertained.  It’s always hard for me to get a good shot of them from my seat on the other side of the theater, but at least no crew members managed to get into frame for once!

We had several delays last night due to technical difficulties, and the boys in the band made sure no one got too bored.

Danny Cashman and Joe Kennedy field questions from The Nite Show audienceAs I mentioned above, there were several technical glitches during the show which led to some lengthy delays.

Hats off to the awesome NESCOM crew, who are all students at Husson University, for getting things up and running again.

During the delays, Danny and Joe would field questions from the audience.  People were very curious as to why the normally clean cut Joe Kennedy had a beard, and he shared that he was growing it for an upcoming appearance in “Fiddler on the Roof”.

The things you learn at a Nite Show taping…

Danny Cashman doing the monologue.  This joke was probably written by me!As always, Danny started off every show with his monologue.  This is the part of the show where I get to shine, since I write monologue jokes.

For this taping, I knew at least one of my jokes had made the cut because I could see it written out on the cue cards when Luke walked out to his position by the camera.

No matter how long I’ve been doing this, I still get excited every time Danny tells one of my jokes.  Then I get even more excited if the audience laughs…

The Nite Show set right before the cameras roll.Here’s a cool shot of the set right before the show starts.

That’s the big head of fellow Nite Show writer David Forbes Brown blocking most of the light.  Dave is a great guy, but I must tease him since he is wearing a Red Sox hat and sweatshirt in the photo.  That explains why he can only be photographed from behind.

That’s Katie operating the camera above the monitor.  We bonded during the taping we did in Houlton earlier in the season.  That was the one where I was forced into Cue Card Boy duty, and Katie filled in as stage manager.

I had no idea where I was supposed to stand, so my directions were to follow Katie wherever she went.  That made my job a lot easier, and I managed to get through the night without knocking over a camera or falling off the stage!

2 Nite 9One final shot of the set.  As you can see, the camera impedes my view of Danny’s desk, but did you really expect them to give the writers premium seats?

Truth be told, I picked that seat because several members of the team sit in that area and we can chat it up during the show.  Aside from Dave, who’s always in the seat in front of me, there’s photographers Jennifer and Michael Murphy, fellow writer and audience warm up master Steve Estey, and Danny’s right hand and executive assistant, Joy Sinclair.

They are a fun bunch, and getting to talk with them makes the night even more fun.

So that about wraps it up.  Hope you enjoyed this view of last night’s taping through the eyes of one of the show’s writers, Modern Philosophers!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. And i’m currently wearing a Red Sox shirt & cap, brah!

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