After Dinner Mints: That Beautiful Buzz

After Dinner Mints: That Beautiful BuzzI’ve been hopelessly procrastinating on this week’s column for The Good Men Project, Modern Philosophers, and really shouldn’t be out on the porch, with my feet up on the rail, blogging to you after dinner.

However, I had one of those days at work that left my head spinning so quickly that a few ibuprofen and a much larger dose of fresh evening air were required.

The day after writing about the silent treatment and the sounds of silence, I was ambushed by a cacophony of stress that almost deafened me to my new commitment to peace, quiet, and the Jedi way.

Do you know what got me through a day that threatened to blow my consecutive days of positive thinking streak?  Ironically, it was another sound…

That beautiful buzz.

My cell phone magically buzzed with a text message anytime I felt Old Austin try to shake off his chains, pry the lid of his sarcophagus, and return from his eternal banishment.

That’s right, Modern Philosophers.  Technology came to the rescue of the Man Who Loathes The Machines.

We all need a little help sometimes, and a gentle reminder that I wasn’t fighting this battle alone was all the reinforcement I needed to make sure Old Austin never resurfaced.

It was a rough day, but I’ve come to think of such moments as challenging.  I could not ignore the chaos all around me, but I could keep it from having any power over me.

Keep smiling, you handsome devil!The black clouds never gathered.

It was noisy, but forever sunny.

All because of my commitment to a happier, more positive life and my secret weapon, that beautiful buzz.

I’m not naive, Modern Philosophers.  I fully understand that life is going to have its more trying moments, but I’ve come to realize that a bump in the road doesn’t necessarily have to be a roadblock.

Just because a situation causes me to roll my eyes, it doesn’t mean that my eyes are going to roll back into my skull as the Depression Demons possess my body.

I’m a duck, dude, and the water just rolls off my back.

Yeah, I hope to Zeus that today doesn’t become my Groundhog Day, but it didn’t bend me, break me, shake me, or bake me.

They call it Hump Day for a reason, Modern Philosophers, and I have made it over that hill to enjoy a quiet night out on the porch.

I probably should get to work on my column, but another few minutes out here isn’t going to do anything but improve my mood.

Grab a handful of after dinner mints, Modern Philosophers.  They’re guaranteed to wipe the bad taste of a trying day out of your mouth!

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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5 Responses to After Dinner Mints: That Beautiful Buzz

  1. Sending you happy and calm vibes, Austin!
    I had to click on the link because I LOVE after dinner mints. I have been craving those darned things and can’t find them anywhere.
    Thank you for providing such a sweet treat and happy thoughts mid-week. xo

  2. Sheila Moss says:

    Let me get this right. The phone buzzing reminds you not to be depressed? I think it might have the opposite effect on me. LOL

    • Austin says:

      You need to be a good Modern Philosopher and read between the lines. It was the person sending me the messages that was making me smile…

  3. Keep on duckin’ dude. Keep on duckin’

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