Friday Night Think Tank: Your Great White Whale

What's your great white whale, Modern Philosophers?Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

I’m sorry that the Friday Night Think Tank has been closed for so long, but I went on vacation, life got very busy, and I simply haven’t had the time to chill out with my favorite toga wearers to conjure up Deep Thoughts.

That all changes tonight.  I had the interns clean out the Think Tank and restock its bar and pantry.

So we should be all set for its Grand Reopening!

It’s been a very long week.  I worked a lot of overtime, didn’t get much sleep, and my brain might have short circuited at some point.  However, that’s all behind me now.  It’s Friday, the weather is beautiful, and I can hear the Deep Thoughts beginning to crash around inside my brain.

Who’s ready to get this Philosophy party started?

This week’s topic: What’s the dream or goal that’s remained forever elusive?  In other words, Ahab, what’s your Great White Whale?  Will you ever give up on chasing after it?

Friday Night Think Tank: Your Great White WhaleThis one should be obvious for me, Modern Philosophers, but as I pondered on it, I realized that there might be two massive beasts in my sea.

My full time writing career has remained ever elusive.  There have been times when I’ve felt like I’ve finally made it, but the harsh reality is that I really haven’t come close to a point where I could support myself as a writer.

Sure, I’ve had my successes, and that is what keeps the fire burning and my quest alive.  People have given me very nice sums of money either to write for them, or for the rights to something I’ve written.

Two of these projects have been turned into feature films.  The Hollywood Reporter has written about me.  Dr. Dre called me a “sick mother@#$%^*” and invited me to his house to discuss a project.

Maybe because I’ve had that kind of success, gotten to sit at the big boy table, and basked ever so briefly in the glow of what Hollywood has to offer its chosen ones, I can’t consider writing to be my Great White Whale.  I’ve never captured it, but I’ve had it in a holding tank in my personal aquarium on more than one remarkable occasion.

That means that finding true love has to be my Great White Whale.

I’ve been a Hopeless Romantic ever since birth when I had eyes for the cute nurse who changed my diapers in the hospital.

And yet, true love has forever eluded me.

Or maybe even that’s not right anymore, Modern Philosophers.  You can never tell with me since I signed that non-disclosure agreement before my vacation…

If you’re curious about what this all means, my new column on The Good Men Project delves much deeper in my quest for finding the love I truly deserve.

If you read it and enjoy it, could you please share it on social media?  Finding an audience for that column is becoming another Great White Whale.

Here’s the link:

So tell me about your Great White Whale.  Please assure me you’ll never give up on the chase.  After all, what fun is life without a little adventure?

Have a great weekend!

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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2 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Your Great White Whale

  1. susielindau says:

    I guess, it’s getting my first book published. I have a list!

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