Who The @#$% Do I Vote For Now?

Who the @#$% Do I Vote For Now?Bernie Sanders didn’t come through last night with a huge upset victory in the California Primary, Modern Philosophers, so I woke up this morning with one question on my mind:

Who the @#$% do I vote for now?

I’ve been following this election religiously, and feeling the Bern almost from the start.  There was something about that grumpy, old Socialist grandpa that just spoke (okay, more like screamed!) to me.

I liked the way he ranted against the establishment, I was intrigued by his underdog story, and my gut told me that if he was elected President, he’d mail me a card with a five dollar bill inside on my birthday.

Now look at who we’re stuck with: The Billionaire Buffoon who probably won’t be able to shut up long enough to take the Oath of Office, and the former Secretary of State, who for some reason reminds me too much of an Evil Stepmother.

While you’d think this Brooklyn Boy would be pumped about an election between two candidates who identify themselves as New Yorkers, I don’t think I can bring myself to vote for either of them.

No waY. No how. Get serious.Let’s just make this perfectly clear: there’s no way in hell I’m voting for Trump.  In my mind, the best way to make America great again is to deport him.  Or build a wall around him.

I know the guy has a massive following, but so does Nickelback.

Being popular because you make a spectacle of yourself and a mockery of what America stands for might be awesome if you’re a jock in high school, but it should not be a body of work that gets you elected President of the United States.

As for Hillary, I just don’t like her.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but maybe listening to all of Bernie’s rants has led me to believe that she is in the pocket of corrupt bankers and Wall Street tycoons.

Her email server issue seems like the sort of thing that would normally derail a campaign, but Hillary just keeps on chugging down the tracks.  Maybe I hate the fact that she acts like the Presidency is her destiny.  Perhaps I get the creeps thinking about what (or who) her husband did while in the Oval Office.  More likely, it has to do with this whole Super Delegate thing making me feel like the nomination is rigged.

Do I really need a definitive answer for why I cannot possibly cast my vote for either Clinton or Trump?  Just not gonna do it!

Just say no!All I know is that the idea of President Clinton gives me an unsettling sense of deja vu, and every time I think about the possibility of President Trump, I search for my passport and make sure my go bag for Canada is safely packed in my car.

Why in the world didn’t Bernie pull off the upset in California last night?

If he had, it would’ve given me some hope for the future.  At least for a few more weeks.

Now, I just feel like America is the laughingstock of the world, and the next four years might be @#$%^&* agonizing.

Maybe researching the impeachment process will help keep me sane…

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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27 Responses to Who The @#$% Do I Vote For Now?

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Just do what I’m gonna do, hold your nose and push the button. Sometimes you have to vote for the least of two evils.

  2. You live in Maine. It’s not a “swing” state. No matter what you do, Maine will be granting it’s few Electoral College votes to Clinton. So do whatever you like, write-in, opt-out, go third party, vote the local contests, or stay home. It won’t make any difference on the presidential race.

  3. livingincyn says:

    I think in Europe we were feeling some Bern too.

  4. floridaborne says:

    Your estimation that she’s an “Evil Stepmother” is on target. I would love a woman for president, but the right woman, and she isn’t it.

    I’ve felt badly for Sanders that the system seems to be rigged against him. People on both sides of the fence have been livid about the way the parties “work.” Reps and Dems both made it clear that the party is going to decide, whether the people like it or not. The Donald was fortunate in that what he says resonates with people who believe in the US Constitution. The Rep Elite were being told flat-out, “try and screw us over and there will be hell toupee.” 🙂

  5. One strategy is to do what the teabaggers did. They went to the mid-terms and handed President Obama a congress that reflected their real feelings and they’ve been very successful at holding the country hostage. What if whatever we are…(I’m more progressive than liberal) voted for representatives who reflect the Sander’s platform. Congress is the real seat of power in the U.S.

    The President is either stymied or enable by Congress.

    Obama can’t even fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

    Placing a check on Presidential power is what Congress is about.

    I can say this: if Clinton becomes President and we give her a right wing Congress then it will be a replay of her husband’s presidency. When we elect a conservative congress for a democratic president we are basically saying that we don’t want what the President is trying to give us.

    • Austin says:

      I will give it a shot!

      • This has become a mantra for me. While waiting to see my dentist I had this discussion with the receptionist. She’s a young woman and a Sander’s supporter. She described all of the great things he was going to do when he became President and I said, so you’re committed to following through by voting in the mid-terms for progressives and democrats and she said, “why?”

        It seems that most of the people I meet don’t understand that in our government and president is almost powerless without a congress that supports his agenda and these aren’t normal times. Conservatives will sabotage a democratic president even if they know his policies are good for their own constituents.

        People are rightly frustrated with our politics in the States but when they don’t vote in the mid-terms they sabotage their best intentions.

      • Austin says:

        I make it a point to vote every year.

  6. rowanaliya says:

    I feel ya!!! But we have to suck it up now and just do whatever it takes to not let Trump win, ugh I can’t even believe that is a real thing. Excuse me while I vomit in the corner.

  7. stuckinscared says:

    I’m thinking ‘God help the world if Trump gets in…let alone America!’

  8. Let’s see. Trump makes blatantly, unconscionable racist statements, incites violence, threatens to allow and even encourage the proliferation AND USE of nuclear weapons, thinks NATO is outdated, and thinks it’s OK to default on our national debt, created by 8 years of W. And yet you can’t vote for Hillary because she “seems evil” and may or may not have done something wrong, something that you know in your heart every single politician has done? I’m not buying it. Just not. Sorry bud.

  9. cbiz50 says:

    You must vote.

  10. Lutheranliar says:

    Ah, Austin. I feel your pain. The Dude would tell you to vote for Gary Johnson, who is the Libertarian candidate. (Gary often says that ‘most people are Libertarian; they just don’t know it.”) But. I’m old enough to remember when Evil Leaders like Nixon and Dubya got into office because people like us ‘just didn’t like’ their opponents. Better another Clinton than a Scary Person whose candidacy is fueled by hate, I say.

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