Losing Mow-Mentum

Losing Mow-Mentum | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherHave you ever had one of those days, Modern Philosophers, where you know you did an extraordinary amount of work, yet you feel like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing?

That was how today went for me.

Once again, I arrived at work much earlier than my sleeping pattern preferred, and I toiled like a busy worker bee for over ten hours.  Every time I thought I had a second to catch my breath, I’d look at the computer and there would be even more tasks to be completed.

Damn machine!

My phone never stopped ringing, my inbox refused to remain empty, and nothing quite seemed to go my way.

Even when wrapping up things for the day, I could already envision all the work that awaited me in the morning.  I almost stayed at my desk even longer, but I finally convinced myself that a ten hour day was more than enough.

All the stress and the overwhelming feeling of walking in quicksand would still be waiting for me tomorrow when I returned.


It’s hard to stay positive when my days are so challenging, Modern Philosophers.  There’s a storm brewing in the private part of my brain that I try to keep closed off from the blog, and that has been causing so much turbulence in my usually friendly skies.

I’ve been working an abundance of overtime to stay distracted, and I even started a new screenplay on Sunday to keep my brain occupied on the positive things.  That’s never the best reason to dive into screenwriting, but when I have that sort of creative coping skill at my disposal, I’d be foolish not to use it.

When I returned to The House on the Hill after my supersize work day, I was too tired to tackle the new script, but not exhausted enough to keep my thoughts from wandering off to what was bothering me.

Let's mow the lawn and forget about what's bothering me..I needed a new distraction, and I found it in the garage.

The lawn mower.

I hadn’t dealt with the lawn on Saturday because I worked overtime, and then it poured on Sunday.

The grass was getting a little long, and I was entirely short on things to do.

If you want to have a sense of accomplishment, tackle the steep front lawn of The House on the Hill.  I even threw in the side yard for good measure.

It ended up being the perfect time to cut the grass.  It’s cooler tonight than it’s been in at least a week, there was some cloud cover to protect me from sunburn, and I had a lot of pent up aggression that I was able to take out on the lawn.

I managed to multitask and did some mental outlining of the new screenplay.  While this story is set in an unnamed city where the only grass is the kind that gets smoked, I still might be able to find a cameo for my lawnmower.

After all, it was there for me when I needed a distraction.

While I still don’t feel my momentum moving upward again, at least I no longer feel like I’m hurtling downhill into oblivion.

Who knew that mowing the lawn could be so therapeutic?The shadow of the lawnmower man!

Of course, I’m planning to go right back to the grind tomorrow.  I still need to keep my mind occupied, and I might as well make some money while doing it.

Once again, I find myself wishing that I could find a way to support myself by writing full time.  I’d have absolutely no problem putting in ten hour days if I were tapping out silly stories rather than letting my brain slowly melt away doing office work.

Maybe I’ll bring my lawnmower to work tomorrow.  There is plenty of grass out in the parking lot…

If you don’t want to mow my lawn, how about following me on Pinterest?


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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7 Responses to Losing Mow-Mentum

  1. Claudia says:

    Jobs and housework. Welcome to my world. A screenplay sounds refreshing right now!

  2. susielindau says:

    I was going to suggest yoga. I had been stressed out lately and it did the trick for me. A lawn mower works too! Hang in there. Maybe you need t o start looking for a new job.

  3. Gail Kaufman says:

    My go-to mind-numbing distraction is house cleaning. If I can’t clean out my head, at least my house should be clean.

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