Charles in Charge of Homeland Security?

Charles in Charge of Homeland Security? | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherAre you among the countless Americans wondering what Scott Baio’s reward will be for boosting Donald Trump’s Presidential chances by appearing at the Republican National Convention, Modern Philosophers?

Count me in that group for sure.  I didn’t think Trump really had a chance to turn the White House into Trump Plaza D.C. until Baio blew me away with his speech on Monday night.

So unless Hillary can round up both Laverne and Shirley to speak on her behalf, I’d say that the Billionaire Buffoon will be building his border wall come Inauguration Day.

All I can say is: “Chachi, Chachi, Chachi…”

But if you can manage to stop being starstruck for just a few minutes, how do you think that Trump will pay back this enormous favor to one of the biggest television stars from a time well before I was eligible to vote?

Before you answer, Modern Philosophers, keep in mind that Baio, who is a fellow Brooklyn boy, was more than just Chachi on Happy Days…

Happier Days before Trump

Happier Days in America…well before Future President Trump!

Baio, who attended the same high school as my stepbrother and grew up not far from my childhood home, was also the star of Charles in Charles.

If you recall the theme song of that classic sitcom, Charles was not only in charge of our days and our nights, but he was also in charge of our wrongs and our rights.

Who knew that this awesome tune was boldly predicting the future of its leading man?

I believe that Future President Trump will look at the former live in manny and see a man who is responsible enough to watch over the entire American family.

That’s why my guess is that Scott Baio will be Trump’s choice to head up The Department of Homeland Security.

Charles in Charge of our borders and flights...Charles in charge of our days and our nights, Charles in charge of our borders and flights…

I hope, for nostalgia’s sake, that Baio brings along his former TV sidekick Willie Aames to run the show.

And I say that because I know that Henry Winkler is far too cool for the gig.

So if we do have to be stuck with President Trump for four years, the least he can do is make our lives more entertaining by surrounding himself with a celebrity Cabinet and by naming stars to high profile government positions.

In a previous post, I suggested that Trump name The Walking Dead’s Negan as his Secretary of State (Secretary of State Negan) so why not continue that thrilling concept by putting Baio in charge of Homeland Security?

It might be the only way we can survive the next four years…

So what do you think, Modern Philosophers?  What will Scott Baio’s reward be for boosting Trump’s Presidential bid?  What other celebrities should Future President Trump post to high profile positions?  What stars should Hillary have stump for her at the Democratic National Convention?

Future Head of the Department of Homeland Security, Scott Baio, definitely wants you to follow me on Pinterest!


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12 Responses to Charles in Charge of Homeland Security?

  1. Lutheranliar says:

    Hah! I love the ‘Charles in Charge’ idea. (double hah!) I’m thinking Hillary could do worse than have James Corden drive onto her stage to do a carpool karaoke with her. If in doubt, check out Michelle Obama’s turn on youtube. It’s really fun! Hey! Idea! Michelle for President!

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  3. Gail Kaufman says:

    Given the tough-guy image he tries to project, I’m surprised he didn’t bring The Ghostbusters cast on stage.

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