The Silent Movie Star

short story, writing, fiction, The Devil, Hell, silent movies, relationships, love, Modern Philosopher, humorI’ve never been a fan of silent movies, Modern Philosophers.  In fact, I rank them just above foreign films as my least favorite genre of all-time.

It’s not that I’m a cinematic snob, per se, but I if wanted to read, I would pick up a book.

I am fairly certain that our intrepid leader, who holds a Film degree from NYU and writes screenplays when he’s not dabbling with this blog, would agree with me about movies not being a reading experience.

The problem is, Austin is unavailable to say much of anything right now.

That is why I, Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness and frequent Sunday guest at The House on the Hill, have taken over hosting duties on tonight’s blog post.

You see, Austin is in something of a waking coma.  He’s right here on the couch as usual, decked out in the finest toga, but he refuses to speak, write, or do anything more than chug his beloved Snapple and watch television.

When I reminded him that he needed to write tonight’s short story, he just rolled his eyes and snatched another bottle out of the cooler.

Not to be overly dramatic, but he did get ice water all over my impeccably tailored suit.  He is extremely lucky it was only water as this particular suit costs more than he makes in a month, even with all the overtime he’s accumulated.

The Silent Movie Star | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherSo why has our usually loquacious host turned into a silent movie star, Modern Philosophers?  I’m not going to open that Pandora’s Box, but if you read last week’s edition, you’d have some idea as to why the proverbial cat has got his tongue.

As an expert on Hell, however, I can assure you that Austin is going through something I see on a daily basis.

Personal Hell, the one you create in your minds, might not be as bad as the real thing, but it can be enough to torture a soul into withdrawing from the world around him.

My secret to making Hell the most horrible experience possible is to play silent movies on an eternal loop.

I jest, Modern Philosophers.  Just a little Devilish humor to lighten the mood.

Actually, I simply put the Damned in the most horrible situation they can imagine and make them relive it over and over.  Essentially, they create their Personal Hell for me, and I then add the Hell fire and brimstone to make it exponentially worse than anything their tiny human minds could ever conceive.

Sadly, our friend is reliving a nightmare that he thought he had put behind him.  He is torturing himself in that big brain of his with Deep Thoughts on what he could have done differently, what he did to bring this upon himself, and how he could possibly make everything better again.

He might be a silent movie star at the moment, Modern Philosophers, but I know that the movie he’s starring in is most definitely a horror.

This is the end of our short story. See you next week!You never do see Charlie Chaplin or Buster Keaton battling a serial killer, now do you?  If they made silent movies like that, I might be more of a fan.

Until next week, when I hope our leading man makes his triumphant return…

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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7 Responses to The Silent Movie Star

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    As you know, Mr. Lucifer, the past is over and there is nothing you can do about it. We must forgive ourselves for our mistakes and move on.

  2. You didn’t like The Artist?

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