Blog Pitch Party 3: The Blog Awakens

blogs, blogging, bloggers, writing, pitch party, blog share, humor, writing, Modern PhilosopherI realized this morning, Modern Philosophers, that I’m on vacation, need a distraction, and have The House on the Hill all to myself.

Let’s have a party!

It’s been almost a year and a half since my last Blog Pitch Party, so I think today is the perfect day to revive this popular feature.

As some of you know, I’m a screenwriter.  When things are going well, I get invited to pitch meetings where producers ask me to pitch them my latest screenplays.

Basically, I need to come up with two or three sentences to sum up my entire screenplay in a way that intrigues the suits and makes them want to find the time to read it.

Off the top of my head, here’s a pitch I might make for one of my favorite screenplays:  A high school kid travels back to 1955 in a souped up DeLorean to make sure his parents meet at the high school dance.  If they never kiss, he never exists.

You see what I did there?  It’s not the whole plot of the movie, but just enough to pique interest and make it sound unique and worth the read.

Now I want you to do the same thing with your blog.  In the comments section, pitch us your blog in 2-3 sentences.  I will delete any pitch that is longer than that because the whole fun of a pitch party is selling us on your blog in only a few sentences.

Here’s how I might pitch my blog:  The Return of the Modern Philosopher: A humorous look at life, love, politics, and fitness from a slightly skewed perspective.  If you ever wanted to know what would happen if the voices in your head got a hold of your laptop, this is the blog for you.  Deep Thoughts from the shallow end of the pool.

blog share, bloggers, blogging, pitch meeting, writing, Modern Philosopher, socializeWhen you post your pitch, make sure that you leave a link to your blog.  Then visit at least two other blogs that have been pitched.  Leave a comment that you stopped by as part of the Blog Pitch Party.

This is a chance to find new blogs, meet your fellow bloggers, make friends, and gain a new following.  My blog has almost 16,000 followers, so this is a great opportunity to meet a whole new audience.

Obviously, a pitch party works even better if you spread the word.  So please re-blog this post and share it all over social media.  My buddy Suzie has her #SundayBlogShare going on over on Twitter, so share it there while you check out the amazing blogs that hashtag has to offer.

I’m on vacation, so I will do my best to keep this party rolling all week, and will share it all over social media so that the participants get as much Blog Love as possible!

So hone your pitch, join the party, share this post, invite your friends, and let’s fill the internet with Blog Love!  Remember, bloggers need to support each other.

Play nice, make friends, be social.  If you have any questions, just ask.  Have fun!

Don’t forget to share this pin on Pinterest, and follow me while you’re there!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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181 Responses to Blog Pitch Party 3: The Blog Awakens

  1. Hi! I’m Suzie, the creator of and the #SundayBlogShare link party on Twitter. My blog doesn’t have a theme – I generally describe it as ‘Suzie talks nonsense and shares pictures of her day,’ and I love it! Looking forward to meeting lots of lovely new people!

    Thanks Austin!

  2. womanpulse says:

    I am ruling the roost at Http:www:// A Lifestyle blog for everything woman and little men too. You can also find me on facebook connecting bloggers at crazy4blogging.

  3. Hey I am Lucy, a naturally blonde comedy writer and author of the blog BlondeWriteMore which records my emotional highs and lows with writing. Check me out

  4. mysideof50 says:

    I’m Cathy blogging at where I talk about new adventures and the vibrant life of midlife women. Fun stuff like travel, recipes, entertainment, fashion & grandchildren. Issues like wellness & aging parents.

  5. Hi I am Christine – my blog is my countdown to my dream vacation, with life’s adventures and shenanigans along the way.

  6. Catrina says:

    Well this sounds fun. I’m Catrina, my blog is Chocolate & Chaos Life is chaos, at least there’s chocolate. A lifestyle and parenting blog, because we’re more than just parents. 🙂

  7. Abbie says:

    Hello All! My name is Abbie and my blog is Sidereal Catalyst…
    Sidereal Catalyst is a safe place for me to share my experiences with depression and anxiety, while also allowing others to tell their stories to help spread awareness. That’s all topped off with a side of poetry and creative non-fiction.
    Thanks for hosting the party, Austin 🙂

  8. Austin says:

    Newzo, you need to trim down your pitch and tell us about your blog. There’s absolutely nothing about the content. You can re-pitch and post again. Remember, only 2-3 sentences.

  9. Newzo says:

    Hellos guys my name is Adhiraj (Newzo) and I’m very new to blogging. Drop by my blog if you want to experience random thoughts of a teenager. I’ll soon start posting about my views on current events. (There 2-3 lines as you said! Sorry for any inconvenience)

  10. soulsensecoaching says:

    Your blog pitch is SUPERB, Austin, oh my word, I wish I could do that with words…

    Life’s an adventure! I’m Tania and Soul Sense Life Coaching is for anyone who has ever wondered ‘who am I,’ and ‘what happened’! If you want to make self-discovery fun and keep on track while juggling dreams and real life issues, Soul Sense Coaching’s Blog ( is the place to be.

    • Austin says:

      Welcome, Tania! Maybe I’ll offer a new service to write blog pitches for everyone. 🙂

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        Ahem, if you would like some practice, (not that you seem to need it), but feel free to start with me! 😉

      • Austin says:

        Well what exactly do you need? Just a clearer, more concise way to pitch your blog? Let me know…

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        Yes, yes, yes!. A way of describing what I offer that is full of life like your pitch was. It captured something in so few words and had me hopping up and down internally. I would love a succinct summary like that for what I do. Can you help?

      • Austin says:

        Sure, let me see what I can do. Tell me more about what your site is about, and I’ll try to narrow it down into a pitch for you…

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Austin, it has brought such a sparkle to my day and it is just so nice to have some input. Your suggestion is much better, I am going to update the page You also raised an excellent point about being able to describe what I do before I can market it. That gives me a starting point.

      • Austin says:

        That was just my first stab at it after a quick look at your page. Let me know if you need more help.

        I might need some life coaching and we can barter services. 🙂

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        Now that sounds like a plan. If you do want some coaching I’m in!

      • Austin says:

        If you’d read my blog lately, you’d know I need it. 🙂

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        The comments are going a bit crazy in our section and I actually cant find the last comment at all so I’m starting a new thread. Sooo, I have read up on the funk and relationship trouble and I am dead keen, lets do this. Trade skills that is! It’s getting late on my side of the world, so here is my email address, we can chat more tomorrow : .

      • Austin says:

        You got it. I’ll shoot you an email to say hi. 🙂

    • soulsensecoaching says:

      Thank you thank you thank you! Would you be willing to head over to my website as I don’t have a clue where to start?
      I kind of freeze mentally when I try and describe what i do and my head hurts. 😦

      • Austin says:

        Well, that’s part of the problem there. You can’t market a product that you can’t describe! 🙂

      • Austin says:

        I think you have an excellent start on your About page. How about something like this…

        The New Insights Coaching Program is designed to guide each client through a unique, personal growth process. The insights into your own life that you gain by working closely with our coaches will help motivate you and set you down a path for a happier and more successful you.

      • womanpulse says:

        your a people fixer:)

    • markbialczak says:

      Do you wear a whistle around your neck and carry a clipboard, Tania? That’s the kind of coach I always see. 🙂 Nice to meet you at Austin’s place.

      • soulsensecoaching says:

        Lol! It’s worse, I’m naturally bossy and have an opinion on just about everything. A clipboard and whistle? Now that sounds like an idea! Nice to meet you as well and I’m off to check out you blog now.

  11. Hi, I’m Blake and I gripe about politics and social issues in-between flashbacks of my childhood over at zweihanderplusein. Each post is guaranteed to be at least, whimsically humorous.

  12. Susan says:

    Life is hard. We make it because we glean from others who have gone before and keep what works for us. The Sparrow’s Home is a place for gathering and sharing about all things home: family, cooking, homeschooling, herbal remedies, and more.

    • Austin says:

      Welcome to the party, Susan!

      • Susan says:

        Thanks! And thanks for hosting this. As a new blogger, this really helped me to focus in on what I’m all about. I read above your advice to someone that, “You can’t market what you can’t explain” (my paraphrase). So thank you for the push. I needed this. Have a great day!

      • Austin says:

        I’m so happy to hear that. I hope you’ll continue to visit the blog even after the party is over. 🙂

  13. Hi, I’m Dottie. I have a health and fitness blog geared to women in burlesque, exotic dancing, pole dancing and other related performance arts. Creating a place to showcase and connect women in nightlife and while I share how I stay fit and focused while living the hustle life.

  14. grannyK says:

    I am Kathy (aka Granny K) from There is no rhyme or reason to my posts, just an old gal posting whatever she wants whenever she wants! Just general thoughts and bossiness because I know everything.

  15. Michele says:

    Hey everyone, this is my first pitch party and I love the concept. I blew up my life-quit my job, sold my big house,moved to a new city, lost weight and work on living my dream life.
    I love to talk with people who want to change their lives.

  16. markbialczak says:

    Thanks for the party, Austin! It’s a pitch down the middle for everybody in BloggyVille.

    OK, at my place I like to write about my dear wife Karen, my beloved rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle and whatever strikes me as interesting in the moment.

    And I just found out that people have met Intercontinentally via my comment section. 🙂

    • Austin says:

      You’re like a regular Blog Cupid, Mark. 🙂

      Welcome to the party. I’ve been following your blog forever. And not just because I met a special someone there. 🙂

      • markbialczak says:

        I’ve been reading your blog since the first day I saw it in the WordPress world, Austin. And that was practically the first day I started writing my own blog. You’ve kept my interest for years, good man.

      • Austin says:

        Thanks, my friend! I’ve always enjoyed reading yours as well. 🙂

  17. Helloooo! I’m Ann, the sleep-deprived, caffeine-addict, food-obsessed working mom behind My blog is about food and humour-injected personal stories of kids and parenting from the perspective of a “guest” who has lived in Thailand for over a decade, and now in The Netherlands!

    Thanks for the fab party, Austin! Wishing you a very nice vacation!

  18. I’m Kathy at SMART Living 365 where I do my best to share the most inspiring, uplifting and interesting ideas I come across that touch on women, positive aging, minimalism, rightsizing, gratitude, and living full-out with meaning and purpose. If you don’t like to read you probably won’t like my blog because I’m not into sounds bites. Go deep, or don’t go at all…

  19. IAmDonovan says:

    I’m Donovan and I blog at Coolbeans4. Though I’m fairly niche-less, I write a lot about pop culture, life and humour. I’m just a young person trying to keep it real and share my many thoughts!

  20. lindahobden says:

    Hi! I’m Linda, I’m UK based & I have a nosy lifestyle blog! Globally from fashion designers, artists, models, musicians, photographers, CEOs, craftspeople to authors, amongst others – nobody escapes the spotlight – as I interview them about their lives, inspirations, dreams & their fashion tastes! Join me & my guests every week:

  21. I’m a mama tired of thinking about nappies. So I’m searching out answers to any ponderings I have and asking you to join in the fun. Be curious with me at:

  22. My blog is I write about sex, parenting, mental health and cat pee…things that make you say fuck. I have had several posts with over 100k views but this last month of writing sucks. So scroll back a bit if you will.


    My blog is an attempt to find the love of my life. My outline of the ideal relationship, personal philosophy, personal history, reviews – anything to display who I am. It’s new, so currently incomplete.

  24. Living in the Gap is a sporatic little blog where I attempt to glorify this one precious life. I’ll make you laugh, cry, and maybe call your mom. Give it a go at

  25. leannelc says:

    Wow! so many fantastic blogs and bloggers – thanks for the opportunity to participate Austin! I write about how fantastic midlife is at because I’m surprised to see how much I’m enjoying it and want to share that with others. Life is what you make it isn’t it? I’m doing a brief sidetrack on parenting this month. Thanks again!

  26. I’m Shellie from where I talk about all things fashion, fitness and fulfillment for gals over 40. I believe fabulous knows no age and I set out to help others see the potential in each new day.

  27. Hey! I’m Amy and I blog about life, inspiration, creativity, and easy ways we can all cultivate resilience and transform adversity into creative growth. A favorite blog topic – and also the subject of my TEDx Talk – is detours – the idea that we all have detours in life, and it’s the twists and turns that make us who we are. I also accept weekly guest posts from Detourists – you’ll have to check out my blog to find out what that is!

  28. Ally Bean says:

    Hi! I’m Ally Bean, a free spirit in suburbia. My blog, The Spectacled Bean, is a quirky this-&-that personal blog based on the idea that life is in the details, so pay attention. I write about the people I meet, the projects I attempt and what makes me grumble. They tell me I make people laugh, but all I’m doing is telling my truth. Visit me at:

  29. I’m a 30-something yr old accountant with a distinct skill at finding myself in absurd situations. I blog about dating, mental health and wtv silly stories happen in my life.

  30. Klaudia says:

    Hi fellow blogging gals and pals , I am Klaudia from 🐝 your “nicheless” Life & Style blog. My ‘mission’ is to celebrate & spread Happiness , Positivity and Vitality ! Always looking at the bright side of life, no matter what , is my priority and I am trying my best to infect as many people as possible 😊 Thanks a lot for this opportunity to join the party 💐

  31. kyavorski says:

    Approaching middle age (because I fully intend to reach 100), I am sending the last of my children off to college and rediscovering who I am and where I want to go. When I Grow Up explores the scary but exciting move from Mom to Me. If you want to know what I really think about some things, you can also check out Stuff That Comes Into My Head and Sometimes Out of My Mouth.

    (Great idea! I hope it’s not a problem to list them both.)

  32. susielindau says:

    Hey, friends of Austin!
    My blog is Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride where I blog about my wild adventures and observations in Colorado or where ever I may be. I hope you’ll stop by!
    Thanks, Austin!

  33. Pingback: Monday Morning Coffee Club: 8/15/16 | The Return of the Modern Philosopher

  34. Hi Austin thanks for the opportunity to pitch my blog:
    Kyrosmagica – a little magical shore filled with an eclectic mix of stories, book reviews, photography, poetry and haiku, quotes, music, humour, inspiration, tips, and whatever takes my fancy! Phew that was a long list…. Do come by for a chat or a glass of Kyrosmagica sparkle!

  35. Reblogged this on K Y R O S M A G I C A and commented:
    Austin at The Return Of The Modern Philophiser is having a blog pitch party. Want to join in? ‘Course you do… I did too, so had to press the reblog button. Go on be a devil, I dare you!

  36. Rachel says:

    Hi, I’m Rachel at! I read, write, and create on my blog. I have short stories, book reviews, writing prompts and tips, and much more. I look forward to meeting new bloggers!

    Thanks Austin for putting this together!

  37. PorterGirl says:

    My name is Lucy and my blog is Secret Diary Of PorterGirl – the almost true adventures of an ex-police officer in the esoteric world of the academic elite. Lots of tea, cake and murderings.

  38. Hey everyone! My blog is called “Musings,Rants & Scribbles.” I explore growing up, growing older and growing (hopefully) wiser. I’m always learning lessons from family life, my long-suffering husband, grown kids, insane pets, and unexpected twists, turns, and bumps along the way. Come visit…

  39. celiamae says:

    You’ve gone through life experiences, but have you ever wondered how to turn them into lessons? Wise Writes covers life lessons, mental-health, and experiences of all kinds in the life of a young 20 year old. See the world through her eyes with words and photos.
    Hey, everyone! I’m Celia. Hope my pitch seemed interesting ☺️ And thanks Austin!

  40. Cyn K says:

    “That sinking feeling” – you know the one I’m talking about, right? I’m Cyn K. and my blog, “that cynking feeling,” is where I tell stories about my autistic son, antisocial husband and anxious dog to remind myself that the glass is half full. I’m accepting my autistic son (and myself) one post at a time.

  41. nikisthoughts says:

    Hey y’all! I’m Niki and I blog over at about life as a Texan living in Upstate New York for the next few years. Army wife life, craft projects, fun with friends, and the occasional funny story from work can be found over there! I hope you join me for some fun! 🙂

  42. nikisthoughts says:

    Reblogged this on A Texan's View of Upstate New York and commented:
    Austin is hosting an awesome Blog Pitch Party this week. Check it out!

  43. stomperdad says:

    All In A Dad’s Work (… The comedy of a clueless dad bumbling his way through parenthood with two wreckless boys. He puts the fun in dysfunctional and the HAHA in fatherhood. Because a dad’s work is never done…

    Thanks for the party, Austin! Love your blurb about The Modern Philosopher 😀

  44. Thomas Ives says:

    My name is Tom, created the website and also created the awesome hashtag #ShareInspireConquer. I write about my struggles with depression and anxiety. When I don’t write about that, my posts are very encouraging, positive and motivating 🙂

  45. [TEXTSMITH] says:

    My name is Jim and I apologize for crashing the party so late, Austin. My brand new blog [TEXTSMITH] – – details the the slightly twisted life and lessons of a working screenwriter as he careens above and below the line.

    Thanks for helping all of us spread the word about our words!

  46. D. Parker says:

    Hello Austin, thanks for throwing this Blog Pitch Party.
    YadaDarcyYada is a romcomzom from a mom who is really just trying to catch up with all the relish she can muster. These vague meanderings of the broke and obscure are about everything and of course, nothing.
    Thanks again, Austin, off to visit and share.
    Hope this week is treating you kindly.

  47. TheAuthor says:

    Finally the party is on. Enjoy!

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