Where Do I Find The Energy?

running, fitness, health, mental health, writing, balance, philosophy, humor, Modern PhilosopherThis might be a quick post, Modern Philosophers, because I don’t know how much energy I’ve got left.

I decided to commit to my running program and writing my new screenplay while also working overtime all week.

I wasn’t sure where I’d find the time or the energy, but I knew I definitely needed to push myself down a more positive life path.

That being said, running after work today was a must if I wanted to keep to my plan of a 4 day run week.

So I got up early, arrived at work at 6:30, and promised myself I would not stay past 5:00.  Yes, Modern Philosophers, I actually felt like I was doing something wrong when I clocked out at my regular time tonight.

My work schedule has been so crazy that working a 10 hour day felt like a reprieve.

Of course, once I was back at The House on the Hill, I still had to find the energy to get out and run.  Surprisingly, my body put up little resistance.

It’s a gorgeous Summer night, and there’s a nice breeze, so tricking myself into sweating for three miles didn’t take much arm twisting.

The run out was rough, but not nearly as bad as Tuesday night’s ridiculous misadventure.  That one was such a nightmare that I’m sure Freddy Krueger was just a few paces behind me the entire time.

The run home tonight was a revelation.  I went a little further down the road than on my previous run, and I seemed to find my second wind somewhere on the way back to The House on the Hill.

running, fitness, health, humor, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherSure, I wasn’t breaking any records (other than for most sweat produced), but when you factor in the 10 hour work day I’d already put in, I did a damn good job dragging my exhausted body down my route.

Even made it home in 1:15 faster than Tuesday night, which made me awfully proud.

Look at how soaked with sweat my shirt is, and then look at that handsome smile.  I’m either completely delirious or actually feeling good about the course my life is currently taking.

Before I go enjoy my dinner, I wanted to add that I found time last night to write two scenes in my screenplay before crashing.  I was about to go to bed and realized I was a screenwriter.  So I grabbed the laptop, parked my butt on the couch, and got all creative before allowing the Sandman to enter.

I’m not sure where I’m finding the energy, Modern Philosophers, but so far, I’m sticking to my new schedule and loving it!

Okay, I’m going to pass out now…

Just let me sleep.  Make sure to follow me on Pinterest before you go!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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2 Responses to Where Do I Find The Energy?

  1. Lutheranliar says:

    Wow! Have a nice nap. Sounds like you deserve it!

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