Highly Debatable

short story, flash fiction, The Devil, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Presidential Debate, politics, humor, Modern Philosopher“Do you mind if I hang around and watch the debate?” The Devil asked as he handed me an ice cold Snapple.

If you’re ever going to ask a favor of me, doing so as you bribe me with my favorite drink is a wonderful strategy.

“I wasn’t going to watch it,” I replied, “but feel free.  I’m just planning to write.”

When he didn’t reply, I looked up from my laptop to find Lucifer staring at me intensely from his end of the couch.

“Why are you staring?” I asked weakly because being on the receiving end of such a glare from The Prince of Darkness was extremely unsettling.

His pitchfork leaned up against the wall in the corner, but I knew he could have that deadly weapon in his grasp with just the snap of his well manicured fingers.

What the Hell had I done to upset him like this?

“How can you not watch?” Satan asked incredulously.  “Don’t you care about your nation’s political feature?  Even more importantly, it’s guaranteed to be bursting with potential writing ideas.  You could harvest blog posts, monologue jokes, and probably a novel about the ridiculousness of the entire election just from this one debate.”

I waved it off and took a huge sip of my Snapple.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, debates, politics, humor, writing, short story, Modern Philosopher, The Devil“This election pisses me off,” I explained.  “I hate both candidates, I have no interest in listening to them bicker for two hours, and I don’t want the nightmares that would surely ensue if I watched those knuckleheads go at it tonight.  I’ll just play catch up via Colbert’s monologue and SNL’s cold open.”

I live in the golden age of technology.  When I wake up tomorrow, my computer and phone will be flooded with more information about the debate than my brain could ever absorb.

At least second hand stupidity, pettiness, and obnoxiousness isn’t as painful to handle.

“I’ve been busy all week making deals and collecting souls, so I haven’t been home in a while,” The Devil informed me.  “When I get a little homesick like this, watching Trump and Clinton scream at each other makes me feel like I’m back in Hell.”

“I try to avoid Hell at all costs, which is another reason I’ll be passing on the debates,” I pointed out to my guest in the impeccably tailored suit.  “Maybe you could pull some strings and see if they’ll let you moderate the next one.”

“I’m afraid America would accuse me of bias,” Lucifer countered and then took a sip of his Snapple as he opened the Sunday paper.

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, The Devil, short story, politics, Presidential Debate, Modern Philosopher“But biased towards which candidate?” I queried.  “They both seem like they might spend eternity at your all inclusive resort.”

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Trump has already commissioned a tower to be built in Hell,” The Prince of Darkness shared in a whisper.  “Of course, the joke’s on him because I’m only allowing illegal immigrants to work on it, and the construction is being overseen by companies that Trump has stiffed over the years.  Additionally, I’m allowing only non-Americans to reside in it until he arrives to occupy the penthouse.  It will be a living Hell for him, and I cannot wait to torture him with that for all eternity.”

“You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch,” I complimented him as I tapped his bottle with mine.  “Enjoy the debate.”

“I intend to,” Satan assured me as a Devilish smile formed on his handsome face.

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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5 Responses to Highly Debatable

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  2. Discussing politics with others can be dicey. I’ll be up front in saying I’ve voted Libertarian for at least 12 years now. It’s not a perfect fit, as classical liberalism gets pushed aside for the yellow journalism about anarchists, but it’s not its own party yet. I find that of the candidates for this election, Johnson has at least provided his ideas on immigration reform, military spending and global intervention, among other topics. Yes, he thinks that we should follow the lead of Colorado and Oregon in marijuana legalization if only for lessening the burden on the justice system.

    “He won’t win.” Maybe not, but I’m not going to be a part of this nightmare. Trump’s beyond a hot mess, and Clinton is a sociopath. We deserve better.

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  4. Eli Pacheco says:

    I didn’t know you hung out with Roger Goodell.

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