Burn Calories, Not Flags

Donald Trump, President Trump, flag burning, protests, government, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherI’m a little concerned with the state of the nation, Modern Philosophers.

As I’ve been locked safely away in my basement bunker since Election Night, my information about the status of the country has been coming to me almost completely via my Facebook news feed and an occasional glance at cable network news coverage.

All the anger and hatred was too much for my Deep Thoughts to process, but what finally caused me to break my link with social media was a video of my fellow Americans burning our nation’s flag.

You don’t do that, Modern Philosophers.

I don’t care how pissed off you are, or how rapidly your blood is boiling, you do not EVER deface the Stars & Stripes.

We are a nation divided, but we are also united under that one flag.

You know what I do when I’m upset?  I put on my running toga, lace up my sneakers, and I go for a run.

Oh, as of this week, I also put on my dorky safety vest.

Have you seen a photo of me in it yet?  It’s become a necessary part of my morning run because some drivers claimed to be unable to see this large, slow moving object laboring towards them out on the open road.

health, running, safety, fitness, humor, Modern PhilosopherSince I don’t want to become the world’s largest hood ornament, I am making a hideous fashion statement that says “I’d rather look ridiculous in this vest than look ridiculous in a body cast”.

Anyway, back to my point…

When I’m upset, I go for a run.  It allows me to literally run away from whatever is bothering me.  I can clear my head, work on my breathing, and concern myself with getting back to The House on the Hill alive.

Burn calories, not flags!

Tomorrow is Veterans Day.  That’s a day to fly the American flag proudly and honor those brave women and men who have served our nation.

Sure, many of us aren’t happy with our new Commander-in-Chief, but that doesn’t give us permission to disgrace our veterans by burning the flag that they saluted with pride while they served our nation.

Are you angry with the outcome of the election?  Go for a run.  All that pent up rage is only going to send your blood pressure skyrocketing.  If you want to have any chance of doing something to improve the state out of nation, you need to be alive to do so.

health, fitness, running, coping skills, mental health, humor, relationships, Modern PhilosopherWhen my life completely fell apart this summer after a totally unexpected turn of events, I didn’t burn the Irish flag on The Great Lawn of The House on the Hill, or kick unsuspecting Leprechauns in the privates.

I started running again.

I hate running, but something about it soothes my frazzled nerves.

Being out on the open road reminds me I have the power to leave behind my worries.

Considering the obesity problem in this country, running sounds like an excellent prescription for overcoming this post-Election Day malady.

So who wants to run for America’s future, rather allow hate, fear, anger, and uncertainty drive their actions?

Let’s not turn to the Dark Side, America.  Even if it does seem like our country’s version of Emperor Palpatine was just given the keys to The White House.

I know this is the kind of hurt you can’t just walk off, so that’s why I’m suggesting a run.

We will make America great again, and the first step towards achieving that goal is not taking a giant leap back because of the enormous orange obstacle that has elected to block our path to the future we wanted.

Things will get better.

I am the Modern Philosopher, and I approve this message!

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Burn Calories, Not Flags

  1. floridaborne says:

    “We are a nation divided, but we are also united under that one flag.” I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for simply beautiful sentiment.

  2. Yeah. Pretty much where I’m at.

  3. Lutheranliar says:

    You are adorable, dorky safety vest included. (Don’t worry; I’m old enough to be your mother) I couldn’t agree with you more about not burning things up in anger — if it’s the flag, that is. Calories? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story.

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