Giving Thanks For My Nite Show Family

Thanksgiving, The Nite Show, Danny Cashman, life, relationships, holiday blues, Modern PhilosopherThanksgiving is less than a week away, Modern Philosophers, and I don’t feel at all overwhelmed by the spirit of the turkey loving Pilgrims.

It was a long week.  The desk job has been draining in multiple ways.  The Nite Show taping was this week, so that meant long nights writing, and then an extended work day on Wednesday as I went to both jobs.

Worst of all, it was this time last year that The Sweet Irish Girl visited The House on the Hill for the first time and we fell in love.

I took her to the November taping of The Nite Show last year during that visit, so the memory of that made this week’s taping difficult.  We also cooked Thanksgiving dinner together, which has made me sad about celebrating the holiday without her this year.

There are so many Deep Thoughts crashing around in my head, but most of them have absolutely nothing to do with giving thanks.

Truth be told, I’d rather just skip Thanksgiving.  I certainly don’t need the calories!

Thanksgiving Dinner, Thanksgiving, relationships, life, humor, satire, Modern PhilosopherI decided to search my feelings, however, and realized that despite the setbacks I’ve suffered recently, there are things in my life for which I am thankful.

For the purpose of this post, I’d like to focus on my extended family at The Nite Show.

After a rough day earlier in the week, I updated my Facebook status to say how lucky I am to have writing as a coping skill and The Nite Show as an outlet for my angst.

Even though this week’s taping of The Nite Show conjured up memories that made my heart ache severely, I am very thankful that it was on my schedule.

Not only is writing the show a good distraction, but it also reminds me that I’m more than a desk jockey at a job that melts my brain.  No matter how bad things are at the other job, my gig on The Nite Show keeps me sane, creative, and believing in myself.

The Nite Show, Danny Cashman, Maine, TV, comedy, writing, Thanksgiving, Modern PhilosopherI’m not sure about you, but I’ve had a hard time dealing with the results of the election.

While there isn’t much you can really do about it, The Nite Show gives me an outlet to vent my anger and make my feelings known to a large television office.

In fact, the first monologue joke Danny told at the taping was one I wrote about Trump.

Hearing the audience laugh at my jokes does wonders for my troubled soul.  If only that same laughter could inspire the Electoral College to vote differently.

I’m thankful for my Nite Show family because they surround me with humor, laughter, friendship, and an environment in which I feel safe for a few hours during a stressful week.

They also bring me Maine’s version of The Blues Brothers!

The Blues Brothers, The Nite Show, Danny Cashman, Thanksgiving, life, mental health, Modern PhilosopherAs you can see from the above collage of photos, this week’s taping kicked off with Danny and Ric Tyler channeling their inner Jake and Elwood Blues.  Can you even pick out the originals mixed in with the Maine versions?

Why The Blues Brothers?  Because former Blues Brothers band member, Tom “Bones” Malone was a guest.  Bones was also in the Saturday Night Live Band and David Letterman’s CBS Orchestra.  He told an awesome story about how Dan and John brought The Blues Brothers to life for the very first time on SNL, and I was so thankful to be there to hear the story.

Being a member of The Nite Show family allowed me to sit in on sound check before the show and listen to Bones jam with The Nite Show band.  Awesome!

Tom Bones Malone, The Blues Brothers, SNL, CBS Orchestra, The Nite Show, Thanksgiving, Modern PhilosopherTom Bones Malone, The Blues Brothers, The Nite Show, Thanksgiving, Modern Philosopher








Every time that The Sweet Irish Girl would pop into my head at the taping, I’d turn to a member of my Nite Show family for support.  Even though that person had no clue he or she was helping me, it always did the trick.

While I might not be in the Thanksgiving spirit at the moment, and you won’t catch me dressing up like a Pilgrim and handing out turkeys to my neighbors any time soon, down deep, under all the heartache, loneliness, sadness, and abandonment issues, I am thankful for my Nite Show family.

Maybe the best thing about my TV family is that at the end of the day, we all go our separate ways, and I get to keep the warm, fuzzy memories all to myself.  There’s none of the usual family drama, fights, or bickering over who has to drive Grandma home.

The Nite Show, Danny Cashman, Thanksgiving, family, life, Modern PhilosopherSo Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at The Nite Show.  From the on air talent, to my fellow writers, to the photographers, to the NESCOM students who do an amazing job, to Joy who makes me laugh with her crazy stories, to the audience who laughs at my jokes and makes me feel special, to Chelsea who chats with me and makes me smile as she mans the food table.

I might be spending Thanksgiving alone at The House on the Hill this year, but I’ll make sure to drink my Snapple from one of my Nite Show glasses, and wear my Nite Show fleece to keep me warm.  It will be like my TV family is right there with me!

I’m a little down, so why don’t you cheer me up by following my blog and checking me out on Pinterest?  I’d be forever thankful…

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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