The Pebble

poem, poetry, relationships, life, annoyances, dealing with problems, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherAbout a half mile

Into my morning run,

I noticed

There was a pebble

Inside my sneaker.

With two a a half miles

Left to run,

It would have made sense

To stop

And remove

The uninvited guest

From my shoe.

Upon quick reflection,


I decided

To leave the pebble

And just

Keep running.

After all,

I need to learn

To better deal

With life’s little annoyances.

Since I was already

Torturing myself

By running,

What would it hurt

To add

A little

More pain

To the equation?

All it took

Was a quick adustment

To my stride,

And I was able

To keep the pebble

In a position

Of least annoyance.

When I made it home,

I drank some water,

Did my stretches,

And then sat down

To cool off.

It was only then,

That I remembered

The pebble.

I’d adapted

So quickly

To its presence

In my life,

That I’d forgotten

It was even

In my sneaker.

So what

Does that say

About me?

Is it a sign

That I can deal

With anything

Life throws at me?

Or does it mean

I’ve grown

So accustomed

To living with pain

That I’ve

Grown numb

To life’s

Lesser annoyances?

I’m curious to see

What I do

The next time

There’s a pebble

In my sneaker…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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8 Responses to The Pebble

  1. Gail says:

    Adversity builds character, or so they say.

  2. ksbeth says:

    stop torturing yourself, life is too short and revel in the positives, like how you feel better when you run, and how you find positive signs, like this heart pebble in your shoe )

  3. Ocean Bream says:

    One day while I was trekking up the hill to my college after a two hour commute there was a stone in my boot. I had boots with lots of laces and I was exhausted so I didn’t bother to take my boots off to get the stone out. The stone stayed in all day until I got home late at 8:30PM. The next day the stone was still in my shoe, so same scenario. And the day after that. In fact I went a week with the ‘stone’ in my shoe before getting irritated one afternoon, and taking my boot off to find this little fiend once and for all. It turned out the pebble was not in my boot at all but in my socks. When I took off my socks it turned out the stone had embedded itself in my actual FOOT. I went around believing that the stone had embedded itself in my foot because I had been too mazy to take it out, when I realised a month later that it was not a stone at all but a verruca. To this day, however, when there is a stone in my shoe I take it out immediately. Just incase it turns into a verruca. It is irrational, I know. But you can’t shake these things off, once life has taught you a silly lesson, you learn from it, no matter how impossible it might be. I don’t know why I shared this with you, maybe it might cheer you up. Either way, I wish you so much good and joy and happiness and something nice to come your way. 🙂

  4. qwietpleez says:

    That little pebble made for some rather interesting ponderings . . . I’ve had my own variations of pebbles, and wondered just what my growing accustomed to them meant for me. I’d like to think they made me stronger somehow, but maybe I just learned to ignore them and live with their intrusion. *sigh* I’m going to claim strength for today 😉

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