Deodorant Body Wash

How I come up with ideas for my writing, the creative process, humor, writing, Modern PhilosopherI’m not sure how the creative process works for you, Modern Philosophers, but for me, it’s mostly the voices in my head shouting out ideas that they demand I turn into stories.  And they’re not always nice about it!

Whenever one of those thought farts actually appeals to me, I’ll scribble it down on a post it note and stick it in my wallet for later.

Eventually, I’ll get around to checking my wallet.  That’s when I sort through all the yellow squares and try to:

A. Decipher my own handwriting.

B. Figure out what the hell I meant when I scrawled that particular combination of words down on paper.

This morning, I was rifling through my wallet, looking for what was supposed to be in there, aka money, but instead finding numerous yellow notes with no cash value.

One post it note in particular caught my attention.  It read: Deodorant Body Wash.

Since I wasn’t at all inspired to go to work, I thought I’d hang out in the foyer for a while and try to figure out what that little love note from the voices in my head was all about.

Where do the voices in my head come up with these crazy story ideas, humor, philosophy, Modern PhilosopherHopefully, it wasn’t an idea for an invention because body wash that serves as a deodorant already exists.  If I’d thought that was a million dollar idea, it was definitely back to the drawing board for me.

Was it the name for a poem?  That could definitely be a thing.  I like to write really bad poetry, the kind that doesn’t rhyme or make any sort of sense, and post it on the blog when I get bored.  A poem with such a title would most certainly be something I could see myself writing.

Maybe it was a title for a screenplay.  I like offbeat titles that don’t always make sense like .33 Reverse Gunther, so there’s a chance this was just a random title the voices screamed out, and I jotted down just in case I needed a way out there title for a script.

Could I have been thinking of forming a band and considered this to be a fitting name for a group that would most definitely rock?  Dude, did you hear that Deodorant Body Wash is opening for Foo Fighters on their next tour?

It could be a potential name for a TV show that I pitch to WABI.  I see it as a buddy cop dramedy with lots of action and dark humor.  Detective D.O. Durant is totally by the books and always smells great, but his new partner, Detective Bodie Washington, aka Body Wash, is a bad ass rebel and loose cannon, who is a little rough around the edges.

Why do I think about Daisy Ridley all the time, Star Wars, Jedi mind tricks, humor, writing, Modern PhilosopherI searched my feelings like a true Jedi would, hoping to find the source of inspiration of the Deodorant Body Wash sticking note.

But when searching those Jedi feelings, what I  found were mostly naughty thoughts about Daisy Ridley.

I don’t know why I often think about Daisy as Rey from The Force Awakens when I search my thoughts, but all I know is that those thoughts awaken a very creative side of my mind.

It’s a wonder this blog isn’t filled with post after post about Austin and Rey Star Wars fan fiction.  Count yourselves very lucky, Modern Philosophers.

In the end, I’m pretty sure that post it note was the start of a grocery list, but even if it was, it ended up being the inspiration for tonight’s blog post.

My mind works in mysterious ways, and I love it!

Tell us about your creative process.  And while you’re at it, why don’t you follow my blog and follow me on Pinterest?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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15 Responses to Deodorant Body Wash

  1. Gail says:

    I’ve stopped making those notes when I hear my muse because by the time I get around to it, I’ve forgotten the original thought or lost the inspiration. All those great ideas released in thin air. Very clever how you constructed a post from this.

  2. Lisa says:

    My bag is full of notebooks which are full of notes that hardly make sense, and my pockets are full of post-its and scraps of paper and receipts with scribbles I never get around to compiling into anything at all. Most of them get lost in the wash. You’ve inspired me to try to do better and make those notes into something worth sharing. Thanks 🙂

  3. tarnegolita says:

    D.O. Durant and Bodie Washington 😂

  4. I love it – deodorant body wash would be a brilliant screenplay title! My phone is filled with random notes that I can’t now remember what they were for, but I’m frightened to delete them just in case I remember in the future! Happy new year my lovely!

  5. Louise says:

    nah!! the notes mean exactly that – you need deodorant and some sort of body wash. Maybe old spice to keep you smelling fresh for the Devils next visit. ..LOL.

  6. I’ve tried so many ways to remind me of my creative genius, but I’m not quite as innovative as Dahl who would go as far as to write out his ideas in the dirt caked on his car. For now it is my phone notes section…though I don’t know where my phone is most of the time. So then there is the repeating it over and over again…at least until one of my daughters inevitably shoves the other one’s head in the toilet…then my focus shifts to that. I lose notepads within two days of purchasing and the pens within the first five minutes. It’s hopeless. 😉

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