My Un-Birthday Party

The joy of paying for my own birthday celebration with my annoying, but very attractive best friend, humor, friends, Modern PhilosopherYou have The Other Melissa to thank, Modern Philosophers, for this special bonus post.

It was about 4:15, and I’d just finished up some chips and spinach dip in preparation for the football game, when Mel texted that she was coming to The House on the Hill.

I warned her that I’d just eaten her favorite snack without her.   She demanded to know if there was any left, and she only agreed to visit after I assured her there was food left with which she could stuff her annoying face.

I watched her eat, we had a drink, and we enjoyed our usual witty banter.  Then she popped the questions:

Are you still working all that overtime?

Not as much as before, but yeah.

Then how about you take me out downtown for whoopie pies and drinks to celebrate your birthday, since I’m broke because of planning my wedding?

While it was an unconventional plan for a birthday party, I’m always happy to spend time with The Other Melissa, so I agreed.

You look like shit, so you’re going to have to change first.

Well when you put it that way, Happy Birthday to me for sure!  Of course, I was wearing ratty sweats and my Nite Show fleece because I was bumming around The House on the Hill with no plan of venturing out into the frigid, snowy weather.

Happy Birthday, friends, out on the town, Bangor, humor, Modern Philosopher

The Other Melissa pretends to be shy

She suggested we go to a place called Happy Endings, which made me think this could end up being a really fun birthday celebration.

After all, The Other Melissa was well aware that it had been six months since Melissa decided to stay in Ireland, and I was long past due for a happy ending.

Happy Birthday indeed!

Disappointingly, Happy Endings ended up only being a bar with a dessert menu.

On the bright side, the evening wouldn’t end up costing me as much as I’d thought.  Well, that was until I saw the price of the drink menu.

The special of the evening was a banana nutella whoopie Pie.  We decided to go with the whoopie pie sampler which consisted of a traditional vanilla whoopie pie, a peanut butter whoopie pie, and the aforementioned specialty item.

Many of the items on the drink menu had a Wizard of Oz theme, and I wound up ordering a Yellow Brick Road because I’ve always been a fan of walking.  If I only had a brain, I probably would have ordered something better.

The Other Melissa took one sip of my drink, made some wretched noises upon swallowing, and I suggested she ask the Wizard for better manners once we arrived in Oz.

We had a good chat about my ideas for the TV show I’m hoping to make with WABI, I listened intently as she told me about her life, and then Mel tuned me out while I talked about what was going on in mine.

whoopie pies, Happy Endings, friends, Happy Birthday, humor, Modern PhilosopherIn other words, it was a typical conversation between The Other Melissa and I.

All mocking my pain in the ass friend aside, it was a wonderful way to spend a snowy Saturday night.

It’s always good to get out of the house, be social, and try new places.  Plus, as annoying as The Other Melissa is, she does make sure I don’t die of boredom all alone in my basement bunker.

Now I have eight months to come up with an expensive place for her to take me on her birthday…

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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2 Responses to My Un-Birthday Party

  1. Louise says:

    Sure you can especially if u r springing for the airfares😄 sure she didnot want to really take you to that other place/s that give happy endings???😄😄lol

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