How To Survive Saturday When You’re Single

dating tips, life hacks, surviving date night when you're single, humor, Modern PhilosopherValentine’s Day was on Tuesday, Modern Philosophers, and guess what?

You survived!

That holiday is difficult to get through regardless of your relationship status, so congratulations on making it to the second half of February.

“Survive” is word that gets thrown around a lot when you’re single.  You have to survive holidays, survive your ex’s new relationship, survive the whispers of your friends and family, survive without love and human contact…

You managed to outwit, outplay, and outlast Cupid’s little holiday, but that only rolls around once a year.  The real challenge is surviving Saturday Date Night, an event that is on your calendar a whopping fifty-two times a year!

If you can get to Sunday without cracking, youre a winner.  So here’s a Dating Tips post on how to survive a year of Saturday nights and become a singles champion..

dating tips, life hacks, being single, humor, Modern PhilosopherSweatpants and Snapple.  The first step to surviving Saturday night is being comfortable with the fact that you are single and won’t be spending the evening with someone special.

In my book, the best way to get comfy is to put on some ratty sweatpants and pour myself and big glass of Snapple.

After a long, stressful week of work, getting to spend the night alone in my quiet, cozy home is an extremely comfortable concept.  Who wants to have to dress up, fuss over the details of planning a night out, and worry about whether you’re impressing the person who agreed to spend some time with you on your night off?

If you allow yourself to feel comfortable, you will soon get comfortable with the idea of being alone on a Saturday night.

dating tips, life hacks, being single, humor, Modern PhilosopherChores Done Your Way.  I like to save some weekly chores for Saturday night to keep me distracted.  Saturday night is laundry night, and it makes me damn happy to know that I’m doing laundry my way.

My ex-wife was very particular about how the laundry was done, and completely anal about how things got folded and put away.  Melissa was on a mission to make me sort colors, change temperature settings on the washer, and add fabric softener to every load.

What?  I do laundry the single guy way: everything goes in one load, whatever the temperature setting is, and nothing gets added but detergent.

I don’t have time to go on a date.  I’ve got laundry to take out of the dryer and leave sitting in the basket for several days!

dating tips, Saturday night, date night, life hacks, relationships, humor, Modern PhilosopherDinner, Dessert, DVR.  Just because I’m home on a Saturday night doesn’t mean I’m a pathetic sad sack lamenting the lack of love in my life.  I am still going to treat myself to a fun evening and not even think about the fact that I’m not on a date.

I always make sure to have a delicious dinner.  I try to eat healthy during the week, but on Saturday night I’ll splurge and treat myself to something that might be bad for me in terms of calories, but good for me because it’s yummy.

There is always something for dessert, too.  Maybe it’s ice cream, apple pie, or something with chocolate and peanut butter.  Just enough sugar on my plate to make up for the sugar that I will not be getting elsewhere.

After a busy week, my DVR is packed with my favorite shows, and there’s usually a great flick for a Saturday Movie Night.  Who needs date night?  I can’t want for tonight!

life hacks, being single, dating tips, humor, Modern PhilosopherReading, Writing, Relaxing.  Alliteration makes things easy to remember.  My imagination is a great companion on a Saturday night.  I can get lost for hours in a book, or better yet, send myself on an adventure of my own creation.

Saturday nights are perfect for writing.  Depending on my mood, I could tackle any number of genres and formats.  There are always stories dancing around in my head, and I just need the time to turn my mental dance partners into screenplays, blog posts, TV shows, short stories, or novels.

Once the ideas finally settle down and allow my brain a moment’s rest, I slip into Relaxation Mode.  Saturday nights should be all about recharging my battery, making sure that stress levels are within the acceptable zones, and turning my life into one giant Zen garden.  Saturday Date Night would not mesh well with that philosophy.

dating tips, it's okay to be single, relationships, life hacks, humor, Modern Philosopher


Call Off The Search Party.  I used to spend Saturday nights searching the online dating sites for my next true love, or at the very least, a date for next Saturday night.  That only frustrated me more and increased the pressure to find someone special.

You can’t put up flyers search for Lost Love, Modern Philosophers.  Love just finds you when you least expect it.  Maybe it’s that cute coworker who used to put her feet up on your desk and demand to know why you’d walk to Subway in a snowstorm.  Perhaps it’s a fellow blogger with an adorable accent who lives halfway around the world.

Stop wasting your Saturday nights looking for a date.  Just stay home, relax, and enjoy yourself.  This way, Love knows where to come knocking when it wants to find you.

dating tips, it's okay to be single, date night, life hacks, humor, Modern PhilosopherStay Clear of Memory Lane.  Do not spend your Saturday nights looking at photos of the one who got away, watching the videos she sent so you can hear that accent, or reading her old emails.  Yes, she has left a trail a mile long that you could easily follow back to her, but all it really leads to is your broken heart.

Don’t torture yourself like that.  Don’t conjure up images of how you could be spending your Saturday nights if she were still by your side.  You’re single now and while you don’t have to necessarily move on if you’re not ready, just don’t take a step backwards.

I’m all for Time Travel, but not when you ask the DeLorean to take you to Memory Lane.  That’s a part of town and you need to avoid it like the Trump Administration avoids facts.

I hope these tips come in handy.  Have a great Saturday night.  If you need me, you know where I’ll be…

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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51 Responses to How To Survive Saturday When You’re Single

  1. Except for the laundry, sounds like a pretty good Saturday night and remember sensei; depending on the circumstances…you can be with someone and still alone. ~~dru~~

  2. You make me miss being single 😉 seriously though…

  3. I think being single is freaking awesome.

  4. Louise says:

    Love this ideal but would not mind the odd cuddle up on the couch, eating popcorn or pie etc. On any Saturday night…

  5. We weren’t born with a partner why do we need it after we grow up? Loneliness is your you can’t further get hurt ..

  6. Yep! Good tips. I can relate. The weekends are tough. I try to keep busy, but eventually busy gets tired. Have a great weekend. Now, its Sunday,

  7. averagelife24 says:

    I have just discovered this gem (referring to your post but your blog is most definitely one as well)! This was one of the most relatable things I have read haha!

  8. The Hook says:

    You’re doing God’s work, buddy, leading the lonely to the Promised Land of contentment and acceptance.

  9. Traci York says:

    Yikes! Your ex-wife’s idea of laundry hurts my brain. I’m married with three kidlets (okay, more like adultlets), and my routine is more like yours (with occasional bleach, and I do add those lavender scented laundry crystals because they smell AMAZING, and our laundromat definitely doesn’t). Sending lots of good love finding juju your way!

  10. Chris says:

    Great read Austin. Call off the search party is top advice 🙂

  11. Love this! I’ve been a single mum for thirteen years now (I’m not even going to work out the Maths for how many date nights I’ve missed out on!!), but I love my Saturday nights in. My kids are all older so they inevitably have their own plans, which means I can stuff the laundry in the machine, add the detergent (and softner…I am a girl after all!) and then hit movie night heaven. I can explore outer space on a sci-fi run, go all gooey eyed on a chick flick marathon, or arm myself for a zombie apocalypse without anyone moaning at me that I’m hogging the remote, popcorn, or sofa! Bliss 🙂

  12. Lisa Orchard says:

    Great advice! Being single isn’t all bad. I remember those days when I could watch whatever I wanted on TV. I’m an introvert so hibernating in my house was always a good thing. 🙂

  13. I like the positives you are realizing from your nights at home on Saturday night. As far as I can tell from the time you mentioned sweatpants you had a perfect night in store for you! I’m still keeping you in mind when I talk to my single friends though…..

  14. From reading your article I have confirmed my view on the fact that being single isn’t a horrible thing. It actually allows your to connect with yourself. Amazing article, and I look forward to reading more!
    Thank you!

  15. Ice cream and penut butter are so much better than waiting for a text or screaming into your pillow.

  16. Aayra says:

    Well…I really liked your post….nice ideas….

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