Can You Party Like A Leprechaun?

St. Patrick's Day, Leprechauns, partying, humor, Friday Night Think Tank, Modern PhilosopherHappy St. Patrick’s Day, Modern Philosophers!

As you know, I am very proud of my Irish heritage, and once lost my heart to a Sweet Irish Girl from the Emerald Isle.  As a result, I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but I no longer have the mischievous spirit of a Leprechaun.

I thought about hanging out at an Irish Pub in Downtown Bangor to really soak in the essence of the holiday, but I realized that doing that wasn’t at all appealing.

I’d rather be here hosting The Friday Night McThink Tank, where I truly belong.

This week’s topic: Do you still go all out to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, or do you find yourself treating this like your average Friday?

Having St. Patrick’s Day fall on a Friday seems like both a blessing and a curse.  Revelers can stay out ’til the wee hours without having to worry about getting up for work in the morning.  Then again, tomorrow they will still have to deal with the consequences of getting their Irish up until the wee hours of the morning.

I had to work, of course, and we usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the office with a baked potato bar and afternoon carb coma nap time.  However, due to logistical nightmares, we had to endure a potato famine this year.

I tried to offset that in the wildest way I could possibly think of at 7AM on the Friday of a crazy work week: by bringing a giant, frosting covered St. Patrick’s Day chocolate chip cookie to the office for my coworkers to enjoy.

St. Patrick's Day, Leprechauns, partying, humor, Friday Night Think Tank, Modern PhilosopherThat treat went over quite well, and since food had all the Irish eyes in the office smiling, we decided to stick to that theme and order out Chinese food for lunch.

I made it festive by pointing out that the place we ordered from was called Rainbow, and our Chinese food was the treasure the Leprechauns left at the end of the rainbow.

Not every idea out of my head is solid gold, but since this one was smothered in MSG, it was a hit.

St. Patrick’s Day is really all about celebrating your Irish heritage and having fun with friends.  Well, most of us wore green, we talked about Ireland, Leprechauns, parades, pots o’ gold, and we definitely had as much fun as you can have while still working.

Sure, it wasn’t the wild celebrations of yore, but when I really think back on it, I never went Full Leprechaun on the holiday.  Even when I had an actual Irish girlfriend, she was in Ireland and I was in Maine, so I didn’t break out my shillelagh and chug green beer until I could float across the Atlantic to be with The Sweet Irish Girl.

My plans for tonight would not make anyone think of a Leprechaun.  I’m going to relax here in The Think Tank, hang out with my wee Irish kitties, and have a little apple pie and ice cream.  Sure, that dessert is as American as it gets, but the Irish helped build America!

St. Patrick's Day, Leprechauns, partying, humor, Friday Night Think Tank, Modern PhilosopherI was temporarily possessed by a Leprechaun while grocery shopping, though, as I bought some corned beef to make me a proper St. Patrick’s Day dinner.  I also bought an eight pack of beer, but that’s for my neighbor to thank him for snowblowing my driveway after the blizzard.

I still bought beer on March 17, though, so that totally counts for something!

I’d like to say I’m not as young and wild as I used to be, but I never was wild.  St. Patrick’s Day has always been about wearing the green and being proud to be Irish.

How did you spend your St. Patrick’s Day, Modern Philosophers?

I’ll leave you with this Modern Philosopher Irish Blessing: May the Deep Thoughts always fill your brain, may you never trip over the hem of your toga, and may you forever keep smiling, no matter how challenging life gets!

St. Patrick himself will drive the snakes out from under your bed if you follow me on my blog and on Pinterest!


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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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12 Responses to Can You Party Like A Leprechaun?

  1. I can party like a leprechaun with a solid gold secret and itches in his britches. But today I’m stretching my legs on the ottoman and thinking, “Eh, do I really want to elbow my way through a world of polo shirts and Axe cologne just to get a beer?” I have a lovely Irish whiskey, Teeling small batch, that I can sip at home. And so that is what I shall do, leaving the leprechauns unmolested this year.

  2. grannyK says:

    I had a leprechaun treasure hunt with the kids I watch. It was fun! But, that is as wild as I will get today.

  3. davidprosser says:

    The only time I partied like a leprechaun was when I had an arrangement with some pretty Irish eyes. Since then I haven’t felt it fair as I’m a follower of Dewi Sant and his traditions don’t allow for green beer.
    Until that is, this week. After swearing hand on heart for years that I’m Welsh through and through I received my DNA results which show, apart from anything else, a 19% Irish ethnicity. Next year I shall have to celebrate 19% of St. Paddy’s day.
    I’ve had to accept the 62% British now as at least I can claim that it’s from the original Celts who occupied the island so may well have lived in Wales but I’m surprised by the 1% Caucasus that crept in and wonder just what I’m expected to celebrate next year based on that.

  4. Kevin says:

    Yes, I spent the night entertaining my 2 year old niece….so you know it was a wild and crazy night of wishing my sister would come and pick her up.

  5. GP Cox says:

    I’ve had conflicting reports as to whether I’m of British or Irish heritage – so remember…

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