Welcome, Spring!

First Day of Spring, Winter in Maine, 182 Days of Terror, humor, weather, Modern PhilosopherDay 171 —  According to the calendar, today is the first day of Spring!  Of course, this is Maine, so we know better, Modern Philosophers.

I bundle up in my Winter jacket, walk past humongous piles of snow on the way to the garage, and then turn on the heat once I get into the car.

The calendar can say whatever it wants, but the 182 Days of Terror do not end until we finally flip the page to April.  Eleven more days left in March.  So close.  I can almost feel the sun shining on my pale face…

Happy First Day of Spring, Modern Philosophers!

I don’t officially accept that Spring is here until April 1, but that doesn’t mean that I should not properly welcome the season’s return!

I has been a rough Winter and I will be happy to see Snow Miser go, but it was also a season of growth for me.

I took serious strides in overcoming my fear of driving, and I am just thrilled about that.  Sure, I was still a little tense any time I had to drive in a storm, but the paralyzing panic that used to keep me up for days as I anticipated the snow’s arrival was gone.

The pipes in the kitchen only froze once this year, and that was because I forgot to keep the water running on a particularly frigid night.  I had to break out the roof rake just once because I refused to worry about leaks and trusted that the roof would hold up and keep me dry regardless of how much snow was piled on it.  I never even thought about missing a day of work because I didn’t want to go out into a blizzard.

First Day of Spring, Winter in Maine, 182 Days of Terror, humor, weather, Modern PhilosopherSo welcome, Spring!  Even though this wasn’t a Winter that will haunt my nightmares for months to come, it’s still nice to know that warmer, sunnier days are ahead.

I took the rocks out of my trunk tonight and even dared to be outside without a jacket.

That’s right, Modern Philosophers, I thumbed up my nose at Snow Miser, ignored the snow behind me, and frolicked in the 46 degree heat in just my shirt sleeves.

Of course, frigid temperatures are scheduled to return later this week, but I had my fun.

In case you were wondering what the first day of Spring looks like in Maine, I took a few photos tonight when I returned to The House on the Hill.

Doesn’t it just look like Spring has sprung?

First Day of Spring, Winter in Maine, 182 Days of Terror, humor, weather, Modern PhilosopherFirst Day of Spring, Winter in Maine, 182 Days of Terror, humor, weather, Modern PhilosopherFirst Day of Spring, Winter in Maine, 182 Days of Terror, humor, weather, Modern PhilosopherLike I said, Modern Philosophers, this is Maine and our calendars don’t exactly sync up with the rest of the country’s.

There’s still plenty of snow on the ground, and as you can see, the city hasn’t even bothered to clear the sidewalk on my side of the street yet.

Hopefully, it will all melt soon.

Enjoy Spring!  I plan to do the same in eleven days…

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About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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7 Responses to Welcome, Spring!

  1. Maybe says:

    Austin I’m from Nepal and we used have spring when we were kids. At least you know you will get your spring eventually but out here it’s so polluted, yesterday i had to ride my bike on a dust storm on an asphalt road in the center of the city( imagine that). This is how l welcomed my spring. Hope we will get the spring back or our children will.

  2. April Munday says:

    We have spring, Austin. I mowed the lawn at the weekend. I hope the snow goes soon.

  3. Kevin says:

    Stop bragging about your snow….here in the great Pacific Northwest (Seattle), it rains, and rains…and rains some more. I’m looking out my office window and it is still raining.

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