Let Writing Be Your Superpower

writing, superpowers, superheroes, The Flash, Supergirl, surviving the work day, humor, Modern PhilosopherWatching a double feature of Supergirl and The Flash on my DVR the other night, Modern Philosophers, made me wish for two things:

That a woman like Melissa Benoist, aka Supergirl, would wander in my life.

That I had my very own superpower.

Let’s face it, life would be much more fun and easier to navigate if I had super speed, the ability to fly, or at the very least, the power to read minds.  I might get a date once in a while if I knew what women were thinking.

After forming many Deep Thoughts on this, and accepting that all the Melissa Benoist types in Maine were already taken, I turned my focus to the superpower issue.

When I was about to give up on this one, too, it finally occurred to me that I already had an ability that was the closest thing a goofy, toga wearing guy from Brooklyn would ever have to a superpower…

I could write.

The power to write well might not be as super as what The Flash and Supergirl have to offer the world, but where would either of those superheroes be without writers?

I understand that I’m not putting my life at risk by fighting super villains or protecting a city from all the bad hombres out there, but I do use my superpower to fight a very powerful evil…

Low morale!

Every afternoon around three o’clock, when we all start to get a little punchy from yet another difficult day in the office, low morale rears its ugly head.

writing, superpowers, superheroes, The Flash, Supergirl, surviving the work day, humor, Modern PhilosopherThat’s when I slip on my metaphorical cape and cowl to help protect the good people at the desks around me from an antagonist that would make any superhero consider finding a new place of employment.

Let me tell you, Modern Philosophers, the struggle is real!

One never knows what might cause our bitter nemesis to attack.  It could be that feeling that we’re never going to catch up because we are perpetually understaffed.  Maybe it’s finding out that a vacation request has been denied.  Perhaps it’s being talked down to by a coworker who has absolutely no right or authority to treat you that way.

Today, I was the unfortunate victim of a gut wrenching, double pronged attack.  I took back to back phone calls, while covering for a coworker who was out of the office, and was lambasted for my efforts.

Which reminds me of an important fact: while using one’s words can be a superpower, there is also a dark side to the same action.  Words can be weapons that hurt, embarrass, demean, upset, infuriate, and cause a mob to rise up to inflict even more damage.

Always use your words wisely and for good.  If you are blessed with the gift of writing, don’t waste it on spewing hate and discontent.

Every afternoon I write something silly, if only in my head, to raise morale, distract my coworkers, and turn those frowns upside down.

Sometimes, I write ridiculous songs and serenade them.  Right now, Tiny Cup Of Tea is topping the charts, but I don’t plan to be a one hit wonder.  The other day I conjured up a PSA on the healing powers of colonoscopies for every problem life can throw at us.

Yesterday, my coworker made the mistake of sharing a story about a man asking her for companionship while on the checkout line at Walmart, and then sweetening the deal by offering her a ride on his bicycle.

writing, superpowers, superheroes, The Flash, Supergirl, surviving the work day, humor, Modern PhilosopherThat led to my creating a counteroffer by Billy Bob Thornton in Swing Blade, that included three cows and a large parcel of land.  My coworker, who amusingly turns bright red when she laughs, had to pull up the collar of her sweater to cover her face because she was laughing so hard that she was as red as Krypton’s sun.

Today, after my demoralizing experience on the phone, I came up with some odd tale about homemade tartar sauce and how another coworker looked like Prince when she wore a certain outfit and the sound of smooth Jazz and the stink of long abandoned paper mills was in the air.

Work still got done.  In fact, I think we work even harder when we’re laughing because morale is higher, the stress is forgotten, and the camaraderie reminds us all why we continue to show up even though times can be rough.

I don’t like seeing my coworkers bullied, upset, or not having a good day.  If I can use my superpower to whip up something hilarious on the fly to make them forget about whatever has them so down, then I will always be there for them.

Writing is my superpower.  Now if only I could use it on Melissa Benoist…

Maybe your superpower is following me on my blog and on Pinterest!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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23 Responses to Let Writing Be Your Superpower

  1. Claudia says:

    You would make a great co-worker! Come to Wisconsin!

  2. ksbeth says:

    way to bounce back against the forces of evil!

  3. SIGH, I always knew you were a superman but actually your superpower is twofold. Yes you can write but what you write is humorous and all good things come to those who cause giggles.

    giggle giggle

  4. The power to write is the superest super power of all. Beats the lot except for Dr Manhattan’s super power. But he could probably write too if he wanted.

  5. Writing is a very useful superpower, in my opinion. Remember the Wonder Twins? One of them could transform into any animal and the other into…water. So half the time, their combined powers enabled them to fight crime as a platypus riding on a surfboard-shaped sheet of ice. You are far more powerful than that.

  6. Maybe says:

    Austin after reading so many( i really don’t know how much is so many) of your writings i am starting to wonder if Melissa Benoist really exist (of course outside the realm of your head and your tales of humor and everyday adventures).

  7. floridaborne says:

    Writing is life…and therapy. Humor is the salve we slather on our spirit when life burns us yet again. These aren’t deep thoughts, just observations gathered over….Dear God? Am I really going to be 67 soon?

    Guess I’d better find out which of the 100 shelves in my house I stored that stash of humor. 🙂

  8. Robin says:

    I love this post! Made me smile while trapped in my home office searching for a job that will provide me with an above average salary and benefits! Thank you for that!

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